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Rounding out the Evil Party

For my next playthrough, I plan to run with an Evil PC and a party to match. There is a problem, though: a mere 4 party members have an Evil alignment. And two of them have very similar job descriptions. Towhit, in order of appearance:
  • Viconia: Evil healer, Undead-Turner and ranged attacker. Not strong enough naturally to wear Plate or Full Plate armour, very squishy in Constitution terms. Makes the lack of Gauntlets of Ogre Power in a non-imported game unfortunate.
  • Edwin: Pure arcane spellcaster, who relies on learning extra spells per level per day to compensate for perfect Intelligence, adequate Constitution and everything else being really mediocre.
  • Baeloth: Very, very similar to Edwin, but being a Sorcerer his spell selection is more limited and he doesn't rely on spell slots, giving him a weird mix of comparative restriction and flexibility.
  • Dorn: Frontline fighter, built for inflicting damage first and tanking second. A mediocre Constitution means that he can't serve as your damage sponge unless he chugs Potions of Fortitude. (Ah, if only we had something like the Girdle of Fortitude from SoA.)
That's a very limited roster, and even with Charname being Evil and able to be any role they want there's still a 6th slot to fill. So I'm looking for your feedback on who should go in there, or whether I should just put another PC in there through Create Party.

N.B. I'm not adding Minsc and Dynaheir because you can't take them in a party with Edwin, and have no real interest in taking Khalid so don't bother suggesting him.

Rounding out the Evil Party 16 votes

Corwin - A properly-trained ranged attacker is rare and valuable.
Glint - Cleric/Thief can be a potent combination and he's good at both.
JuliusBorisovNeverused 2 votes
Rasaad - He's a decent enough monk and his skills are useful against trolls.
Volghiln - He's a decent warrior and the best Bard kit you've got. Make use of that.
thespace 1 vote
Jaheira - Some Druid spells can be quite useful.
M'Khiin - Decent character arc, unique items, Insect Plague... what more do you need?
SanctiferArcalianKennisSkatanUnderstandMouseMagicZaghoul 6 votes
Neera - Might as well go full mage and do everything with spells. Should be good for laughs.
Safana - She's a single-class Thief, but she does her job well enough.
smady3mysterymeepOrlonKronsteenKhalDrogobrunardoDhariusIrvokas 7 votes


  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 210
    edited May 2
    Safana - She's a single-class Thief, but she does her job well enough.
    In most cases it should be Safana, unless your own character is a thief of some sort (even then it's still a reasonable idea). And Glint is far too goody-goody to hang out with the rest of the evil club I think, but is still an option.

    Like any good/neutral characters, Safana and Glint are going to get annoyed if your reputation falls too low, and may leave the party.

    All this indicates playing at low reputation in SoD (and indeed the other installments) just isn't a very good idea all round.

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  • OrlonKronsteenOrlonKronsteen Member Posts: 561
    Safana - She's a single-class Thief, but she does her job well enough.
    Unless your PC is a thief, you'll need someone for locks and traps, so I picked Safana. If your PC is a thief, I'd think about keeping Corwin. She is indeed deadly in combat and to me she somehow feels embedded in the story (it can be argued whether or not this is a good thing). She'll also put up with an evil PC, despite her good alignment (again, it can be argued whether this is good). Jaheira could be useful as a tank, at least for the early game. IIRC you don't get Dorn until later, which means that unless your PC is a tank, you may have issues. I'm not sure if Viconia can fill the role in SOD or not, but I suspect it would be challenging.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,148
    Glint - Cleric/Thief can be a potent combination and he's good at both.
    As said during one of the livestreams:

    "@Jacob is the only gnome I'll tolerate." ~ Trent Oster

    And you should listen to Trent aka Dorn.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,085
    edited May 3
    M'Khiin - Decent character arc, unique items, Insect Plague... what more do you need?
    If I was not playing some version of a thief it would be Safana in that group, but otherwise it's a goblin or bust for me. The first time I had M'Kiin with AI turned on, and seeing how she would auto cast spiritual clarity and recall spirit, that was it. Auto curing dead folks and confused or scared (fear) companions is a pretty darn useful skill I thought. B)
    Well, that and I'm kinda partial to playing humanoids. B)

    Options not mentioned:
    There is also a mod for Shar-teel to join up with you in SoD now as well, so she could serve as your thief when dual-classed.
    There is Verr'Sza the evil rakshasa ranger to mod into SoD also.

  • SkatanSkatan Member Posts: 3,486
    M'Khiin - Decent character arc, unique items, Insect Plague... what more do you need?
    Corwis is as far away from evil you can get, she's a big no-no in my book for RP reasons.
    Glint is just to kind-hearted and doesn't fit the theme either.
    Rasaad is also good and would not do evil acts, RP again.
    Jaheira, same as above. Neutral in game, she's still Good.

    For me that would leave Voghiln, Safana and M'khiin. So, as usual, it depends on your CHARNAME. If thief, then I'd go M'khiin. If not thief, I'd go with Safana. Ie a F/T would go great with that team.

  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,157
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