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  • wednesdaywednesday Member Posts: 61
    I've done that twice, to no reply, unfortunately.
  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
    Paging @Aosaw...
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I've been swamped the last couple of days. I'll be contacting you later today @wednesday. (Sorry about the delay.)
  • wednesdaywednesday Member Posts: 61
    thanks very much :)
  • kiwiskittles852kiwiskittles852 Member Posts: 2
    So, I bought this game when it first came out, and was kinda able to play it but got irritated with it being slow that I tried installing it on my desktop and that failed, so I gave up on it after a week. a week ago I wanted to play it on my laptop and see if there were any updates only to find out I can't do a single thing with it. when I click to open it the window pops up like it's suppose to but it just says "Loading News" and "Connecting" I left it there for 10 minutes one day but it never worked. So today, same thing. I'm not a computer geek at all so I don't really know what I'm doing. But, I haven't played it once really, I got a quarter of the way through Candlekeep when I got sick of the slowness. So, why can't I play it anymore when I know I didn't even do an update since it's been out. (I bought it for the ipad and that's what I've been playing)
  • hornaphornap Member Posts: 29
    Anything new, about linux version or not .NET 3.5 installer?
  • P2P off does not use HTTP, it still uses BitTorrent. Workaround if throttled: Use a (paid) VPN service.
  • fish0331fish0331 Member Posts: 197
    pre ordered bg2 ee from beamdog and their client gets stuck at "getting download info". How do I fix this? I use windows 7.
  • fish0331fish0331 Member Posts: 197
    there is no longer any open beta?
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,214
    The open beta was for BGEE.
  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 310
    Well.. i hate to have to say it.. and add it now, but i also have (suddenly) the problem a few people have been regularly mentionning (and elsewhere too) since nov/dec2012 ; both launchers crashing immediately at start (now, for me too..) : impossible to get the updates from now (the easy/regular way). Was working more or less perfectly for me so far, could get up to v2014 (in june if i remember). But now.. nothing, impossible to reopen the launchers (beamdog last official or direct bgee one).. :(
    I tried to quickly reference it in those 2 similar dedicated threads, a few days ago ;

    I temporary found a fix (for bgee) thx to someone in that thread (reading back) :
    direct full DL from the beamdog site ; worked great immediately with the full 1.2 version installed in its own new directory (2.28Gb!), i don't know how (because i had erased all beamdog registry mentions, etc); no need to recheck anything (?!), found immediately my saves directory on the other disk (c: - the same as used for v2014 so far).. and all working fine now.. and i have both versions v2014 AND 1.2 working separately with np now (in their respective folders), all sharing apparently the same saves, no need to recheck/delock with the beamdog account for the first start apparently, etc (!);
    (need to login beamdog website first to dl) "
    (worked great; thx a bunch to the poster!!)

    NOW... my usual launchers are all the same no more functional. :(
    I am happy for BGEE (could get very easily the last update via torrent, thus, so perfect too for me, np).
    ... but i am really worrying for the coming bg2ee now... ;
    i guess the torrent full DL worked for my bgee 1.2 only due to the fact that somehow my beamdog account had been already verified and files checksums/saves directories checked too .. due to previous succedeed DLs/updates succeeded via the beamdog launcher as usual.
    But with bg2ee, without a first connection via the beamdog launcher; will it be possible too???.. i guess will be impossible and not so easy.. :(

    To make it simple:
    is there a well known solution now, a well known (and apparently well hidden too though^) recommanded procedure to follow in such cases, for the immediate crashes of the launchers (not even opening - suddenly in my case, was working fine initially; ?.. ) ?? I saw a good numbers of reports of that problem, here or on the beamdog support forums, but never a real clear solution exposed openly so far : has a solution been found now, a few months later ??!

    (i of course tried all the mentionned solutions mentionned here, but no way; never worked again - uninstalling/reinstalling all the .NET components, all the visual c++, deleting the registry traces and reinstalling the launchers, etc..); no way so far.. : ??

    Thx if you have a little hint for me (not for bgee, now..but for bg2ee that is coming next so ; will it be possible to use the direct torrent trick too as easily?!? could save my day too.. -?!)

    TIA for any answer, new clue/hint.. before the bg2ee release!
  • RicoRico Member Posts: 22
    I'm trying to install the game on my window 8 computer from the Beamdog site, and I keep getting a message that the signature is corrupt or invalid, and it won't let me proceed. How can I get the game to install?
  • flamefistmercflamefistmerc Member Posts: 2
    I had done the preload for BG2, and am trying to download the extra 1GB. However I am getting speeds that are often below 1KB/sec.

    In comparison, when downloading something normally, e.g. with Steam, I get speeds of 1.5 MB/sec.

    I've tried restarting both my PC and modem, but it didn't help.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  • TrentOsterTrentOster Administrator, Developer Posts: 433
    @Rico, Windows 8 requires a special certificate from Microsoft which we do not have. You should be able to right click and run it anyway
  • fujisanfujisan Member Posts: 30
    Hiya I'm hoping someone can help. I just purchased BG2EE and downloaded the installer from the link they sent me. After installing it I run and get a screen to log in to my account. It then processes for roughly half hour while periodically "not responding" and totally messing up and internet pages I have open before returning a "Verification failed" message.

    I updated all updates for Windows 7 (64) and my video card drivers but nothing changed. Can anybody offer some advice?

    I have read this thread and seem to not be alone with these problems but the last post was 5 months ago and I thought this would be completly resolved by now. I already have all the perfectly running BG series disks and only bought BGEE and BG2EE because I want to support the series but am seriously considering demanding a refund.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    edited July 2014
    I have a suggestion for the Beamdog Client but I don't really know where to put it (the feature request section seems to be more game related, site resources seems like its more forum related).

    Anyways, Steam and other similar programs allow you to choose a cap on your downloading speed. This is great in a situation where you don't want to be sucking up your whole households bandwidth. So consider this I guess a request for this as a feature in the client ( would have put this in the beamdog forums but from the looks of things the feature request area is full of spam and never used).
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