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Metal heads.

Ruckus3Ruckus3 Member Posts: 73
edited November 2012 in Off-Topic
I was browsing through some threads and saw the favorite band one, so I had to make this. Who is your favorite/most influential metal band ever? And please, if you're just going to say "that stuff just sounds like static" or whatever, go make your own thread. I'll start with a few of mine, Meshuggah, Rage Against the Machine (not exactly deathmetal, but de la Roche is beast), the red chord, ass jack, and Dillinger. Anything with Mike Patton.
Edit: that's not even close to all, but it'll do for now.



  • MedullaOblongataMedullaOblongata Member Posts: 434
    Dimmu Borgir holds the #1 spot for "music that will play on my way to hell" <3

  • Ruckus3Ruckus3 Member Posts: 73
    Nice, I'll have to check them out. Also people, what are your favorite songs? I know of 3 that come to mind, bomb track by Rage, Future Breed Machine by Meshuggah, and War Pigs by Sabbath.

  • eksterekster Member Posts: 234
    I have too many favourites... but Dio stood the test of time for me. He was the only one for whom I could never say no to, or ever want to change a song or CD if it comes up.

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,851
    edited November 2012
    Rage Against the Machine has a great formula; great guitar groove, great vocals, but I can't listen to them because 100% of their lyrics are political (which annoys me regardless of whether I agree with it or not), and on top of that their political views make me die a little on the inside.

    Well, most of the stuff I consider "metal" other, true metalheads would tell me is "sissy metal" or "not even metal." Anyway, my favorite listens ...

    I think Five Finger Death Punch is pretty good. A little too modern metal for me though; they feel a bit forced at times, and as a singer the borderline abuse of vocal effects by Ivan pain me. My favorite song by them would have to be The Way of the Fist. Really awesome song.
    Slipknot is pretty beast. Once again I'm a sissy, their 2nd album, Iowa, is too heavy for me. Plus the lyrics were borderline gross at times. I like their 1st album, it's very experimental, interesting, and any song on that album that isn't experimental is just plain headbang-able (Wait and Bleed, Spit It Out), so no worries. My favorite off that album has to be Purity though. I thought their 4th album, All Hope Is Gone, was pretty damn awesome, although the political shit was a bit annoying. Gematria (The Killing Name) is SO good; the guitar work in that song is just incredible. My favorite has to be Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses. That album is one of the best examples of intelligent metal ever. Good range all the way from really heavy (The Blister Exists) to the emotional, moody stuff (Vermillion Pt. 2).
    I consider Linkin Park's first two albums to be metal, or at the very least, hard rock. That formula just worked; catchy and heavy. Also the rap influences were great, just enough to add color but not enough to make the songs lose focus. Yeah, I'm a big fan of nü metal, shoot me. When the band changed focus with Minutes To Midnight, things looked hopeful, because although it was different it definitely felt like good music, and they had their heaviest songs ever on that album (Given Up, No More Sorrow). Their 4th and 5th albums are pretty fail. It's worth noting that, regardless of whether you like LP or not, if you have a brain you must admit that Chester Bennington is an incredible vocalist. As a singer, trust me on this one; he has a ridiculous amount of control. The whole harmonizing while screaming thing? Second hardest vocal technique that I know of, and he does it perfectly. On top of that, his range is pretty insane. He does things that other metal vocalists have to cheat in the studio to achieve; self-harmonizing with multiple vocal layers, grain filter, etc.
    And my favorite band is Korn. For all the crap talk I heard about this band, I never expected it to be so damn good when I started listening to it. They're groovy, heavy, and still catchy somehow. I heard "Blind" and I was hooked. This is the only band I've known where I can honestly say that not a single member feels like the weakest link, they all contribute so much to the music. On top of that, it's easy being a Korn fan because while they've had 10 albums that are very diverse, no album except perhaps their 8th lacked the "Korn feel." They change a little every album, just a little every time so it works. Plus their albums constantly vary between doing tried and true and experimenting, so if you didn't like their latest experiment then you know their next album will probably be more to your liking.

    Yup. So I just nerded all over this page. And yeah, I know most people will think since I like nü metal, shoot me, I don't listen to real metal lalala~

  • FouneFoune Member Posts: 53
    First time I've seen Rage against the machine considered metal :P.

  • AscerionAscerion Member Posts: 271

    Infected Mushroom, my favorite techno-rock band, did a duo with Jonathan Davis in "Smashing the Opponent". It's pretty good, if you haven't heard it.

    Most influential band ever for me? Alice in Chains.

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,851
    edited November 2012
    Foune said:

    First time I've seen Rage against the machine considered metal :P.

    I swear if we get into a genre argument, I will have to bust some skulls.
    Ascerion said:

    Infected Mushroom, my favorite techno-rock band, did a duo with Jonathan Davis in "Smashing the Opponent". It's pretty good, if you haven't heard it.

    Ooh cool, I shall have to check that out!

  • AscerionAscerion Member Posts: 271

    ^_^ The music video is good, too.

  • MedullaOblongataMedullaOblongata Member Posts: 434
    Kings of a Carnival Creation by Dimmu Borgir

  • MortiannaMortianna Member Posts: 1,355
    edited November 2012
  • BrightNightBrightNight Member Posts: 36
    First and foremost of course the creators and godfathers of metal: Black Sabbath!

    Furthermore i'm mostly into Thrash Metal and Death Metal.
    Here is my more or less favorite bandlist:

    Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, Testament, Death, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Kreator, Metallica, Megadeth, Control Denied, Pantera, Legion Of The Damned, Warbringer, Evile, Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, Children Of Bodom, Nevermore, Exodus, Death Angel, Into Eternity, Demons And Wizards, Heaven And Hell, Arch Enemy, Evergrey, Ozzy Osbourne, Iommi, Dio, Nightwish, Led Zeppelin, Rage, Rainbow....

  • Ruckus3Ruckus3 Member Posts: 73
    edited November 2012
    Haha no genre arguments here. They're just my favorite band, and heavy enough that I considered worth mentioning. Back on topic though, brightnight, that is the most boss lineup I think I've ever seen. Hats off sir.

  • SilySily Member Posts: 90
    There was already a thread about all this, but I'll stick to my old response:

    Diablo Swing Orchestra
    Can't really pick the "best track", since there are too many good ones: Memoirs of a roadkill, Ballrog Boogie, Exit strategy of a wrecking ball, Ricerca Dell'anima and why not list Guerrilla Laments here too.

    For other bands I'd certainly put up Satyricon and Burzum, without forgetting Arch Enemy and Marilyn Manson! Powerwolf also has two wonderful tracks: Resurrection by erection & Saturday Satan

    But to be honest, I listen to Folk much more these days than Metal, stuff like Faun and Tricky Pixie.

  • Ruckus3Ruckus3 Member Posts: 73
    My bad Sily, I'll be honest I didn't look too hard.

  • ImperatorImperator Member Posts: 154
    As I said in the Top 3 thread, my favorite band of all time is Korn. Been listening since '97, and I don't think I'll ever "grow out" of it, and why should I ? I'm not going to change my taste in music just because someone thinks that this-and-this band is meant for these-and-these people. Never give in to peer pressure! (unless you're a rapist or a murderer, or just have bad hygiene, then it's a good idea to give in.)

    Other important bands in my life have been Megadeth, Sentenced, Diablo, In Flames, Nevermore, SikTh and way too many bands to list here.

  • lukebagdarrellukebagdarrel Member Posts: 8
    My Favorite/Most influential will have to Pantera. Dimebag will forever be my favorite guitarist.

    To name a few other amazing metal bands that are fav's - Darkane, Soilwork (anything Predators Portrait and before), In Flames (clayman and prior), Meshuggah, and Opeth. I also like a good amount of what brightnight posted.

  • Ruckus3Ruckus3 Member Posts: 73
    Hell yeah Luke, you're one of the only other people I know who has heard of/likes Meshuggah.

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,338
    Dio, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Black Sabbath and Twisted Sister come to mind.. grew up in the 80s and were first exposed to those. Then Metallica in the late 80s/early 90s.

  • ThomasMinkThomasMink Member Posts: 25
    edited November 2012
    I guess I'm weird in the sense that I can't really listen to bands any more. Now I just listen to songs.

    But eh, some bands do still stick out for whatever reason. 80s Metallica, 80s/90s Megadeth, 90s Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, (older) Overkill, W.A.S.P., Ozzy... Kix, Ratt, Dokken...

  • SlashneedSlashneed Member Posts: 6
    It's really too much to write if I'm gonna list my all-time favourites, so I'll just list what I'm currently in the mood for: lo-fi black metal! Big fan of the shitty quality, raw vocals and well, the overall sound. Big fan of drumming, and many times you get old punk drums in BM, which is pretty awesome.

    Currently listening to: Darkthrone (always, always), Gjenferdsel (just discovered, pretty cool band), Mutilation Rites and Brutal Truth (not black metal but grindcore. Great band to train to).

    Any fans of old school, lo-fi black metal here?

  • dosgamesdosgames Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2012
    I listen to just about everything. But, as I've aged, I've wanted my Metal heavier and heavier. Most of the Metal I listen to will make even Metal fans cringe. Meshuggah being a prime example. Their chaotic, off-tempo, poly-rhythmic style is almost 'jazzy' in it's structure.

    When people ask me what they 'sound like'. I just say "Imagine a huge machine: pistons, levers, and gears. Order, Chaos, a pattern barely discernible"

  • dosgamesdosgames Member Posts: 3
    But, if you want a more poppy sound. Amorphis is really the best modern Metal for the more light hearted. Even people who say they 'absolutely hate" Metal still like this song.

  • dosgamesdosgames Member Posts: 3
    My last post I swear :)

    For those who want a more Oldschool Rock/Metal feel. High On Fire is a must listen!

  • GriegGrieg Member Posts: 507
    Metal heads huh?
    A steel hexagonal heads of M16 high strength bolts of 10.9 class, tightened with dynamometric key... :]

  • Ruckus3Ruckus3 Member Posts: 73
    edited November 2012
    Hey dos, you ever hear Aztec Two Step by Meshuggah? That's a perfect example of their ridiculous time signatures.
    Edit: fun fact, their song Soul Burn was the Quake 3 intro. Look up Quake Burn, god the memories.
    Edit 2: what song is that? Won't let me listen to it.

  • DemiGothDemiGoth Member Posts: 44
    The Gathering for me. On a shared 2nd place are Dream Theater and Ayreon

  • DemiGothDemiGoth Member Posts: 44
    While waiting for launch, a friend pointed out BABYMETAL -> a MUST for jPOP/JMetal lovers!

  • rexregrexreg Member Posts: 292
    edited November 2012
    Black Sabbath--the Ozzy stuff
    System of A Down
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Metallica--thru Justice
    Slipknot--amazing rhythm section
    Judas Priest

    Post edited by rexreg on
  • CLsdlt80CLsdlt80 Member Posts: 72
    Metallica, old and new
    Sepultura (Max era)
    Morbid Angel, old and new (specially times involving Vincent)
    Symphony X
    Dream Theater (until "6 degrees of inner turbulence")

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    Disturbed, Soilwork, Disarmonia Mundi, Ravenface, Engel, and Slipknot before Corey Taylor went gay.

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