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Multiplayer problems

BGMattBGMatt Member Posts: 27

My brother and I bought BG:EE with the hopes of playing it together but we've had a somewhat problematic experience with multiplayer. I am attempting to host (and have opened the ports on my route as listed here: link), but we have only had about 5% success rate in him being able to join the game. For some strange reason it seems to be fairly random whether he gets in or not, but in about 95% of attempts to join a server I create he just get's stuck at the "Waiting for information from the server" message immediately after he tries to join.

I was going to follow all the instructions at the above link, but at step 4 but I cannot even find the BCConfig file, and there is no option in BG:EE to do the following: Multiplayer > Connect > Protocol > TCP/IP.

Does anyone know how to resolve this? How are people reliably playing this game online? I'm guessing that guide is rather out of date, but didn't see anything more recent...




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