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Might and Magic 6-7-8 Merge Mod



  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 651
    edited March 1
    As I think I've said before, Merge is balanced with the assumption that you'll be hopping continents as you go through the game, as opposed to completing the game one continent at a time. The main issue with that idea is that there's nothing aside from Verdant's quest line to encourage you to do this (and the secondary issue is that you have to progress at least somewhat in the plot in order to cast Dimension Door by yourself)

    (You'd think that the excuse plot would be a good excuse to move stuff around - like putting the MM6 memory crystals in Castle Lambent/Castle Gloaming/Abandoned Pirate Keep, or the only control cube in the trio being the one at the bottom of the Tomb of VARN but you get to keep it instead of turning it in ever, or putting the elemental hearts in the four Memory Crystal dungeons, but apparently that's too invasive?)

    E: Your "Congratulations! You Beat The Game" certificate comes from completing Verdant's quest line, but you should have gotten a ring called the Circle of Life or something for stopping the Kreegan invasion. It gives the wearer a recurring Shared Life effect.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,533
    @Pokota , I don't think I got that ring, but it might have gone into one of my character's inventories without my noticing.

    I'll still use the merge to play MM6, and probably MM8, since I don't think it will change much from vanilla MM8, being in that engine, but I'll start a new level one character when I'm ready to play MM8.

    I'll play MM7 without the merge.

    The thing with me is that one of the main things I enjoy about MM 6-8 is the process of creating new parties and leveling them from level one. That's half the fun for me. It's nice to have the choice to move around the three games while leveling, but I don't think it's a feature I'll use, and I definitely don't want to play the beginning and mid games of the two I didn't start in at high level.

    I know you've mentioned there's a bonus dungeon or area created that goes with Verdant's quest, but I'm okay with skipping that, since I really don't like when party-based games force you to play solo for a time, possibly not even with the character of your choice, and you've said that's what happens. It's one reason I never played KOTOR 2 after the first time, and I've read that P:KM does something similar in the final act.

    But as I've said, I still find the merge very useful, because of vanilla MM6 looking unplayably bad and blurry enough to induce headaches on my 4K TV. I'll miss those character templates and voice sets, though. Maybe in time the nice people working on the mod will get the voice set problems sorted out, although I also will miss the MM6 paper dolls and gear for nostalgia reasons. Seeing my "old friends' " heads placed on MM8 bodies doesn't quite do it for me. :)

  • Ludwig_IILudwig_II Member Posts: 285
    What are the voice set problems you guys keep mentioning? I just started on Antagarich with a party of mixed character portraits from MM7 and MM8, and used their default voice sets. All their voices seem to be working fine to me. In what situation does it not work? I’m using the community branch of the merge though

  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 651
    It's comparable to using Baldur's Gate voice sets in Icewind Dale - MM7 and 8 have more voice clips than 6 did, so there are situations where the MM6 heads say nothing when they logically should.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,533
    @Ludwig_II , they won't say anything in combat. For example, eyepatch guy from MM6 will never say "Chalk one more up for the big guy!" Every character is supposed to have a line upon killing an enemy that amounts to "That was easy!" or "He was really weak!" They won't say it any more. They have a line when injured, something like "It was just a flesh wound." They won't say that any more either.

    Each character is also supposed to have an assortment of grunts while firing a bow or swinging a weapon. Those are gone, too. I actually heard "Zoltan" from MM6 make one of his combat grunts upon selecting a quick spell in his spellbook, suggesting that number or string references on the voice files may be messed up.

    In a nutshell, all the party dialogue that is supposed to happen during combat does not happen in the merge with MM6 or MM7 characters, and I can't stand it. The voice responses only trigger correctly with MM8 avatars.

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