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I've registered here some time ago, but haven't really been active. So, I guess it would be good to introduce myself finally.

I've been a fan of IE games since 1999 and the very first Baldur's Gate, which still remains one of my favourite games in the genre. It s always so nice to leave Candlekeep, visit Friendly Arm Inn and them start investigating the Iron Crisis... Then came BG2, IWD, NWN, PS:T and other later RPGs.

Aside from that, I enjoy writing and drawing.

Some time ago I decided to try myself in modding and I'm getting really interested in it. I have many plans at the moment (not just plans actually, a lot of work has already been done) and right now I'm looking for someone who can help me with proofreading of dialogs, and I'll very appreciate any help in this matter.

P.S. Also I'm sorry for any possible mistakes since I'm not Native English speaker.

Have a nice time of day everyone!



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