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Cult of the eyeless door bug

nikolifishnikolifish Member Posts: 8
edited August 14 in Troubleshooting
Android user here. I just finished killing the beholder at the end of the cult of the eyeless chain. I walked up the stairs to exit but the door is locked and won't open.

I searched for answers but most people just say jiggle the door or wait. Neither work. Now I'm stuck because you can't exit the way you came in

What can I do

Edit by Tresset:

If you need help fixing this problem please upload your save file here and I will look at it. MAKE SURE TO TAG ME BY TYPING @Tresset SO THAT I WILL KNOW ABOUT YOU!!!

If you have access to the console, this issue can be fixed by entering the following code (you can copy/paste it directly into your game):


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