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IWD chapter intro slides - original artwork?

inethineth Member Posts: 665
IWD has beautiful chapter intro slides.

I'd like to showcase them on the wiki (on the pages for the respective chapters/areas), but unfortunately, the paintings are stored in the game files with the UI (curvy border frame, and box for the scrolling text) already baked in: I'd like to get my hands on the clean artwork.

The one for the Prologue (Easthaven) is featured on the IWD:EE press page:

The one for Chapter 1 (Kuldahar) is featured in a Beamdog blog post:

But where are the rest?

@JuliusBorisov, does Beamdog have them all and would be willing to post them?
Or has anyone seen them published elsewhere?
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  • Dev6Dev6 Member Posts: 719

    It'd be real nice if we could get these paintings.
  • inethineth Member Posts: 665
    The extras for the original Icewind Dale game include a low-resolution version of the one for Chapter 6 (Lower Dorn's Deep):

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