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Want to do a custom non-standard build using EEKeeper, Are Either of These Possible?

BarachielBarachiel Member Posts: 47
For this playthrough, I want to do something a little different and "RP"-y.

For my CHARNAME, I'd like to start him out as a fighter and have him "find God" (well... Lathander or Kelemvor) in BG2, so to speak. Obviously, dual-classing to Cleric is the easy option, but I really loathe the weapon restrictions. is there a way to use EE Keeper to somehow get around that? I know I can spend prof points anywhere I want, thanks to it, but actually making the weapons equipable?

Second idea would be to Dual Class to Paladin (Undead Hunter). I don't see why it wouldn't work, as the only "trick" is getting Fighter to "reactivate", which *should* happen automatically, but I'm not sure.

Or I could just ditch give up with the Dual Class options, and just use take "Undead Hunter" Paladin and EE Keeper to add "Boon of Lathander" as an Innate Power to represent choosing the deity and just calling it done.

Anyone know if any of these are feasible, and if there are any tricks I'd need to do in EE keeper to make it not screw up?



  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 3,222
    edited June 17
    Deities of Faêrun has lots of gods and goddesses that allow a wider use of weapons.

    Kelemvor, as an example, can use both Bludgeoning and Piercing weapons. Tyr can use bastard and longsword on top of those already allowed to clerics. And the list goes on.

    Garagos, Tempus, and Red Knight can use any weapon they want, but I don't think they fit your scope of RP.

    Combining DoF with @kjeron 's Dual-Class-Into-Kits will do what you want.


    1) There is no way to Dual Class from or to Paladin

    2) Yes, you can add Boon Of Lathander to your character.

    3) There is no easy way to remove the weapon's restriction, unfortunately.

    PS: I have a mod that introduces the PnP version of the Undead Hunter. It is a component inside I Hate Undead Kitpack, but you can install only it and ignore the rest.

  • BarachielBarachiel Member Posts: 47
    edited June 17
    @Raduziel Ooh, I found that kitpack! Meant to use it. I like those mods you've suggested, but not sure if I can update my install safely.

    Okay, I'm currently on a BWS EET install, with SCS (basic) setup. Can I install either of those without breaking my setup?

    EDIT: What I mean by "Dual-Class to Paladin", is go into EE Keeper, change my class to Paladin, set Fighter as previous class with "Dual Class" option selected, and then reset my level to 1 and XP to zero. Would Fighter unlock automatically when Paladin hits Level +1?

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 3,222

    I Hate Undead is in BWS, so things can be easier if you chose the Undead Hunter routine.

    IDK about @kjeron 's mod and BWS/EET, this question is better to be addressed to him.

    Deities of Faerûn is EET compatible, but it is not in BWS yet as I'm making regular updates on it (as you can see in the mod's thread).

    What I do know is that things tend to not behave well if installed after SCS. There's a guide for making a manual install of EET, but I'm not familiarized with it. If I remember correctly the best thing to do would be to install DoF after EET and before SCS, but I'm just guessing.

  • BarachielBarachiel Member Posts: 47
    @ Raduziel So I'd have to re-do my entire install from scratch to make it happen. *grimaces* It took SCS over 2 hours to install last time. Not sure how long it actually took, as I got fed up and went to bed.

    I think I may just go "Undead Hunter + Boon of Lathander innate" or something simple this playthrough. Really wish I'd thought to ask this before going through that whole process.

    Not saying I *won't* do it, but just that I wont' do it *tonight.*

  • Monkeyboy888888Monkeyboy888888 Member Posts: 9
    Doesn't BG tweaks have a component to relax the weapon restrictions on dual and multi class clerics?

  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 241

    Doesn't BG tweaks have a component to relax the weapon restrictions on dual and multi class clerics?

    Not that I'm aware of but NearIntinity can be used to create override files that can change weapon restrictiins so Clerics may use them. Add PiPs in your ideal weapon field and it works just the same.

    For instance using NI you can mod Varscona to be useable by every character by removing the weapon restrictions. Place a copy of the mod in your override file with the same name as Varcona's file and your Cleric will be a longsword wielder.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,429
    You could use EEKeeper to assign the "Use any Item" HLA to your character. A couple caveats though:
    1. You will be able to use any item regardless of race, kit, or class restrictions.
    2. At one point, you couldn't do this for BG1EE. I don't know if that has changed in the last couple patches.

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