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RP: Winter's Valley-Chapter 1



  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,333
    "Nareth! There's nothing to gain from interacting with this thing. Let's just group up and leave I say."

    Colden gives Lagrord a friendly clap as he returns, a sign of 'good job'.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    edited June 2019
    You walk away without any difficulty. There is no pursuit or no movement from the giant black thing at all, other than the fluttering of its tentacles in the wind.

    The storm is getting harsher now as Garta directs you out of the dead forest and to the base of foothills leading to a mountain range. The foothills are bare and painted with black dust, which gets stirred up into wisps and whirls of low hanging clouds. No living thing is visible.

    The journey takes you several hours before you pause for a rest. Garta looks at Sus’Ann.

    “Thank you for this,” she says, indicating her leg. “I am sorry I did not answer you before. But I was afraid of the sky spirit, and wanted to get away.”

    She looks up and points to the grey sky. You can see several black dots, trailing thin lines of black dust behind them, moving in and out of the storm clouds.

    “Those are the sky spirits,” she says, indicating black dots. “They are the harsh taskmasters of my people. They demand the blood of our strongest warriors in battle. They decide if we eat for the winter or starve, and they send sickness or health upon us. They are the ones who rain the black sand down upon the land. The sand is them weeping for our wickedness, and serves as a reminder that they are always watching, always ready to snuff out our life if we displease them. None of them are merciful, and many of them are cruel and enjoy inflicting suffering.”

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  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    edited June 2019
    “I do not know which sky spirit we saw in the dead wood,” she continues thoughtfully. “Perhaps it was the Spirit of Pain, or Mischief, or War. We can’t possibly ever know why the spirit was there. It’s ways are mysterious and beyond any of us to comprehend.

    “But I know it was one. You can see them more clearly from the mountain tops. They fly past at great speeds. Their many arms spin around them as they fly, and their sand tears trails from them like giant tails, crying out their rage and disappointment on man.

    “My father brought me to see them fly past on the mountain once. He told me there is a holy place where the sky spirits sleep on the earth. He wanted to see if the legends were true for himself.

    “He said in that holy place there were great stone monuments where the sky spirit’s long dead worshippers performed holy rites on them. Those ancient cults are all but dead, now, lost to the Darkening. I hear tell of some remnants of their descendent who roam the ancient halls of those stone monuments, vying for approval from their father’s old gods.

    “But the sky spirits no longer favor men, and no longer accept worshippers. They hate man, and seek to punish him for his transgression. They have turned bitter and spiteful.”

    Her speech ends on a somber, dark note that not even Jirt can shake.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    edited June 2019
    Party update:
    Kefto: mildly injured
    Colden: mildly injured
    Garta: injured
    Water needs: somewhat thirsty from dust exposure and hiking.
    Water supply: 50%. You need to find water soon.
    Food supply: good for now.

  • ashafetovashafetov Member Posts: 231
    edited June 2019
    Nareth puts his luggage onto the ground and puts out supplies. A meager marching lunch does not cause an appetite, but that is all they have at the moment.

    " Kefto, give me ye hand here. " - says Nareth and begins to kindle a small fire. He listens to Garta. All these talks about ancient, bloodthirsty cults, dark magic and worship cause irritation. Like everything related to wizardry, witchcraft, sorcery and just things incomprehensible for simple soldier's mind.

    Well... Another day has passed, thanks to Refiner. ” - the captain is chopping jerky. " M'lady Sus'Ann, can ya help us with the wounded? In the meantime, we will cook dinner. We need to put the sentinels, we are now far away in the wild and it’s not safe here. God knows what hazards and creatures are creeping around.Today I am on duty first. Jirt, ya will change me in 4 hours, aye? Now let's have some rest, I say. "

    He looks at Lagrord:
    How are you doing, mate? Do you look after master Colden? You answer with your head. Our water supplies are running out, so maybe ya Jirt can help us a bit and check for any stream around? " - he looks at Garta and asks - " Woman, we need water. Is there any sources around 'ere? Ya are more familiar with wilderness so we can use some advice here. " - he ignores the Jirt's grin and continues - " We won't make it long enough without. "

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  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    edited June 2019
    “I think there is a mountain stream over there,” she says, pointing where there are living trees at the base of the foothills.

    “What direction are we heading after this?” asks Kefto seriously, redressing his head wound and applying a poultice to his hip.

    Garta’s eyes look up the mountain top. Then she looks down at her broken leg. “Warne-Harsard Wast is on the other side of this mountain range. There are no passes and no trails here and as you can see the range stretches for many miles in either direction. The nearest pass is 5 days travel south, the opposite direction we must go to meet up with my father.

    “We must directly climb straight up. It will require rappelling sheer cliff faces and no small amount of skill.”

    She again looks at her broken leg fearfully, but says nothing about it. Nareth has some minor experience rappelling sheer faces, and not enough to take an injured woman. Colden also has some, but it was many, many decades ago. Sus’Ann has a little, but it was from when she was a child. No one else in the party is skilled enough to direct a rappelling expedition.

    Though Colden, Nareth, and Sus’Ann are not very skilled, they know enough about rappelling to realize it will be absolutely impossible to bring Garta along with a broken leg.
    DM insight to the entire party

    Rappelling injured is not recommended by the DM in this scenario. Your best climber is unable to climb. I highly recommend creativity in your brainstorming in finding another way.

    Not all is lost, though! I will help facilitate this! But I do hope for some discussion around it.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    *Lagrord is surprised at the lack of obvious disdain in Nareth's voice. He gives a slight bow*

    "I shall go and assist master Jirt in fetching water if he has no objections."

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,333
    At the hotel now, I'll post something later today. Gonna go out in the town for a bit first.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    edited June 2019
    Garta looks up a little distractedly at Nareth.

    “I meant that my father is with the king,” says Garta. “In order to meet up with the king, we must head north. The nearest pass through these mountains is south, 5 days. The king and my father’s expedition is in this very range in the north, or will be when the army arrives at their destination in five days time.

    “My plan is to climb this mountain range here to Warne-Harsard Wast. Then follow the mountain range north and climb back. The mountains are a little less steep in the north, which may be why the orcs chose to attack from there. But this is the shortest and safest route to Warne-Harsard Wast.”

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