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Mod spotlight: Assassinations

inethineth Member Posts: 616
edited May 2020 in BGII:EE Mods
  • Mod author: Kulyok
  • First published: March 2008
  • Adds content to: BG2 chapter 2 and 6 (Athkatla)

The Assassinations mod adds a single quest-line that starts in chapter 2:


You are recruited by an unknown employer as an assassin-for-hire... Whenever you've found and killed your current target, you can return to your handler to get paid and receive the info on your next target.

Characters of all alignments (except for Paladins) can accept this quest-line, and it is possible (albeit a bit tricky) to get pretty far with only killing targets who "deserve" it... though why your Lawful Good character would agree to enter into such a murky contract in the first place, is something that you'll have to come up with your own rationalization for.

If you can, give it a try though, because it's a well-written and fleshed-out mod – there's a bit of detective work involved in finding some targets, each of them has a backstory, complications may arise, and you can even get to know your handler more personally – or turn her in to the authorities.

And while the mod doesn't add any new areas, it sends you to various nooks and crannies of the existing Athkatla outdoors maps that you may have never had a reason to go to before, which I found pretty neat.

To start the quest-line:
  • Talk to Bernard in the Copper Coronet (in the Slums district of Athkatla) – he says that he has received a letter for you.
    (Requires: non-Paladin CHARNAME with a reputation below 17.)


Install normally.
(EE compatible since v10, and EET compatible since v13.)


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