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Mod spotlight: Fishing for Trouble

inethineth Member Posts: 623
edited May 2020 in BGII:EE Mods
  • Mod author: Yovaneth
  • First published: 2011
  • Adds content to: BG2 chapter 2+

Fishing for Trouble is a mega-mod which adds four new major locations, and a long quest-line to tie them all together.

It features some of the best custom-made area art seen in an Infinity Engine mod, and for the most part does not suffer from the problems that older mega-mods are notorious for (such as overpowered loot or lack of design focus).


The mod's linear main quest-line isn't anything earth-shattering, and in some places feels like it's been padded with unnecessary steps just to make it longer. But it does the job of giving your party a motivation to visit the new areas, and ties up all its plotlines in a satisfying way.

To start:
  • Lief Torman approaches you when you first enter the Gate District of Athkatla.
Journal entry headings (not including side-quests):
  • Fishing for Trouble: Find Elminster
  • Fishing for Trouble: The Demon in the Lighthouse
  • Fishing for Trouble: Ceinwen Ravenhair
  • Fishing for Trouble: The Black Lotus Caravan
  • Fishing for Trouble: Cerendor Hold
  • Fishing for Trouble: The Orb of Breaca
  • Fishing for Trouble: Eildaren Colver
  • Fishing for Trouble: Sour Water
  • Fishing for Trouble: The Tiger's Eye
  • Fishing for Trouble: Restore Porthpentyrch



This is an additional district in Athkatla. It fits in reasonably well with the existing districts, although it is a bit harder to navigate. (Map markers would have been nice.)
While you can explore all the houses, there's not much of interest other than some side-quests, two of which are independent of the mod's main quest-line:

To get there:
  • It appears on your worldmap together with all the other districts of Athkatla.
  • The Missing Nameboard:
    Talk to Keldral in the Dragon's End Inn (the house at [2100,3200]).
  • Elizabeth Pavaral's Flamedance Ring:
    Talk to Elizabeth Pavaral on the 2nd floor the Silverale Hall (reachable via the north edge of the district).
  • The Trimthorns:
    Gaelie Trimthorn approaches you outside of Ceinwen Ravenhair's home during the mod's main quest-line.


Porthpentyrch is a small harbor town on the Sword Coast – and the central focus of the mod's main quest-line.

When you first get there, the town has been deserted – just a few monsters roaming the outdoors, and nothing of interest inside most of the houses. But don't loose patience: Once you find some clues, the story gains momentum and puts you on your way towards discovering what happened here what hidden secrets the town holds.

This whole area has a distincly "BG1" feel to it (from the art style to the narrow dungeon corridors).

To get there:
  • Elminster marks it on your worldmap once you find him during the mod's main quest-line.
  • None.


Cerendor Hold is the fortress that "guards the path into the Cloudpeak Mountains".

Visiting a castle that's still in active use, and filled to the brim with blue-circled humans, is something that's been missing from Shadows of Amn. Which isn't to say that your stay will be a peaceful one...

To get there:
  • The lighthouse tanar'ri marks it on your worldmap during the mod's main quest-line.
  • The Food Thief:
    Talk to Countess Wultheof on the third floor of the hold.


Imradim is an oasis town in the Calim Desert, sustained by trade with caravans and desert wanderers.

While the mod's main quest-line sends you here for a specific task, it's worthwile to explore the whole town for side-quests and to enjoy the beautiful area art.

To get there:
  • Garalial Geltarath teleports you there during the mod's main quest-line.
  • Kill Akil:
    Talk to Levon in the large house in the top-right corner of Imradim.
  • (bride-price negotiation)
    Talk to Karim on the roof of the Water's Edge tavern.
  • (Irenicus's assassin encounter)
    Talk to Firdos in the purple tent using CHARNAME.


Don't download & install the version from the mod's official homepage; instead, install the EE port by the InfinityMods team.

Compatible with the BP-BGT Worldmap mod (install that after all quest mods).


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