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Gem bag in SoD only carries 20 items?!

Greetings everyone. :)

So I just finished the main game last night for the first time (yeah, I'm a noob like that) and immediately started SoD after the final credits rolled. One thing I noticed was that all my containers for gems, scrolls and potions were gone. A quick google search showed that was supposed to happen, so no harm done. Well, having retained most of my gear from the end of BG:EE, it was starting to be a nightmare to manage my inventory as new loot was found, so I was exhilarated to eventually find a gem bag. Problem is, a (very) short time after I got the message that it was full! I mean, I played around 150h in the main game and that never happened, so I opened the bag and counted the gems: twenty. If I'm correct, that was the limit in the vanilla version of the game, right? EE got it up to 100 storable units.

So my question is… is this a bug, or was it meant to be like that from the start?
Also, what about the other type of containers (potions and scrolls)? Is the limit just 20 items, too?



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