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IWD:EE alphabetical Solo no-reload challenge

Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
Hi everyone,

I finally decide to post on my favorite part of the forum!

Big fan of BG1 and 2, I hardly played Icewind Dale 1 and never 2.

Lately my playing time has been reduced considerably. But I have a lot of opportunity to play on my phone (little times here and there). Having already a playthrough in progress in SOD, I didn't want to play two characters at the same time on BG.
So I decided to play IWD:EE.

Thanks to @Gusinda I could install a modded version:

I did a first playthrough where I went to a little after wyrm's tooth glacier. I stopped it because I got a bit tired of managing first 6 characters, then 4, then 3 (on mobile). So I decided to do it all over again but playing solo.
And as I never tried to play in no-reload, I thought why not!

So I present you my personal challenge : to finish Icewind Dale : Enhanced Edition in solo no-reload in 26 attempts or less. (so much confidence ^^)

  • no cheating except teleporting via the console to save some time (which is precious)
  • I have the right to reload when I'm interrupted and the application shuts down (it happens all the time when it's in background)
  • I have the right to add temporarily, once, the few NPCs to strip them but once stripped of their items I release them permanently. (I don't want to kill them to summarize)
  • I play in "core rules" difficulty
  • My first character will have a name that starts with an "A", when he dies, the next one will start with a "B" and so on until "Z" which will be my last chance.
  • I plan on playing mostly FMT but I can change class

The installed mods add many items and I intend to take advantage of them... The challenge will be already very difficult for me!

EDIT : one of the mods adds the bonus merchant from BG2 (same inventory, different names). I won't buy frome them, because I feel it would be overpowered, robe of Vecna for example.

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  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    edited March 25
    Vale of Shadows :

    I start the exploration with the first crypt in the north.
    Some screenshots after dealing with my first skellies :

    Then I manage to draw the skellies one by one. Then come the Carrion Crawler which I manage to get to near death with my bow. It corners me and held me. :'(

    RIP Adrianna...

    I never played using kitting tactics and I suck at it...
    I really am a complete noob for no-reload so any advice is welcome !

    Time to roll a new Character. I will stick to FMT elf. I need to find a name starting with "B"...

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    Meet Celine :

    An elf FMT again, I changed specialization points like this :
    flails (**)
    long-bow (**)
    I plan to get 2 stars in long sword. I’ll invest in dual wield after.

    I put my initial 40 skill points in pick pocket again

    Prologue :
    Nothing of interest. The ogre, busy runing after weasels, dies to my arrows.
    When leveling up I invest into pickpocket to reach 100.
    Then I invest in lock pick up to 50.

  • alice_ashpoolalice_ashpool Member Posts: 176
    edited March 26
    Inspired by this I tried out a NR Dwarven Defender - everything went great until some bombardier beetles stunned him in Dragon Eye. Apart from that, it was feeling like the IWD killer class with all the damage reduction items I seemed to be picking up + the dwarfs shorty saves.

    Innate 10% at level 10 + defensive stance 50% + a 5% amulet and some specific gear. 'ol Thorin was making mincemeat of everything, except it turns out, a beetle.

    Anyway, this is cool and good luck!

    edit: my only "advice" would be the benefit of a character with >18/91 strength. Thorin had 18/00 and the bonus thac0 and damage really adds up. Slings gain str bonus to damage so he was pretty good at dishing it out at range too.

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    Hi, cool to know that I inspired someone :blush:

    I love to read your Dark moon monk solo no-reload ! I hope you'll beat Amelyssan B)

    Thanks for the advice, I indeed suffer from Celine low strength modifier (18/09). I generated her a bit fast and didn't pay attention past the 90 roll... Lesson learned.

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    edited March 26
    Kuldahar and Below & Below:
    I find out that you can ask Arundel for a cure for the ogre in the tower in Kuldahar Pass.
    I also discover a new NPC to rob in Kuldahar : Dendjelion. He wears a plate mail armor which is a cool 1 AC boost for me. With my shield and ring of protection I reach -3 AC. Not bad !
    I successfully steal the free action ring from Arundel (Carrion Crawler I’m coming to avenge Adrianna!).
    I acquired a cape that gives +1 dex so I don’t need to up pick pocket skill to 100. 95 is enough.

    I do all the safe quests from Kuldahar and Below & Below and end up with Fighter4/Mage3/Thief4 (8870px in each) and around 7000 gold in my pocket.
    Gold won’t help me when I’m dead… So I enhance my equipment : a composite bow +1, 4 potions of invisibility and 10 potions of Healing.
    I keep the remaining money because I saw an awesome magical flail (+1 attack per round and fire damage) at the Below & Below Inn...

    The Vale of Shadows:
    I clear quite easily the crypts. I had to use 2 potions of healing against the Carrion Crawler (they hit many times per round!).
    I find a potion of genius and learn all the spells found so far. I go back to Kuldahar to sell loot.
    Time for some Yeti hunting. Outside none of them manage to hit me (YES!), and I’m rewarded with a Morning Star +1 when I kill their chieftain. That’s the one that killed Mirek’s brother.

    Time to enter the Yeti cave before going back to Kuldahar and bring back to Mirek his family Heirloom. I prepare my invisibility potions, in case some yeti corners me...

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    The Vale of Shadows 2 :
    The Yeti cave is scary, I shoot a few arrows and I’m surrounded by 3 big yetis. I gulp a potion of invisibility and get out of the cave. I take off my armor and use my newly learned Blur spell. I put back my plate mail and reenter the cave and reengage. With the bonus from Blur my AC reach -6 and they nearly don’t hit me. I have to exit to reapply Blur once.
    After that I summon some weasels to occupy the 2 remaining yetis and shoot them from a safe distance. Those Weasels are wonderful animals… (thanks @LavaDelVortel for your IWD:EE mods, so cool)

    I am relieved that my Open Locks skill (60 with dex bonus) is enough to open the 4 locked containers in the cave.

    Time to go back to Kuldahar sell the loot and see Mirek.

    After some resting I go back to the Vale, to the fourth crypt (or Myrkul temple)

    I meet Therik who nearly kills me. I use 8 potions of Healing to beat him and use the fact that he won’t follow me outside to safely heal myself. As dumb as a Yeti :D
    The rest of this crypt is easy and I find interesting loot :

    First a Dragon Cult’s Tunic. It allows me to use my thief skills and spells while wearing it. But its protection is not very good (AC6) and it makes spell casting 1 point slower. I won’t wear it but it finds its purpose by allowing me to buy the « Chained Heart » flail !
    (thanks again Lava)
    While I’m deadly with my longbow, there are too many situation where melee is unavoidable and it’s going to be a serious boost for the coming fights.

    Second another genius potion (actually I don't remember if I found the genius potion there or in the Yeti cave) and an invisibility scroll. And other less interesting scrolls. I visit Orrick to see what other scrolls I could buy with the nearly thousand gold left in my purse.
    Web and Agannazar’s Scorcher are tempting but as long as I don’t have a secure alternative to my Plate Mail I will only learn boost spells that I can cast before battle.
    I buy Resist Fear and Mirror Image.

    I go learn my news spells, after gulping the genius potion ofc, and rest. Tomorrow I will enter Kresselack aka the Black Wolf, lair...

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    The Vale of Shadows 3 :
    I clean the first part of the first level and I have so many things to sell that before opening the big door I decide to go back to Kuldahar.

    I come back and face Mytos. We discuss politely but in the end the fight is inevitable. He steps back and lets his skeletons confront me. I imitate him and also retreat to shoot arrows at them. Mytos manages to cast a single spell to immobilize me, but my ring of free action protects me and my flail interrupts all his following attempts.
    The envoy of Mirkul does not pose any problem for me, and its death reward me with a ring of shadows.

    Going to the left I come across a grave that seems to be intact. Opening it triggers a trap, skeletons appear on all sides and a magic orb heads towards me. Seeing this I immediately activate my statuette which gives me short term invisibility as well as 50% resistance to physical damage.
    Thanks again Lava :wink:
    Finally I save against the spell and I see all the skeletons running around looking for me. I switch weapons to the +1 longsword I found in the first part of the level and do my first stab. I take back my flail and reduce all the skeletons to dust.

    Later I come face to face with a mummy. I immediately back up and summon weasels with my cloak.
    His death makes me gain a lot of experience and I am now F5/M5/T6. I have access to level 3 spells but don't know any yet. I increase my trap setting skill (50) and I see that I can now set 2 traps per day. I'll try to take advantage of it in the 2nd level which is waiting for me after having cleaned some corridors.

    But before I go back to Kuldahar. I found another genius potion. I go back to Orrick and decide to buy 3 level 3 spells : Monster summoning 1, Protection From Normal Missiles and Skull Trap. I find that the duration of Ghost Armor is too short to be a reliable replacement for my plate mail.

    After a deserved rest I go back to explore the second level. A vast room with pillars. Completely empty. Or not! More skeletons appear, I eliminate them. I advance a little and 3 skeleton archers are waiting for me at the top of some flights of stairs. Arrows against arrows, I win.

    I set my 2 daily traps before going up the stairs. Something new is waiting for me : a skeleton mage. My arrows interrupt his 2 spell attempts.
    While advancing a little bit, many enemies appear, among which 2 Wight who throw me magic projectiles. Wounded I run back to the pillars where I placed my traps. Healing potion, arrows then my first pursuers are destroyed or almost by my traps. I engage the horde with my flail and my shield in hand.
    A few potions will be necessary but I come out alive.

    I explore a bit, pick up some things including some magic items not very interesting for me. A door that seems to lead to a 3rd level is mechanically blocked in front of me and a lever is locked near where the skeleton mage was standing.
    I still have some corridors to explore on the sides. I hope I'll find something to unlock the access to the 3rd level.
    But first I have to go back to free myself from all these items that are cluttering my inventory...

    Orrick is selling a bag of holding, and I have enough money. It will reduce the hassle of carrying loot around.

    The unidentified large shield turn out to be pretty neat : Reinforced Large Shield +1 (10% slashing resistance). My AC is now -4.

    Time to rest... Next I'll find the access to the third level.

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    The Vale of Shadows 4 :

    I clean the different remaining parts of the second level. I don't find a key but a talisman that looks like the symbol that is represented everywhere.
    And indeed it unlocks the lever which opens the door to the third level.

    The third level knows how to welcome adventurers : full of skeletons !
    On the sides I face also mummies and further a new skeleton mage. This last one manages to throw me a Stinking Cloud despite my arrows. I succeed in my saving throw and retreat immediately. It was not far from being catastrophic...
    The spectral skeletons hurt me a lot and I use almost all my potions.

    I go to see the master of the place who asks me to kill the priestess of Auril. I go back to Kuldahar in order to sell my loot and especially to buy more healing potions.

    Let's go to Lysan. I boost myself with all I can: mirror image, blur, Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Stone Form and Potion of Heroism.
    The conversation starts but doesn't lead to a fight. I didn't unmask her and she remains neutral.
    OK. I cast Monster Summoning 1, hide in the shadows and stab her with my sword+1. I take back my Magic Flail which hits more often to finish her off. One or two hits will be enough with such high strength.
    The Yetis are impressive but with -9 AC they don't touch me once.
    I was really afraid of this fight but in the end, not having to attack her from the bottom of the cave made a big difference.

    Bad surprise while returning to Kuldahar, as I did not unmask her, the tavern keeper does not give me her stuff. It will be necessary to think about it during my next attempts (but let's not bring bad luck to Celine, it is the name of my wife ^^).

    Arundel asks me to go to the temple of the forgotten god.

    I gain levels and I am now F6/M6/T7, I put a second point in long sword and up my Set Traps skill to 70.

    I shop between Kuldahar and Below & Below. I buy :
    • a Turodahel longsword +2 which gives me +1 in intelligence
    • a pair of boots "RubyWalkers" : AC+1 and fire resistance +50%
    • a Robe of Enfusing : AC +2, Magic Resistance +5%, Lore +5, 1 additional level 1 spell
    • a "Longbow of Night Terrors" : May cast Larloch's minor Drain, by killing an enemy the shooter becomes invisible, immunity to blindness, Attacks set to 2 per round

    I break one of my rules and buy some Glasses of Identification (Deidre's inventory).

    From now on I'll stay in Robes so I can use my thieving and mage skills at will B)

    Before going to visit the temple, I'll go to the Frozen Pond...
    (great mod by Lava again :

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    edited April 3
    The Frozen Pond :
    After fighting some particularly aggressive wolves, I observe some murals in abandoned houses.
    I talk with a shaman who tell me the history of this place and the possible reasons for its current state.
    It almost cost me my life but I ended up solving peacefully the problem of this so particular place. (I won't spoil the mod content)

    Temple of the forgotten God :
    After a stop in Kuldahar, I reach the temple of the forgotten god. Obviously something has just happened here and the priests helped by their Verbeeg guards attack me on sight.
    The priests are easily interrupted with my arrows, on the other hand the Verbeeg hurt me a lot and I use a lot of healing potions and charges from my armory wand. So much so that after exploring the first level I am obliged to go back to Kuldahar to buy healing potions.

    I resume the exploration on the second level. I am happy to find a helmet of charm protection.

    I finally reach the heart of the temple. Nothing but the bodies of priests and what appears to be an assailant. Upon closer examination of the latter I find a vial of poison.
    I head back to Kuldahar where Arundel tells me that the poison in question proves that the attackers came from Dragon's Eye.

    I gain a mage level and go to Orrick to buy my first level 4 spell: Stoneskin. I learn it as well as some other spells gleaned during the last explorations.

    Dragon's Eye
    After a 16 hours journey I arrive, without magic armor, at Dragon's Eye and I am attacked by ice trolls. I immediately activate my armory wand (Ghost Armor) and use my Flail which does fire damage to eliminate them rather easily.
    I activate my long-lasting magic armor and enter the cave system hidden in the shadows.

    Lizardmen are near the entrance. I take advantage of my invisibility to stab the one who seems the strongest. One more blow and he is dead. Four more to go. I manage but I have to use 2 healing potions during the fight.
    Things are going to be more difficult than in the Vale of Shadows...

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    Dragon's Eye :
    I kill many lizardmen and use my ability to blend into the shadows to eliminate one of the strongest or a Shaman of each group I encounter. I consume potions and charges from my armory wand.

    I arrive unseen in the throne room of the king of the lizard men and I'm about to turn around to prepare myself better when I miss a stealth roll and the king of the lizard men starts talking to me... I find myself fighting a lot of enemies. I use everything I can to survive. MI + Ghost Armor (wand) + Stone Form Potion make me almost untouchable.
    More fear than harm.

    Armed with the confidence of having eliminated so many enemies I continue exploring the tunnels. Hidden in the shadows I come across a group of lizard men. I eliminate the Shaman with a backstab. But then some Beetles get involved and I find myself running for my life. It's a disaster... By running I attract other giant insects which surround me and block me and ends up killing me...

    RIP Celine :'(

  • alice_ashpoolalice_ashpool Member Posts: 176
    Sorry to hear that Celine met the ever popular classic "killed by dragon's eye insects" fate.

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    Thank you, I was sad to read about the fate of your Spring Company...

    It's very hard to say goodbye to Celine but I learned so much during this game. I feel like I am playing better already. For example, when I know there's an Imbued Wight I'll throw a Shield to absorb their MM, etc.

    No-reload is clearly too ambitious for me. Simple soloing would be better for progressing overall and in a particular class. But it's so exciting !

    For my next attempt I'll try another class. I hesitate between a pure fighter kit (berseker or DD ?) and a Cleric/Ranger multi.

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    edited April 8
    Meet Darwin :

    So I went with Cleric/Ranger, Sling**, flails**, Racial Enemy : Trolls

    I'm writing this post as I'm about to enter the Forgotten God Temple.
    I'm not going to detail the Prologue, the Vale or the various quests.

    To sum up my experience so far :
    • It has been easier than with Celine (FMT). Is it because of the perfect strength (18/00), or the class ? Or my growing knowledge of the game. Probably a mix of everything.
    • I'm heavily using summons. My undeads were a big help, especially in the Vale.
      They mostly take the damages but when I come in melee range I hit hard and my very good AC is enough.
    • I went hammer for my second melee weapon. But for now I haven't seen a worthy one. With all the money that I collected I was able to buy two powerful magical flails (the same as Celine + the Tomb sweeper (+3) from Conlan's). Maybe mace is a better bet ?
    • It's so much better to be good oriented to get the Shimmering Sash (permanent Blur)
    • the ranger Tracking ability is so cool !!!
    • I have the ability to find an animal companion (from mod) but I only had the opportunity to get a spider and didn't use it. I would prefer a not combat oriented companion.
    • I miss not being able to pickpocket a ring of free action. I'm afraid of hold spells in the coming Dragon's Eye levels... Free action (level 4 divine spell) duration doesn't seem long enough to counter it reliably. I hope my summons will be targeted.
    • I'm afraid of traps. So far it has been the biggest damage source on me. But nothing serious.
    • I completely forgot to use my turn undead ability. Not sure if it affects my own undead summons ?

    Darwin (C/R 7/7) before the Forgotten God Temple :

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  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    edited April 9
    RIP Darwin
    Exactly at the same spot as Celine... Just after killing the Lizard king (lots of summons and buff + free action and fear protection).
    A random Shaman that I didn't even see before I saw the log message that he was casting a spell. Too late.

    I was afraid of this since the begining... Very ironic that it happened at max 15feet from where Celine died.

    What's next ?
    I'm considering fighter/thief or Bard...

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  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99
    Meet Emily :

    I went Fighter/thief and I'm having a very good run so far !!!
    Not much time to write updates... crazy times at work.

    I've managed to get to the 5th level of Dragon eyes. I'm about to face Yxunomei.

    I chose at creation to go dagger and flails. Using daggers as a throwing weapon.
    In my install (I don't know if it's vanilla behavior) Conlan sells the boomerang dagger. It's really a good ranged weapon and quite good also for backstabbing.

    Unlike Darwin I can't rely on summons. So I'm getting better at kitting ^^

    I upped my pickpocket skill to 100 and stole everything from Arundel, Orrick and Oswald. I was rewarded with an OP Ring of Protection +2.

    Dragon's Eye 1 : Lizard Land
    I didn't die this time \o/
    Nothing special : with constant free action the shamans were helpless and the ranged dagger allowed me to kites the beetles easily.

    Dragon's Eye 2 : Talonites and Trolls
    I used traps and kiting to thin down the big talonite/troll group.

    Dragon's Eye 3 : Presio's hordes
    I was really afraid of this level but my good AC and use of items overcome the hordes of undead.
    The beauty of cold wight Flower :D
    I managed to isolate Presio and my thowing dagger interrupted all spells

    Dragon's Eye 4 : Imposters
    I waited to heavily trap the level (thanks to the free resting provided by Sharra) before exposing Albion.

    Dragon's Eye 5 : traps and little girl
    I had to come back to Kuldahar to buy potion of Healing. The Elite Yuan-ti are hitting hard...
    The room with all the archers was a close call.

    Yxunomei lays ahead and I'm ready !
    Boosted at maximum with potions : Frost Giant strength, Invulnerability, Oil of speed, Absorption, fire protection.
    Blessed from "Holy Chaos! Deck"
    I can't remember where but I found a "Fast Flail +2" which puts me at base 5 attack per round (6 with the Oil of speed).
    I have 7 Potion of Invisibility ready to backstab the hell of Yxunomei >:)

    Stay tuned for the outcome...

  • Adam_en_tiumAdam_en_tium Member Posts: 99

    I already did this fight twice but with groups of 6 and 4 characters.
    What I remember distinctly is:
    • Yuan-Ti mages appear behind
    • traps a bit everywhere
    • A dialogue is necessary to trigger the appearance of Yxunomei
    • The 2 (or 3?) Yuan-Ti priests who throw dispels
    • And there are many elite Yuan-Ti.

    Before boosting I set my 3 traps in order to kill or weaken the mages.
    Then I boost myself, as said in the previous post : potions of Frost Giant strength, Invulnerability, Oil of speed, Absorption, fire protection + Blessed from "Holy Chaos! Deck".
    I move forward and I start the discussion and as soon as finished I throw a fireball (potion).
    I see in the logs that the 2 mages died with my traps.
    As soon as the fireball is thrown I withdraw at full speed to go in the room to the north.
    I drink a potion of invisibility and I return on my steps. The horde of Yuan-Ti converges on me, it's really an annoying bug. I manage to get out of the way enough to backstab a priest. There is one left.

    I run away again and this time I don't hide but I throw a fireball on the group of pursuers, it's enough to kill the last priest. I can breathe now !
    With my flails in hand I throw myself on Yxunomei and with 6 attacks, devastating with 21 of force, per round I destroy her very quickly.

    Remain to clean the elite Yuan-Ti. I drink some potions of Health in the process but it goes rather easily.


    I disarm all the traps on the ground and on the chests and collect my well deserved loots.

    Conclusion: I didn't think I could do it, but well boosted and aware of the main dangers it was doable!

    Now after the return to Kuldahar it's time to tackle the Severed Hand.
    My memories of this dungeon are rather bad, not for the difficulty of the fights, but for all the back and forth. So I guess it should be ok...

    I cleared the first level without any problem.

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