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Mod spotlight: Tales of Anegh

inethineth Member Posts: 637
edited May 2020 in BGII:EE Mods
  • Mod authors: Naurandir and White Agnus
  • First published: 2008? (first WeiDU-based version in Nov 2009)
  • Adds content to: BG2 chapter 6 or 9

Tales of Anegh adds a large, self-contained adventure spanning multiple new major areas...


A mysterious mage asks for your help to defend the town of Anegh from an invasion by a horde of half-breed monsters. But how did the monsters get here, and what is the mage really up to?

The story ties into the plot of IWD2, and expands the backstory of Bhaal's death and Cyric's ascension. It leads you on a journey through Anegh and the nearby mountains (with area art photoshopped from BG1 backgrounds), and...


...other places (with what appears to be custom-made backgrounds). Various small, optional side-quests make it a bit less linear.

The adventure can be started either in the later part of Shadows of Amn (chapter 6), or during the Throne of Bhaal expansion (chapter 9) – and once started, you have to complete it before you can return to the normal game areas.
If you start it from ToB, it has a fair amount of combat-heavy bonus content at the end.

The mod was originally written in German, though, and the English translation is pretty rough – which is distracting, and in some conversations actually makes it difficult to understand the meaning (screenshot).

To start the adventure from Shadows of Amn:
  • Nomoran approaches you in Waukeens Promenade in chapter 6 (near the bottom-right district exit).
To start the adventure from Throne of Bhaal:
  • Nomoran approaches you in Amkethran in chapter 9 (outdoors).
To start the optional side-quests:
  • On the Anegh map:
    • Missing Citizens:
      Pat approaches you in the captain's tent.
    • Emir's Pipe:
      Talk to Emir in the second tent from the left.
    • Barfets Hammer:
      Talk to Barfet in the third tent from the left, after freeing the villagers.
    • Mayor Nanos:
      Talk to Arya in the second tent from the left, after freeing the villagers.
    • (Piri's game):
      Talk to Piri in the right-most tent, after freeing the villagers.
    • The Imprisoned:
      Talk to Igor in the basement of the large house in the top-left corner.
  • On the mountains map:
    • (Winnibald's quest):
      Talk to "Winnibald the lunatic" in the cottage by the lake, after finding at least one of the elemental amulets.
    • (Picard's game):
      Talk to Picard in the cave in the top-left corner of the map, after completing Piri's game in Anegh.
    • Naurandir's escaped Mage:
      Talk to Naurandir in the cave in the top-left corner of the map, after completing Picard's game.
  • Inside the palace:
    • (Forging Anathros):
      Talk to Straronack in the bottom-left cell in the prison area.


Install normally.
(EE & EET compatible since v2.5.)

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  • MindrielMindriel Member Posts: 1
    Hey, thanks for linking my Walkthrough! :) I will check if i can find my original files, if i do i will create an english version.
  • AngulimalaAngulimala Member Posts: 82
    Despite the awkward translations, I enjoyed this one. Only problem I had was when I finished it (during SoA), at the end I was teleported to Amkethran. I simply reloaded and used the console to get back to the Promenade. Might be an EET chapter issue.

    Also couldn't get the Picard encounter to work but I probably didn't meet the requirements.

    Overall had fun, would install again.
  • inethineth Member Posts: 637
    Angulimala wrote: »
    Also couldn't get the Picard encounter to work

    It worked for me, but I used a BG2EE install (not EET) and payed the mod during ToB. Make sure that you have....
    ...completed Piri's game on the Anegh map, to the point where Piri says something like "When you travel to the mountains, say hello to my friend Picard for me".
    I assume that's a prerequisite for Picard's game.
  • AngulimalaAngulimala Member Posts: 82
    @ineth I'm pretty sure that's what happened, I didn't do Piri's game. Next time I'll play it during ToB, too. I like missing some content, it increases replayability.
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,038
    Mindriel wrote: »
    Hey, thanks for linking my Walkthrough! :) I will check if i can find my original files, if i do i will create an english version.
    I downloaded the walkthrough. My German is really rusty, but I got through it.... didn’t know that there where no German words for cutscene :D

    You can open the pdf file in word, by saving it on your desktop, right click it and open it with word. It should open in word in a while.

    If it doesn’t work, feel free to send me your email in a private message. I will convert it for you.

    And if you could add notable loot while doing it in English, I won’t complain o:)
  • mateusz_stepienmateusz_stepien Member Posts: 28

    What does "balance" components change? Do they make changes only in mod added content or in whole game?
  • inethineth Member Posts: 637
    They only affect the content added by this mod.
    • "AREA Balancing" deletes a bunch of loot from the mod's areas.
    • "Dialog & Script Balancing" reduces XP and gold rewards from the mod's quests and dialogs.
    • "Stores Balancing" deletes a bunch of items from the mod's stores.
    • "Item Balancing" nerfs some of the mod's unique weapons.

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