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[v1.64] Emily, a Half-Elf* Archer for BG:EE + SoD and EET

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Meet Emily, an Archer all the way from Tethyr. Making the journey to meet her birthmother, the closing of the road to Baldur's Gate unfortunately has impeded her journey.

In the meantime however, she is happy to make herself helpful in her party, sporting skills in ranged combat and the ability after her talks have progressed to create arrows for the party, though only a limited amount of special arrows can be crafted. She can also modify certain bows, though only once ever, so choose the ranged weapon you wish her to enhance wisely.

In BG:EE/SoD she can be pursued for a romance with best success by any tall male, while in BG2 there is no gender restriction, the race restrictions still apply (No dwarf, no halfling, no gnome).


Race: Half-Elf*
Class: Archer or Arcane Archer
Alignment: Neutral Good

STR: 13
DEX: 18
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CHA: 16
Total: 89

*Emily's actual race is revealed later.

Mod Content

– One new party member using the Ranger Archer Kit
-Can select Arcane Archer or Arcane Archer/Wizard during installation of Arcane Archer from the Artisan's Kitpack
-Can Craft Arrows once per day after her fifth BG1 Talk, and enhance a bow once only.
– 9 friendship talks with the PC in BG1, 6 in SoD
– Banters with every BG:EE and SoD NPC
– A questline in BG1.
– A romance with any elf, half-orc, human, or half-elf male PC in Siege of Dragonspear (No gender restriction in BG2)
– Crossmod content with Sirene, Vienxay, Helga, Kale, and Recorder.
- Optional Music Soundtrack


Q: Is this mod compatible with EET?
A: Yes. (If for some reason it is not, let me know.)

Q: Will you merge this mod with the other four in a single download?
A: Currently this is difficult for BG1, as the first three were heavily traified, and share some file names with the same number scaling. This means a lot of renaming would be required to get the mod to work. Thus I would rather spend time developing content for BG2 than configuring them in one file. It's not an explicit no, but definitely low priority at best. The BG2 parts of these mod however, will be an all in one file with convenience in mind.

Q: When will the BG2 content be released?
A: I'm in planning stages at the moment, and will start writing/coding officially on the 1st. I'll make a thread on that date in the BG2 mod section where you can follow progress. My estimated time of completion is an ambitious March. That'd be the one year anniversary of my first three mods.

If you have other questions, post below and I will respond swiftly.

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  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,666
    i may try her out when i finish my current runthrough of the game along with kale. but if i'm honest i would rather wait till there is sod content.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    I'm working on getting my playthrough into SoD so I can finally work on that. Hopefully that happens soon.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
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    Emily's To Do List for 1.1:

    -Re-write and expands Timed Talks up to 9. Combined with her P.I.D. talks this should account for 16 total.
    -Fix and remove references of information Emily should not know.
    -Two additional banters in line with the other mod updates.
    -Neater positioning of Quest NPCs.
    -Fixes of any dialogue lines/bugs.
    -Additional Interjections, mostly with important story NPCs.
    -Actual Ishi crossmod banter, the first of received permissions.
    -Content to the end of Chapter 8, and some scripts set up to cover the rest of SoD.
    -Most Banters ready/Finished
    -Initial Talk/P.I.D. dialogue
    -Emily will have a quest that continues Emily's sidequest from BG:EE(1). The antagonists of Emily's quest fit suprisingly well with SoD's planar aspects and will connect with the main plot.
    -Actual Ishi crossmod banter for SoD.
    -She will have a romance in line with the rest of the SoD applicable cast, to about the same light extent, if not lighter. Restrictions are Non-evil, non-short.

    Other updates/information:
    -I've finally sent PMs to modders to see if crossmod banters are permissible. If these get a yes I will add them into future updates for all of my NPC mods.
    -After this 1.1 update I will have deadlines set for each of their final version releases that will cover the full extent of BG:EE and SoD, as well as for Helga and Recorder (Their initial release will cover both).
    -I've not had any luck finding custom portrait artists. If anyone knows someone willing/capable, please let me know, else my last two NPCs will also probably be using NWN Assets.
    -Because it's a bit much to cover five different posts, the BG2 version of these mods will be inside one mod, or at least one download with one support topic.
    -Recorder will be the only mod with an approval system in BG1/SoD, but all five will have something of the like in BG2. If it is well received, I may try to work something similiar for the original NPCs, with high approval giving soft bonuses (I.E., +1 to a main stat, such as +1 strength for Mazzy), while low approval risks them leaving or clashing in dialogue choices with angry interjections.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited March 2019
    I'm experimenting with adding music to play during Talks. Not 100% sure if I'll include this song in the next update or even pre BG2, as I have to research how the playsong() script works and how to update the songlist 2da (I failed miserably the last time I tried! :smile: ), but if anyone wants to listen to the attached and see if it sounds okay, that would be helpful!

    This is not Michael Hoenig or Inon Zur quality, I composed the score myself, so feedback I'm looking for is:
    1: Is it too loud/soft?
    2: Is the quality okay?
    3: Is it distracting?

    Each character is intended to have an instrument represent them, in Emily's case it is the Harp. There's two files within the attached, one more solemn (In minor) and the other more joyous (major), put at different volumes. How they sound within is how they'll sound in the game. I think the major one (#2) is too soft, but within a different program it was much louder, so I'm unable to make the call myself.

    If this doesn't work well, I'll probably abandon the idea of making music for them except for short flute vfx for Recorder.
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    Skitia wrote: »
    (I failed miserably the last time I tried! :smile: )

    Welcome to modding!
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,938
    I like the idea of music, especially a harp as in these two pieces. The 1st could maybe be just a little (not by much though) quieter with the music playing over the harp, while the 2nd is just right in volume I think. Nice work. :) One thing I enjoy most about the BGNPC Project is the music files that can be attached to all the NPC's. It really makes a character stand out a little more when in dialog.

    I'd say definitely include both with her.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited April 2019

    Emily is now updated to 1.1

    In Siege of Dragonspear, you can find Emily after talking to Caelar across the bridge. As you return to camp, you'll be approached by some NPCs. After the conversation ends and the NPCs depart, Emily will appear to speak to the PC. If you don't take her, she'll travel along with the expedition into chapter 9. This update includes a talk. P.I.D. interactions, interjections and banters with every NPC available in chapter 7 and 8. Chapter 9 content and beyond is not yet released but will follow in the coming weeks.

    4/9/2019 v1.1:
    -First addition of Sod content covering to the end of Chapter 8. This includes interjects, a timed talk, a single P.I.D. Talk, most banters, and more. Emily will have a small personal quest available in future content.
    -Emily can Craft Ice arrows and Bolts in SoD. This will require a P.I.D. talk if she hasn't talked about crafting before in BG:EE(1). She can only make 12 bundles maximum.
    -Revised Talk 1,6,7, and added a talk 8 and 9.
    -Repositioned certain quest NPCs.
    -Additional banter with Rasaad and Garrick.
    -Revised Emily's fletching. No materials required, though a max of 12 bundles of each special arrows can be made through BG:EE to SoD (The same variables are used, they should persist from a final save).
    -Additional Interjects added across the main storyline, sometimes dependent on player dialogue selection.
    -Bug/Grammar/Spelling fixes.
    -Fixed incorrect lines occurring for certain dialogue.
    -Added an optional music download. These will play during her BG:EE(1) Talks, though not SoD Talks. This may be expanded in future updates, but will remain optional. Each of my other NPCs will receive similar options in future updates.
    General Notes:
    -Updated FAQ section.
    -Added Estimated Deadlines for Future Content and updates.
    -Version number previously for 1.0 incorrectly showed as 5.2, it should now show as 1.1
    -Author information should reflect to this page.

    Music Credits:
    The music used was created by me with the assistance of the Sibelius music input software, and the instrument sounds come from EastWest Symphonic Orchestra sound library. It's great professional level software and sound quality, and if you want to make your own music and have understanding of music theory and notation to put things together, it might be worth a look.
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,666
    personally it's nice to not have every npc mod be in chapter 7. i feel there may not be enough room for them in chapter 7 after awhile and some modders may be forced to have them be in 8 or 9.
  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 156
    Apparently some weird bug in the nashkel mines : when you meet the miner who is supposed to give you Kylee's dagger so that you can take it back to him, Emily says "I hope he's ok, this is not a place you want to be unarmed", and leaves the group without any message, and then disappears away !
    I thought that maybe she was rushing to Kylee alone, which would not make much sense, but no I found Kylee who still looks for his dagger, apparently she left with the damned dagger, but no Emily in sight... lost her !
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    zelurker wrote: »
    Apparently some weird bug in the nashkel mines : when you meet the miner who is supposed to give you Kylee's dagger so that you can take it back to him, Emily says "I hope he's ok, this is not a place you want to be unarmed", and leaves the group without any message, and then disappears away !
    I thought that maybe she was rushing to Kylee alone, which would not make much sense, but no I found Kylee who still looks for his dagger, apparently she left with the damned dagger, but no Emily in sight... lost her !

    Thanks for sharing! This was such a silly error, I fixed it though.

    1.11 thus is:
    -Additional interjects throughout chapter 9 and 10.
    BG:EE(1) :
    -Fixed bug where Emily vanishes forever in the Nashkel mines.
  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 156
    edited May 2019
    Well you forgot emily.tp2 in the latest zip (1st post) !
    .. and after testing, the fix worked, thanks ! :)
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  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    Fixed that too, I took it out to fix the version number and forgot to put it back in.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    Emily's 1.2 will not take very long to develop, as most of it is done and chapter 11 is short. I am estimating this weekend at the latest.
    Expected Changes:

    Interjection content through chapter 11.
    1 Talk to 5 (of 6)
    All P.I.D. conversations complete.
    All banters complete.
    Optional Arcane Archer Kit (Requires The Artisan's Kitpack.
    -You can also make her a AA/Mage, if that fits the party composition better.

    There is a short personal quest, a lot shorter than originally planned, but I always want to avoid my NPCs taking too much attention from the world, and have them be similar to the style of the other NPC personal quests.

    After that will be a "WIP" release for my fourth NPC, which is really a nearly full BG:EE/SoD release minus the last chapter of SoD, before completing the final versions of Kale/Emily/Vienxay. (Ha, did I really put May 16th as a projected date for Helga? So slow, me).

    Then hopefully I can get out some crossmod I've wanted to work on before finishing the last NPC.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited June 2019
    Emily 1.2 is now available.

    It was tempting to just push out the last two chapters of content, but that would make this night later than it already is! Going forward, every update should be a complete work.

    v1.2 full change log:
    -BG:EE(1) and SoD Changes:
    -Added in an option to select Arcane Archer for Emily, or Arcane Archer/Mage. This requires the Artisan's Kitpack. If you don't have it, most likely you will end up with a regular fighter or fighter/mage respectively if you attempt to pick it. Pick the first option if you wish to use her default Archer (Ranger) kit.
    -Added a Dark Theme for Emily's soundtrack.
    -SoD Changes
    Added a Dorn conflict. High reputation/good alignment or High Charisma can allow both in the party.
    -Added in a full list of timed Talks (6).
    -Complete Banters with All NPCs, at least 2 each, and with all my other NPCs, released and unreleased.
    -Interjections up to the end of chapter 11.
    -Miscellaneous bug fixes/spelling fixes.
    -Added in an optional personal quest that can take place in chapter 11 which deals with a companion Emily was traveling with prior.

    Next Up:
    -Helga the Cleric of Haela Brightaxe V1.0
    -Kale 1.3
    -Vienxay 1.3
    -Emily 1.3
    -Recorder the Lorekeeper Bard V1.0
    -Crossmod updates that I keep procrastinating on.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited June 2019
    All three of my NPC mods are literally a few lines away from being completely finished for the SoD portion, so I'm strongly considering changing my work order and finish them up first. That way I can only focus on new content.

    For my fourth of five NPCs:
    -Helga has mostly interjections and banters left. I redid her theme tune for a subdued brass trio, using a small note sequence from the SoD theme at a regressed tempo to grow the melody from. My hearing is a bit muffled right now from an illness, but hopefully this is a quality upgrade and not a downgrade. You can listen to the new version here;

  • PsicoVicPsicoVic Member Posts: 868
    Cool, I will wait for them to download all. They have crossmod content with each other, right?
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited June 2019
    PsicoVic wrote: »
    Cool, I will wait for them to download all. They have crossmod content with each other, right?

    They do! I want to add more to really make them feel alive in the future, at least for myself, I feel like just bantering to eachother every once in a while only does so much with the randomness of it happening sometimes being too infrequent.

    For now though:

    Emily is now at 1.3. This means she is complete along with Kale and Vienxay for SoD. Besides any bug fixes that are noted, desired user changes, or cross mod additions, the mod is pretty much set.

    In terms of timelines for the last two:

    Helga: MAYBE at the end of this week, depending on how fast I work.

    Recorder: Most likely early July. Unlike the other four she has a commissioned portrait and it won't be ready for another week. There's still a lot of dialogue to write for her as well.
  •  TheArtisan TheArtisan Member Posts: 3,277
    edited June 2019
    Just a few minor issues with the mod from a very brief test:
    • The scripting for Emily's first meeting detects for any party member but always directs her to Player1. This can result in her walking halfway across Beregost to just to speak with the PC. I think she should either talk with the closest party member or only react to the PC to avoid this.
    • Thank you for the option to use the Arcane Archer from the kitpack! Unfortunately, there's no code to detect whether the mod has actually been installed so there's nothing other than your warning from causing one to install a component that will break the character if my kitpack isn't installed. I think it should be its separate component, since that also gives the possibility to install Emily, then my kitpack, then give her the kit (I can't add a component for AA-Emily to my kitpack because I need her to be a fighter) whereas right now Emily must be installed after my kitpack to get that option. I think you based the code off Aura, but that only works for her because all her kits are contained within the mod itself. Take a look at the kit component for Sirene-BG1. That works as an example of how to implement kit options from my kitpack (Divine Champion). Also, for some reason the fighter .cre files only have one arrow and bolt each, and the Fighter/Mage is using a 'QUIV01' which is an unstackable arrow rather than an 'AROW01'.
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  •  TheArtisan TheArtisan Member Posts: 3,277
    Another issue:
    • This one's not really your fault but more on the strange scripting choices of old-school BG1. The Golden Pantaloons has an item check to make sure the nobleman is carrying them (in case of pickpocketing, I assume). When Emily (and Vienxay as well) interjects in the dialogue, the check ends up being carried over to them, which leads to the option to get the pantaloons being lost. Unless you want to modify the actions themselves, the easiest solution is to add a response to the interjection to move the check back to the nobleman.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited June 2019
    This was probably old scripting from before I knew ICT2 should rarely be used. I switched it back to ICT and added a response back for both of them.

    Not sure why I have those quantity errors, but fixed those too and switched to the right arrow type.

    I don't know if I did the separate component aspect with the best coding practice, but I have that set up now too so it will only activate if the right mod is installed.

    I'll upload it all in a couple of days in case there is anything else caught.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    Emily 1.3.1 contains the above bug-fixes, to summarize it simply.

    I also removed Future Updates/Mods/Planned Content on her summary page and introduced links and portraits of my other four mods in a new Other Mods section.

    Recorder's Portrait is courtesy of the talent of Nicole Cadet.
  • PsicoVicPsicoVic Member Posts: 868
    edited June 2019
    Thanks for your mods. I have one question, ¿Is the Emily´s music included?
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    It is as an optional component, you can input a [1]yes or [2]no to hear the music play or not.
  • PsicoVicPsicoVic Member Posts: 868
    edited June 2019
    Sorry, but that option did not appear to me, unlike with kale and Vienxay. Only the option to make her an arcane archer.

    Also, Is there a romance conflict between Emily and Vienxay in SOD for neutral characters?
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited June 2019
    I'll upload the fix for that now (What a short stride to 1.32.). I see it indeed isn't working due to the way the alternative class comp was set up.

    A neutral character that chooses one can't have the other, it's scripted to set Emily's variable to a 3, the state of fail (Or Vienxay's) if a talk gets to a certain point and the PC conveys interest to furthering things along. There isn't currently a conflict in terms of Emily interjecting on Vienxay's proposition, or vice-versa (Though that would be really fun to write). I actually forgot Emily clashes with Vienxay, Kale, and Recorder, (Vienxay and Kale have no conflicting scenarios).

    It's a great idea for a 1.4 version though as I would love to have more crossmod interaction outside of mere banters and 1.4 is all about crossmoding.

    Something I am thinking ahead about in the BG2 section in terms of improvement is how to get these characters more into eachother's worlds. It's why I am definitely going to do five in one file next time, so it's much easier to see and mod them into each other's conversations.
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  • PsicoVicPsicoVic Member Posts: 868
    edited June 2019
    The fix worked nicely.
    I suppose it is an advantage to write all characters at the same time in terms of cohesion. All of them are in roughly the same area at the time of the iron crisis, so they may even have known each other prior to their encounter with CHARNAME.
    It is good news, I really like crossmod banters.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,666
    i was wonder if it would be possible to do an all in one file once all of their bg 1 content is finished? like what vynd's creator did.
  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
    Fails to install for me on BGEE (sans SoD). This is an iOS version, but shouldn't matter. Looks like the bgee folder is missing from under scripts? All I have is a SoD folder.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,000
    edited June 2019
    @polymorphedsquirrel Oops, that looks like one of those text things I copied when studying how to do this without realizing it was not even used in my mod. The fact you don't have SoD is a big help as everyone who ever had it would have never gotten this error. Embarrassing mistake on my part.

    If you want to fix it yourself, remove the following lines from row 325-327 in the Emily/Lib/Emily_bg1.tpa :
      COPY ~%MOD_FOLDER%/scripts/bgee~ ~override~

    I've uploaded a quick fix as 1.33. SoD users won't need to download it.
    megamike15 wrote: »
    i was wonder if it would be possible to do an all in one file once all of their bg 1 content is finished? like what vynd's creator did.

    I probably will do it either as a 5 in 1, or a 4 in 1 and Recorder separately. Only Recorder uses an approval system where a certain amount of points in regards to the relationship are assigned based on certain actions IG while she's in the party, reputation, or conversation choices, which makes her a different NPC than everyone else. But it's so much easier just to download one mod with one support page, especially when I upload this elsewhere, so I'm not sure yet.
  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
    Cool, thanks! I'll be doing also an install on a iOS SoD in a moment, so will let you know if it installs without issues - it's a special case as it's a standalone app which doesn't include areas from the BG1 (most other files seem to be there, though). Most mods fail there unfortunately
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