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Downloader Known issues



  • sbalanisbalani Member Posts: 2
    Mine starts to download, at 400 b/s and then drops to connecting after about a minute, and then just sits there...regardless of whether i turn on or not p2p...sigh, for all its faults I havent encountered anything like this on steam, except maybe once in the 200 game catalogue i have....

  • sbalanisbalani Member Posts: 2
    and they promptly fixed the one issue i had

  • Sese79Sese79 Member Posts: 478
    I installed the new version of BG:EE Launcher, and since after I can't go past the Please wait... screen. The game crushes, with the ERROR MESSAGE: Launcher has encountered problems and it has to stop. How can I remove the new launcher quickly? How can I return to not patched state with 2nd computer already patched? Pls. help, I dedicated this day to play with my wife.

    Expected behavior: the Game should work with the new Launcher now updated.

    The not working machine has WinXP, 3rd Service Pack. I couldn't download the patch. Only the new Launchers. (It asked me two times.)
    The 2nd computer is Win7, I could download the patch there, and there was no problem.

    Thanks for your quick answer,

  • Matt0203Matt0203 Member Posts: 108
    edited December 2012
    @Gloomfrost Same here (Win7 64bit), I just wish to know if this will be fixed, strange thing on my other PC (WinXP 32bit) this game works, except the movies don't play correctly, but I guess it's because it is an old PC, with s**t hardware.

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  • GloomfrostGloomfrost Member Posts: 256
    well i got it the installer working at i upgraded to windows 8 32bit OS on my laptop from windows xp 32bit. As i installed the installer it asked if i wanted to downloaded some required files, i said yes took a while then finally after another 2 updates through windows update i ran the BGEE.EXE and it worked and is downloading the game as i type this. Hell i really only want to use my laptop to roll my power-gaming character, that i had to upgrade my OS is crazy, but at least I am one step closer now.

  • GloomfrostGloomfrost Member Posts: 256
    edited December 2012
    wow now the game crashes after character creation i can roll my character but crashes right after creation....only 30 other pinned topics on these forums to browse through before i figure out the problem, is it an intel graphics card problem, could it be a sound card problem in my laptop? who knows perhaps ill be rewarded with a +3 amulet of perseverance for troubleshooting for 3 days, reading these forums then upgrading to windows 8....20 dollars well spent for this game, the frustration of getting this game to run is unparallelled ;)...the excitement of troubleshooting hardware and software problems is almost as fun as the game itself...if i ever get to effing play it

  • SamuelVargSamuelVarg Member Posts: 598
    edited December 2012
    OK. The Mac-version doesn't seem to come out soon (still november according to the website) so I bought it for PC. It downloaded by the BeamDog client very fast and well but when I try to start it the screen turns black and I hear half of second music and then it all stops. When i click it goes back to windows and I get en Error message that says it failed to start the program. Nothing more.

    I want my money back. @trentoster @PhillipDaigle

  • TieDye_AdeptTieDye_Adept Member Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    I downloaded the game through the standalone installer, but when I use it to launch my game it always froze/error-ed out, requiring me to go in and run the game through its compatibility mode. However when I heard of the recent patch I opened the launcher again. All I saw was an option to "update" or "play" so when I click on one, windows tells me that the launcher is "not responding" after spinning its little blue circle for a while. My beamdog.trace file has a few lines of "Unrecognisable clientid style: M7-7-2--So?:?-????<?". Is there a place that these patches will be so that I can manually download them? I've read previous entries about people going to download the latest version of the installer, how is this done? When I go to and select to download either installer it starts downloading the 1.8gb game again, and I don't need the whole game, just the update.

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  • Luke00016Luke00016 Member Posts: 7
    I successfully pre-downloaded BGEE, then tried to patch yesterday and the stand alone installer kept freezing. So I uninstalled BGEE, downloaded the Beamdog client and tried downloading anew. The download keeps getting to 26.9% and then the entire client freezes. I have to close it through task manager. I've tried downloading the standalone as well as reinstalling the Beamdog client with the same results.

    My trace file has about 30 lines of 'BeamDog.Launcher.exe Information: 0 : 12/2/2012 12:50:38 PM Prerequisite has not been downloaded' followed by a warning 'no new tracker' then it disconnects and shuts down.

    I'm not behind any goofy firewalls, I'm in the US and not on a college or military base that would block me. I also successfully downloaded the entire game during the pre-order.


  • Korevas17Korevas17 Member Posts: 57
    I know some people are having installer crash issues on linux and someone recommended "bypassing the installer" but does anyone know how this could be done on a mac? I am trying to run the BG installer through CrossOver games and it keeps crashing on me (I also have dotNet2.0 installed). Any ideas?

  • Aris4lifeAris4life Member Posts: 103
    Any update on the "Verification failed due to server error" issue?

  • SchnizzelSchnizzel Member Posts: 25
    The only update I can give is that nothing has changed for me, the same stupid error message every day. I mean you can download this enhanced edition via illegal ways right now. Why is it so that today people who didn't pay money for games can play them since day 1 and people who paid for the game have to wait days, weeks, or months because a simple downloading client won't communicate with us. Seriously you guys make honest people very angry...

  • Luke00016Luke00016 Member Posts: 7
    Tried downloading from the Beamdog client again today - seems to be working now. Not sure why, but I'll take it!

  • TrentOsterTrentOster Administrator, Developer Posts: 433
    We've identified two bugs in the launcher over the weekend which we are working quickly to fix. We hope to have an updated launcher out soon.

  • Luke00016Luke00016 Member Posts: 7

    We've identified two bugs in the launcher over the weekend which we are working quickly to fix. We hope to have an updated launcher out soon.


  • Stickfigure2Stickfigure2 Member Posts: 4
    Hey guys,

    I'm running Xp with a GEforce graphics card. I've tried both the beamdog launcher AND the standalone launcher and they both instantly crash the second I double click any of them; saying both stating"has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" The error reports for both are as follows:

    Standalone Launcher:
    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : bgee.exe P2 : P3 : 50b7f5a8
    P4 : beamdog P5 : P6 : 50b7f5a3 P7 : 28 P8 : 15
    P9 : system.typeinitialization

    Beamdog Launcher:
    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : beamdog.launcher.exe P2 :
    P3 : 50b5c0fb P4 : beamdog.launcher P5 : P6 : 50b5c0fb
    P7 : 2c P8 : 0 P9 :

    I know the patch is coming out but I'm not seeing that it addresses ANY issues for those who can't even install the game. Since I've already sent in a support ticket and it seems they can't explain my issue, do any of you have any ideas? I have already:

    Tried running in every compatibility mode
    Tried running as administrator
    Reinstalled all of the .NET framwork as well as openGL
    Made sure all Geforce Drivers are up to date

  • darkjadedarkjade Member Posts: 7
    Strange stuff here, when I use Beamdog downloader, the download starts, up to 666k/s, then stops directly. I'm blocked @ 97,8%, so frustrating ... I rebooted both my comp and the internet bex, but nothing changes ... any idea ? known bug ?

  • Olek77Olek77 Member Posts: 20
    Same frustrating error here... System : Windows XP SP3 ... Stand alone and Beamdog client are both not working due a connection error ... support is not responding and I got no permissions to write them!?

  • Captain_KronosCaptain_Kronos Member Posts: 3
    Like darkjade, my Beamdog downloader is also stopping. I've downloaded 99.9% of the 2nd BG:EE update but it can't seem to finish. It just hangs at "connecting . . ."

  • CohoshCohosh Member Posts: 18
    edited December 2012
    I'm having similar connection problems. Pre-loading the game and downloading the first update went relatively smoothly, but with Update #2 I disconnect after downloading a few seconds. I click the bar to pause, and when i resume it briefly connects and gives me a download speed and then goes back to "Connecting...".

    Should I attempt to download the update in little 20 second chunks, constantly refreshing?

    I will if anyone thinks that might work eventually haha

    Edit: Just want to reiterate that I'm not getting any errors and the launcher isn't crashing. I'm just not staying connected for longer than 15 seconds.

  • darkjadedarkjade Member Posts: 7
    Cohosh you are lucky with 15 secondes ^^

    my last attemps, in secondes, before my DL rate drops to "-" :


    Beamdog / someone, any solution ?

  • Captain_KronosCaptain_Kronos Member Posts: 3
    Just tried it again and it finished! Update 2 now applied and working.

  • OndskOndsk Member Posts: 6
    My launcher is just freezing. Last time it did I just restarted my computer and it worked. Now it doesn't. Halp!

  • SchnizzelSchnizzel Member Posts: 25
    I still have the bug "verification failed due to a server error". Would it be possible to download the game files from a friend? Or do I get the same problem cause the game needs online check to play?
    Beside this, I think i located the reason of this error message in my case. I am behind a router and my attempts to port forwarding weren't successfull. My router said they were successfull forwarded, but online check websites for ports didn't. The support Forums of my ISP (where the router comes from) are full of people with the same problem in forwarding ports.
    My ISP is "Deutsche Telekom" with the router "Speedport 723v Typ B".
    Does anybody of the germans here have the same router WITHOUT the connection problem to the beamdog servers?
    The sad thing about this is that i never had an issue with this router. Every game worked, torrent worked and so many other things. But not the greatest game of all time BG:EE :-/

  • lollerskateslollerskates Member Posts: 9
    I just can tell you that I bypassed my router and the error still occurs. (KabelBW ;-))

  • darkjadedarkjade Member Posts: 7
    hell ... still DL stops after 13 seconds ...

    let's move on ipad ...

  • KerozevokKerozevok Member Posts: 695
    @Schnizzel Same thing here, I can connect to any website, any ftp, any p2p, any hub, any what you want, except... the Beamdog server.

    I wait since 15 days.

  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 1,177
    Another Standalone Downloader issue:

    1.Game is installed but it is not updated
    2.Downloader wants to update game
    3.Update fails because to download and apply 250 MB update you need tot have 1.9 GB of free space on the hard drive.

    Really ? REALLY ?

  • KerozevokKerozevok Member Posts: 695
    @ALIEN 1.9 GB > Backup of the bif files.

  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 1,177
    Kerozevok said:

    @ALIEN 1.9 GB > Backup of the bif files.

    But the launcher hangs up very often if there is to low free space.

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