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[YOUR feedback is required!] NWN:EE Collectors Edition Discussion

bonebrahbonebrah Member Posts: 25
From Trent himself, in response to my question on the stream, he suggested I make a forum discussion about a NWN:EE Collections Edition discussion. Please post what items you would like to see inside a CE so we can see what kind of community support there is for a collectors edition. Maybe they'll make one!

Personally, I'd what the following:

1. sexy physical game box
2. cloth map
3. a shirt with the NWN eye
4. Some kind of doodad, a coin/necklace
5. Statue

What would you like to see?
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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,418
    Yes, please.

    If you’re interested in Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Collector’s Edition, share your thoughts here, and let us know what would you like to see in it.
  • StaranStaran Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 295
    Ring of Gaxx
    Wand of sleep
  • axan22axan22 Member Posts: 1
    I'd love one collectors edition for this.
    A cloth map,
    A t shirt,
    A hard back art book/lore book,
    A statue would be awesome,
    A mouse mat
    A coin/necklace etc would be cool too.
    Art print or lithograph maybe signed

    NO ring bound stuff.
  • RifkinRifkin Member Posts: 138
    • A cloth map of the Sword Coast (or more if possible)
    • A usb key, with NWN logo or maybe Aribeth's sword
    • Statue of either Nasher, Aribeth, Deekin or Mephistopheles
    • A bag of NWN styled dice (including a coin aka 1d2, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20)
    • A rogue stone
    • Voucher for NWN Shirt in your size (XL/L/M/S)
    • a Scroll with Aribeth's message for adventurers to come to Neverwinter, signed by the Dev Team, the Daggler, and Trent
    • HD artbook
    • On the USB key, character files for Sarevok, Gorion, Irenicus, and Bhaal himself (homage to BG)
  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,811
    NWN:EE, all three expansions, all original DLC and soundtracks on CDs or DVDs

    These would be housed in a “flip book” like case with corosponding art for each expansion CD on the insert (right hand side) and then a small description on the left regarding the expansion.

    Any new expansion DLCs that will be released as a digital season pass. If they are already released prior to the CE going live (like Darkness over Daggerford) have them included in the flip book.

    Cloth Map of the city of Neverwinter.

    Custom dice (always)

    “A making of Darkness over Daggerford” book if Obsidion is game.

    A book of 3.5e Character Sheets of all the NPCs in the game with a brief description.

    A plush toy of Deekin that when squeezed he sings “doom doom doom”

    Sexy box as I tend not to open mine.

  • voidofopinionvoidofopinion Member, Moderator Posts: 1,248
    • Cloth Map
    • Art Book
    • Design Documents
    • Orchestral Soundtrack of all the games music
    • Deekin Body Pillow
  • RestoRangerRestoRanger Member Posts: 5
    • Dice set
    • Trinket that clips onto a backpack
  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
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    I've already purchased the Enhanced Edition, but if there was a Collectors Edition honestly I wouldn't mind buying it just to help support the game that much more. Would love to see several of the things others have already offered as ideas above, but my preferences in-order would be:
    • Anything with lore, the idea of a written journal of Aribeth throughout her story in the Campaigns would be absolutely phenomenal.
    • Darkness over Daggerford Design Documents (Concept Art/Ideas/Art Book?)
    • Physical CD for the music of the game
    • Small Statuette of Aribeth
    • A simple necklace with the Neverwinter Eye
    • Dice Set
    • Cloth Map
    • T-Shirts
  • HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 266
    If there was a collector edition of NWN:EE I would like:
  • ZhylawZhylaw Member Posts: 6
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    large cloth map with no tassels or frayed threads sticking out so we can frame it

    hardcover artbook

    some choice art prints that we could frame if desired

    A lorebook of some kind would be amazing, similar to the old BG manuals bestiary, lore sections and stuff but more expansive.

    Statues are iffy because if not done right and expensive they come out badly, usually ugly, small or fragile.
    IF you were willing to put the effort in, a statue would be cool, otherwise I'd say avoid.

    A swanky keychain could be cool but durable please made of a respectable metal.
  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    Dice set and hp counter just like the Heist set, but different color. No little dice set always get lost.

    NWN t-shirt like the one in the streams or if you cannot use though, one with each of the villains from the three part Aribeth, HUERODIS, Mephistopheles or some of the old artwork.

    Detailed PDF map of the whole forgotten realms. :smile:

    If you did a statue, it have to be the nwn sword on a anvil or in stone, on the ground.
    nwn symbol keychain

    Discount coupon so you can give to a friend to buy the game.

  • flyinghtcherflyinghtcher Member Posts: 21
    I think an Anvil paperweight would be cool, as it's a major thing in the opening titles scene, with the sword forging and minotaur, it signifies you build things and to me NWN toolset is what makes the game. Trent's also always showing of the blacksmith thing, so it would be a nice reminder of his efforts.
  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,287
    Being both poor(ish) and extremely tight with money I won't be getting the collectors edition. However one thought would be a physical deck of many things that has artwork of the BD team in place of any human(oid)s illustrated.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,418
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    Beamdog unboxes the Siege of Dragonspear Collector's Edition for those wondering.

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  • Wiborg1978Wiborg1978 Member Posts: 4
    edited July 2018
    I vote for Trent Oster bed linen and a Phil Daigle action figure...
    Ok, seriously:
    A collector´s edition is for collectors, so i would like to see some kind of Collector´s Catalog of all worldwide official releases of Neverwinter Nights (normal, collector, best of, Green Pepper etc) and physical AddOns including all collections (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Double Game Pack etc) with a short description, photos of front and back cover and content. I would like to see in this catalog all official released print ads from all over the world. Also all released posters from magazines, all hint/clue books and novels. Of course should it include all officially licensed merchandise or giveaways (maybe given out at Computer Shows like Pax) or Pre-Sale Bonus.

    Physical CD with the music of the game and all AddOns

    A hardcover artbook with leather binding including all art of all released artbooks (if they are different) and not yet published content

    High quality cloth map of Neverwinter

    No plastic case for the DVD but a metal case with a surface relief of the Neverwinter Eye.

    Necklace with the Neverwinter Eye

    Original signed Art print (that makes the CE limited and precious

    You can´t have enough dices...

    Maybe a cool USB key with ...a secret on it.

    Digital: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition (including Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, Witch’s Wake, The Aurora Toolset, Dungeon Master Client) + Darkness over Daggerford + Pirates of the Sword Coast + Wyvern Crown of Cormyr + Infinite Dungeons + Heroes of Neverwinter + Hex Coda + Tyrants of the Moonsea
  • NytelockNytelock Member Posts: 23

    Deekin statue.

    Only if it includes a little button that when pressed makes him say his various voice sets.
    "Deekin greets the noble hero."
    "Then they charges into certain death!"
  • dTddTd Member Posts: 182
    Rifkin said:

    • A bag of NWN styled dice (including a coin aka 1d2, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20)
    • HD artbook
    These 2 things would do it for me.

  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
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    Action figures and dice bags? Bah! Keep all of that. Any true Collector's Edition would need have only one thing -- an authentic and to-scale Githyanki Silver Sword.

    Anything less is child's play.
  • birdman076birdman076 Member Posts: 29
    Funko Pop bobble head of Tommy. "HERE COMES HALFLING DEATH!!!"
  • CalgacusCalgacus Member Posts: 273
    For the wall we already have maps so how about a spell scroll - Do em up in a mix of Latin or some other long dead languages to make em look arcane but still readable with some serious sleuthing and maybe some small sketches on there to give some clues. You could print a bunch of different spell scrolls and each CE box would get a different random scroll.
    For the desktop how about a dragon egg - if you cant find enough real ones to go around then maybe a good replica - maybe unpainted so people could paint their own and compare. Maybe a crack on it with an eye peeking out and/or some fancy detailing on the egg - maybe some arcane script or some marks from the oft raided dragon hoard upon which it was laid. i know you don't want to do figurines but I imagine an egg shaped thing might be alot less breakable than a complex shape.
  • fluke13fluke13 Member Posts: 392
    Latin... long dead?! Are you saying all those years studying at school were wasted :'(

  • jbaudrandjbaudrand Member Posts: 11
    I wish it contain exactly the same books as the real pen&paper version: a rule book for the player, a spellbook for explain every spell, and themost important : a dungeon's master guide that explain every step to create module (scripting, modeling, add music, add custom voice, custom loadcreen), that will worth it.
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