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[solved] Need help with adding a spell/item to the game

Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 963
edited May 19 in General Modding
Thinking about my next playthrough I had the idea that it might be funny if the protagonist had the ability to conjure up an energy blade of sorts. But I got stuck on a pretty early stage of planning, because I cannot get the spell to appear in-game.
For now, I copied BBoD, changed the filename, moved it to the override folder, set it from Wizard to Innate and used Shadowkeeper to add it to a character with 3 casts/day for testing purposes. But as I loaded up the save, I could not find the spell in the innate tab. Sleeping did not help either.

What reasons could there be for spells to not appear? What could I try out?

[I am pretty sure it is unrelated to the problem, but I also already made a copy of the associated item and linked my new spell to the new item]

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