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Self imposed rules



  • DinoDinDinoDin Member Posts: 1,459
    VanDerBerg wrote: »
    My self-imposed rules lately are:

    Kudos to people who can finish the game without pre-buffing or arcane spellcasting. I do not see any conceivable way of defeating a lich without this, because the first thing most of them do is cast Time Stop and throw a couple of ADHWs at you and if you are not protected, you have zero chance of survival. Plus, with SCS on Hardcore/Insane, they start the fight with all their buffs on, so you cannot hurt them. And if you are going to do run-out-and-wait-for-buffs-to-wear-off tactics, you might as well just...use buffs.

    I was able to take on some BG2 lich fights without prebuff, on a limited reload run without dying to them. Not on SCS. (I did actually die earlier in the game.) The Flail of Ages helps. And the Robe of Vecna helps. Key is to leave one mage in reserve not casting anything, and then be ready with breach, etc. when the lich does throw protections up.
  • SourSour Member Posts: 27
    edited September 2021
    I do a full install of SCS
    Insane difficulty with double damage enabled.
    CDtweaks to force all enemies to have max hitpoints.
    Give all enemies 3X hitpoints via difficulty tweak mod.
    Give all enemies a 5 point Saving throws bonus via difficulty tweak mod.
    Give all enemies a 5 point Armor Class bonus via difficulty tweak mod
    Give all enemies a 5 point THACO bonus via difficulty tweak mod.
    Never steal from shops
    Refuse to access Watcher's Keep until TOB.
    Explore the world logically and try my best to roleplay as if I were playing for the first time.
    Only use legitimately rolled characters.
    Always use a full party, no solo cheese or pre battle cheese. Pre-buffing can be used but only logically. I cast some basic protections whenever I enter a new area and I don't have a problem going full pre battle prep when I am ambushing a dragon or some other encounter that involves me walking into an area where it's logically expected that I will get in a big fight.

    Other than that, I try new mods that add character depth. For example, I'm using the Reunion mod to give Nalia a little extra character development in TOB this time through the game. I also try different classes and roleplay based on my class.

    I never sneak past enemies, I face and defeat every enemy and I reload until I beat each enemy without any party losses. I never accept party deaths which saves me resurrection costs but it forces me to beat every battle with skill rather than luck.

    All of these things combined keeps the game fresh and forces me to maximize real time strategy, defensive harmony, DPS and multi character synergy while pushing my ability to mentally multitask everything at once.
    Very fun!
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  • v1ldv1ld Member Posts: 9
    Limiting myself to 80 points per character, with 18 for 1 stat, +32 points for 2 stats with max 17, +30 points for 3 stats with max 15 and min 7. Did a small write up on that here: Build Constraints.

    I played both BG1 & 2 at release but never got very far into 1, not even the Bandit Camp. BG2 I completed sometime around 2001 or '2. So this trilogy run is like playing BG1 and SoD for the first time and I'm not putting too many limits on behavior. Playing on Core with SCS/Hardcore, but no improved fights or creatures. SCS is fantastic and has made me learn more of the game's mechanics than I ever did back then - greatly improved the enjoyment I've gotten out of the game.
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