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Castle Greyhawk Treasure List (Found so far)

LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
edited February 20 in Role Playing
904cp, 3657 sp, 1286gp

Tiger Eye Gem w/25 gp
3 Bloodstones w/50 gp each
10 Fire Agates w/50gp each
2 Moonstones w/50 gp each
5 Onyx Stones w/50 gp each
1 Piece Amber w/an insect in it w/80 gp
3 Amethysts w/80 gp each
Fragments of Blue Quartz w/ 110 gp total
3 Pieces of Obsidian w/150 gp each
2 Sapphires w/300gp
1 Peridot w/500 gp
1 Pink Pearl w/500 gp
1 Emerald w/1000gp
1 Emerald w/2000gp
1 Star Sapphire w/2000 gp

Thin, Crumpled Copper Sheet w/5 cp
Bronze Snake Amulet w/1 gp
6 Silver Buttons w/1 gp each
Silver Snake Charm w/1 gp
Silver Snake Charm w/5 gp
3 Small Gold Earrings w/5 gp each
2 Plain Electrum Headbands w/5 gp each
2 Gold Earrings w/10 gp each
Hematite Stone on a Silver Chain w/10 gp
4 Pieces Crude Jewelry w/10 gp each
Electrum Bangle w/15 gp
Gold and Silver Threads w/15 gp total
6 Gold Bracelets w/20 gp each
Silver Dagger w/20 gp
3 Silver Rings w/20 gp each
Gold and Malachite Earrings w/25 gp the pair
Pieces of Glowing Eggshell w/25 gp total
Bone and Mother of Pearl Spear w/40 gp
Broken Gold Bracelet w/40 gp
Gold Buckle w/40 gp
Copper Belt w/ Ornamental Stones w/50 gp
Gold ring with the Initials "DB" carved inside w/50gp
Gold Ring w/50 gp
Gold Snake Statue w/50 gp
Gold Buckle w/80 gp
Jade and Gold Pendant w/100 gp
Silver Chain and Medallion w/500 sp
Silver Bracelets w/80 gp
Bronze-Framed Mirror w/90 gp
Silver Mirror w/90 gp (being used by Alora)
Sleeping Onyx Cat w/90 gp
Gold Headband and Armbands (Matched Set) w/110gp the set
Gold Snake Amulet w/Turquoise Eyes w/120 gp
Violet Garnet Earrings w/120 gp the pair
Ivory Sword Pommel w/125 gp
Gold Headband and Armband set w/Citrines w/180 gp the set
Horse Statue carved of Jet w/200 gp
Jade ring carved with dragons w/250 gp
Helmet w/Gold Inlays w/600 gp

Other items
2 Silver Dragon Statuettes
1 Crystal Harp
20 Arrows
6 Silver Arrows
20 Brass Dragon Scales
8 Garlic Buds
Pink Dolphin-shaped Soap
50' Rope
Small Wooden Shield
Short Bow

Scroll (Sleep)
2 Scrolls (Web)
Scroll (Neutralize Poison)
Scroll (Invisibility)

Magic Items
P. Healing
2 P. Invisibility
2 P. Speed
+1 Ring of Protection (used by Edwin)
+1 Ring of Protection made of Gold and Ivory (used by Aerie)
+1 Shield (being used by Tiax)
+1 Chainmail (Being used by Arkanis)
+1 Platemail (Being used by Anomen)
+1 Two-Handed Sword (Being used by Minsc)
+1 Mace (Being used by Anomen)
+1 Short Bow
+1 Spear, +2 vs. Giants, +3 vs. Orcs and Ogres
+2 Throwing Dagger (+1 when not throwing) (Being used by Edwin)
+2 Spear (Being used by Anomen)
Elven Boots (Being used by Alora)
Ring of Warmth (apparently w/50 gp)

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