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Self imposed rules



  • DinoDinDinoDin Member Posts: 1,426
    VanDerBerg wrote: »
    My self-imposed rules lately are:

    Kudos to people who can finish the game without pre-buffing or arcane spellcasting. I do not see any conceivable way of defeating a lich without this, because the first thing most of them do is cast Time Stop and throw a couple of ADHWs at you and if you are not protected, you have zero chance of survival. Plus, with SCS on Hardcore/Insane, they start the fight with all their buffs on, so you cannot hurt them. And if you are going to do run-out-and-wait-for-buffs-to-wear-off tactics, you might as well just...use buffs.

    I was able to take on some BG2 lich fights without prebuff, on a limited reload run without dying to them. Not on SCS. (I did actually die earlier in the game.) The Flail of Ages helps. And the Robe of Vecna helps. Key is to leave one mage in reserve not casting anything, and then be ready with breach, etc. when the lich does throw protections up.

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