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[Kit Mod] The Artisan's Kitpack

AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,028
edited July 2019 in General Modding

The Artisan's Kitpack is a collection of original kits and kit reworks for the PC and certain NPCs.

The Hivemaster and Warhorn Shaman are compatible with Deities and Avatars.

Arcane Archer
  • Emily (must be installed after kitpack)
  • Khalid

Dark Hunter
Rashemi Berserker
  • Minsc only

Divine Champion Mystic Fire

  • Montaron
  • Hexxat
Rogue Archer
  • Imoen

Go check out Bardic Wonders.

Warhorn Shaman
  • M'khiin

Dragon Disciple
Pale Master

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    We can make the same for the Paladin and Ranger kits if you want to - DoF also reaches those.

    Congratulations for the release, it is a very impressive kitpack.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,028
    edited July 2019
    New update - removing some clutter files and adding a new component - reworked Berserker. More dangerous gameplay, less press-button-to-resist-everything nonsense. With this version of the Berserker having a much more shaky defense, the Fighter is no longer completely outclassed.

    Since the Berserker's done now I'll probably do the Barbarian as well. It'll probably be a bit more like Minsc's kit, though not as powerful overall. I know this is weird since that one is named Rashemi Berserker but I wanted Minsc and Korgan to have different niches which is why I made this Berserker different to the other one, so pardon the confusion.

    And no, I will not just make Minsc a barbarian. I like Ranger Minsc far too much.
    BERSERKER: This is a warrior who is in tune with <PRO_HISHER> animalistic side and, during combat, can achieve an ecstatic state of mind that will enable <PRO_HIMHER> to fight longer, harder, and more savagely than any person has a right to. Berserkers tend to be barbarian-like in nature, but not always. Sometimes it is a conscious choice that a warrior in training makes. Regardless, opponents on the battlefield will be unsettled when they see the savage and inhuman elements of the Berserker's personality. This class is common amongst dwarves, known to them as the Battlerager.

    – Immunity to fear, morale failure and involuntary berserk effects.
    – Gains the In Extremis passive effect.

    IN EXTREMIS: Berserkers revel in the thrill of carnage to a sadomasochistic degree, and fight harder when approaching death while most warriors would falter or retreat. While powerful, the berserker's technique is a double-edged sword – as the berserker accumulates more wounds in battle, their blows become increasingly deadly, yet their defense falters, becoming more vulnerable to further damage.
    >50% Hit Points: +2 to THAC0 and Damage, -2 penalty to Armor Class
    >25% Hit Points: +4 to THAC0 and Damage, -4 penalty to Armor Class
    >10% Hit Points: +8 to THAC0 and Damage, -6 penalty to Armor Class

    – May use the Enrage ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 4 levels thereafter.

    ENRAGE: The berserker taps into <HISHER> frenzy though sheer force of will, instantly gaining the maximum benefits of In Extremis regardless of current hit points for one turn. However, tapping into the berserker's desperate power causes <HIMHER> to suffer 10% of <HISHER> maximum hit points in damage each round. This damage is non-lethal and will only knock the berserker unconscious.

    – From 4th level onwards, may use the Reckless Frenzy ability at will.

    RECKLESS FRENZY: The berserker deliberately injures <HIMHER>self, instantly reducing <HISHER> hit points to 20% of <PRO_HISHER> maximum. This ability has no effect if used while the berserker is already below 25% maximum hit points. Additionally, Reckless Frenzy removes the berserker's winded state.

    – From 7th level onwards, the berserker gains +2/+4/+8 to <HISHER> movement rate while under the effects of In Extremis.

    – From 10th level onwards, the berserker's trance-like state makes <PRO_HIMHER> more likely to shrug off debilitating effects, gaining +2/+5/+10 to all Saving Throws while under the effects of In Extremis.

    – From 14th level onwards, the berserker gains 10%/20%/50% resistance to all damage while under the effects of In Extremis.

    – From 20th level onwards, the berserker gains +1/+3/+10 to critical hit rate while under the effects of In Extremis.

    – Becomes winded for five rounds after using Enrage, suffering a -2 penalty to Armor Class, to-hit rolls, and damage rolls. Additionally, the berserker is unable to gain the benefits of In Extremis while winded.
    – May not Specialize in ranged weapons.
    – Alignment restricted to any non-lawful.

  • stayhoidedstayhoided Member Posts: 6
    Awesome kitpack!

    I just rolled up an Arcane Archer and I'm not absolutely loving the magical effect on hit caused by Enhanced Arrow, is there a .EFF that I can edit in NI to remove the visuals/sound? Otherwise perfect.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,028

    You can remove the smoke visual in the c0aain1.spl file. Unfortunately the blast sound effect is coded into the magic damage type so you can’t remove it without doing the same to all attacks with using the same type.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,028
    edited July 2019
    Updated with cosmetic improvements and NPC options.

    Arcane Archer/Mage now displays its kit name next to the XP stats instead of fighter, dwarven berserkers, as per their description, display their kit name as Battleragers (only works after character creation). M'khiin may now be a Warhorn Shaman (hp increases and quarterstaff proficiency point is moved to axes) and Montaron may be installed as a single-class Assassin or a Fighter/Assassin.

  • stayhoidedstayhoided Member Posts: 6
    Ah, I see.

    Thank you for your response and again, GREAT job on this kitpack!

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,737
    I made a tiny sound mod that uses Neverwinter Nights' version of magic damage so you don't have to hear that deafening "KA-CHOW" sound every time an arrow hits. I think it's much more pleasant. But this changes the SFX of all magic damage sources in the game (magic missile, horrid wilting, etc.). Put this in your override folder.

    On a bug-related note, the Kensai's Ki Focus gives the character a permanent 20% damage boost instead of being limited to 2 rounds.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,028
    Fixed both bugs with the Kensai and the Magekiller.

  • KatelingKateling Member Posts: 2
    First off, I wanted to say thank you - I've had so much fun with this mod. Absolutely love some of these kits, they have made for some incredibly fun RP-heavy runs.

    I rolled a Dark Hunter, but unfortunately I encountered a bug with her ability to Set Traps. Once you get to Level 4, her Set Traps level is reset permanently to 5. I checked the values in EEKeeper and the Set Traps Stat modifier (under Effects) is set as a flat value, rather than a cumulative one. It's easy enough to work around, but it does mean save-game editing every time my character levels up.

  • markwaddellmarkwaddell Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for this mod, it's truly awesome.

    I took a Mystic Fire paladin through BG1EE and Siege of Dragonspear, but when I imported him to BG2EE his class was basic Paladin. Wondering if I need to do something on my end to fix his class?

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    Thanks for this mod, it's truly awesome.

    I took a Mystic Fire paladin through BG1EE and Siege of Dragonspear, but when I imported him to BG2EE his class was basic Paladin. Wondering if I need to do something on my end to fix his class?

    Have you installed the kit on BG2 as well?

  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,079
    @markwaddell assuming it is not what Raduziel said, something to keep in mind is that mod kits do not transfer between BGEE and BG2EE since the two games install kits in different slots. So when you import BGEE characters BG2EE uses the kit it sees in the slot number instead of what BGEE had.

    What I do is when I am done in BGEE, I create a character save. I then copy that character file to BG2EE character save location. I open the file with EEKeeper and set the kit to what it should be and then use that when starting a new BG2EE game.

    I think @argent77 tried to create a mod that allowed for direct importing between 1 & 2, but I could not get it to work for me.

  • markwaddellmarkwaddell Member Posts: 6
    @Raduziel I've installed the mod for BG2 as well, yes.

    @Necromanx2 I didn't realize that. Hmm. I did end up setting his kit to Mystic Fire using EEKeeper, but after I'd started the game. And when he got his level 2 spells, the arcane spells from the kit were missing. So maybe I'll try editing the save file first and then start a new game.

  • markwaddellmarkwaddell Member Posts: 6
    @Necromanx2 That seems to have worked! Thank you!

  • Alesh91Alesh91 Member Posts: 24
    Is this compatible with EET?

  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 120
    edited October 2019
    Minsc doesn't seem to get this rashemi berserker ranger kit... I installed the mod before arriving to nashkel, and he is still a ranger when I first meet him...

    edit : nvm, after starting a new game he correctly get his kit, weird but anyway.... !

    Post edited by zelurker on
  • CantripNCantripN Member Posts: 4
    Small bug with using Arcane Archer / Mage multiclass option. It creates weird-iconless special abilities on top of the normal abilities. QD_MC#03, and QD_MC#05, etc. It also gives Protection from Spell for QD_MCF01 and others, is that intended?

    When I make a pure-class Arcane Archer none of that happens.

    Also, the ingame attack and damage stats don't reflect the magical arrows (I believe they should), this is true for both versions.

  • MrBaquanMrBaquan Member Posts: 12
    Hexxat kitted to Assassin seems to not be getting her cast of Cloak of Shadows back. She died after using it in a fight and hasn't gotten it back after more than a day.

  • Eltharion1979Eltharion1979 Member Posts: 72
    Hello, I have an issue the Kensai kit, some HLA cant work or I dont understand how the work. In my abilities bar, I cant find their icon. They are passice abilities? Thank you in advance, take care.

  • Eltharion1979Eltharion1979 Member Posts: 72
    Ok, Im sorry for the previous post, now I got how they work, thank you for this great mod! Take care.

  • MRoMRo Member Posts: 6
    The assassin doesn't start at 3x backstab multiplier, any idea why ?

    I am on EET with some mods (tweak antology might do something...)

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