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The most fun you’ve had playing this game.

NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,860
What is the most entertaining moment in the game for you? This can either be a part of the game itself or a personal experience you had that may or may not have been experienced by anyone else.

For me, there was this moment during the final battle in SoA when Anomen got chunked. I was like “Welp, now I don’t need pick who



  • Allanon81Allanon81 Member Posts: 227
    There’s so many! Particularly when I first played. Defeating a dragon, using the rogue stone to enter a secret entrance, creating a very evil leather armor, I could go on and on.

  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 228
    Nothing beats the first ever playthrough BG1. No walkthrough, no forums, no alt-tabbing (win95 sucked), no paused inventory. You didn't even know what the "Armored Fiend" was all about. The real deal!

  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 228
    edited June 21
    Wait I just realized this is the BG2 thread.
    The best part of BG2 was the ending cutscene with these creepy Illuminati-like robed guys. "Gorion's ward has become too powerful." Left me trembling with anticipation for the grand finale.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,775
    an entertaining moment for me? every time i land a blindness spell on a dragon, who ever would have thought that such a low level spell would spell out complete disaster for the all mighty reptilian beast haha

  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,860
    I think Blindness might be the best level 1 spell in the game. Going up against a boss? A particularly hard enemy? Noober/Neeber? Blind them all.

  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,860
    @JuliusBorisov that totemic druid run was fantastic.

  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,860
    @Arvia I don’t think it’s all that strange, myself. I grew up watching my dad play this game and several others, and that was how I got into Baldur’s Gate and games in general. Whether I’m playing a game myself, or watching someone else play, I can become invested in how the adventure goes. Same goes for when I watch videos or read about them on a forum, I end up saying things like “You got this” even though no one but me hears it.

  • XDarkStrikerXXDarkStrikerX Member Posts: 77
    My first time trying Adalon on solo LoB (not with SCS), decided to give her a fair fight with a F/I. Pre-buffed like crazy for a few minutes, spawned mordy swords, planetar, buffed them as much as possible for efficiency, started the fight and after the first planetar hit, i discovered something totally amazing and unexpected...
    SoA dragons are vulnerable to vorpal hits, Adalon fell as soon as her circle turned red. Prepared for 5 minutes to see her fall in a second, i laughed pretty hard.

    2 other amazing moments were soloing LoB/SCS/Ascension Demogorgon and Amelyssan for the first time, that was some fun mind puzzles especially after posting my failures and receiving tips to push it through. Even if that was a personnal achievement, it felt like a group effort to me.

    I'm not an OG player so i don't have any old memories but i have a 5 minutes of ''child during a christmas morning'' feeling everytime i discover something new, which still happens on every playthrough even on classes that i already placed and every success is a step further towards NR, which i am pretty close to achieve but still lack the knowledge of. Still great to find safe approaches by myself progressively. I always forget a lightning trap somewhere in BG1 or an acid trap in BG2 that end up one shotting me. The only two Solo LoB/SCS playthrough that i did are the most memorable to me as there is something special about writing your journey instead of only playing through it.

  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,860
    Writing out the adventures as they happen does seem to make them more interesting. I imagine that’s why bards write songs and stories of their own deeds.

  • TheodreadTheodread Member Posts: 10
    For me, defeating Firkraag for the first time was unforgettable. Man, the adrenaline rush during that battle. Oh, and I was 16 at the time :smiley:

  • wukewuke Member Posts: 73
    edited July 6
    When Kangaxx the Demilich goes panic, the fleeing skull contradicts so much with its actual deadliness. Somehow it's so frequent I grew the habit of blocking it at where it spawns.

    Although cheese equipments and spells kill the fun for experienced players, first time finding them by oneself still feels hilarious. First time using feeblemind on Firkraag, first time using Reflection Shield to kill a mage casting Fire Arrow, first time casting Death Spell on mindflayers attacking Solaufein just because they have 0 MR… All these are actually fun until you find out it's meta and start challenge runs and using battle mods.

    From role-playing perspective I generally enjoy having "family runs" with Imoen and Jaheira, and later Sarevok. I don't enjoy evil Charmane so these 3 feels like the "right" companions to finish the story.
    A significant vacuum in NPCs is a melee thief that can live to the end, so an F/T Charmane is unreplaceable by NPC, and fits this party really well.
    Too avoid leaving Imoen's exp behind I usually plan ahead so that Charmane reaches 1.25m exp when she joins. Trying to gather as much gp as possible while avoiding getting exp is quite fun, and leaving Askatla early also makes Spellhold and Underdark at least somewhat challenging.

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  • KatzerchenKatzerchen Member Posts: 23
    When I found the gifts from the people of Imnesvale in Merella's hut, it was like people actually appreciated what I had done for them. The items weren't that great, but it didn't matter.

    Beating that lich in the Bridge District with the longsword from its own crypt, yay! Had a thief grab it first, then went in with my main character who was spezialized in long swords.

    When I finally beat that adventurer group in the sewers. Was one of the hardest fights for me. Harder even than Firkraag or the Twisted Rune. Probably because I was at a relatively low level (was the original game, not EE).

    That "I did it!" moment after I had beaten the Shadow Dragon. Relatively early.

    I also loved the riddles and puzzles in both the temple of Amaunator and Spellhold.

    Oh, and while my character hated it, I just looooved being in the Underdark masked as drow.
    Already liked that in the old Menzoberranzan game.

    Oh, and I liked the pocket plane. Nice feature.

    All of this was a long time ago, but I still remember it.
    There probably is more.

  • unseeingeyeunseeingeye Member Posts: 16
    The first time I entered Bodhi's Lair beneath the Graveyard District in Athkatla is probably the most enjoyable memory I have, but certainly it is one among too many to count. I would have been 15 years old at the time, and I can clearly recall sitting at the desk in my parents living room just after midnight, loading up the family Gateway PC and our 15 inch cathode-ray tube monitor, and putting in the game disc while keeping the spiralbound manual next to the mousepad. Unfortunately I began to experiment with drugs and alcohol at a very early age, so intoxication of many varieties accompanied many of my adventures, but this particular evening when I'd acquired enough gold to equip my party well and advance the plot then descended into the lair, I was... in an extraordinarily sensitive condition.

    The vision of the torture chambers still haunts me, lol. The entire theme was so bizarre but fascinating; the pseudo-Egyptian sculptures and architecture with hieroglyphs, the blood fountain with the Mace hidden within, the gorgeously rendered canopied coffins of the vampires, and most astonishing to my warped adolescent mind was the spike trap room. That evening as I entered that room and the fog of war lifted only to reveal more and more traps with the pool of blood at the center, I was honestly afraid, which is embarrassing to share but is the truth. The confrontation with Bodhi itself utterly terrified me, because the buildup to it with the fledgling vampires and the horrific imagery all around, in particular Pai'Na's nest, made me so nervous in anticipation. After defeating Bodhi I had to take a break because I was that uncomfortable.

    In retrospect my reaction is ridiculous, but it does reveal to me the greater power that art which is reliant upon imagination bears as opposed to the kind which is determined to present absolutely everything visually. Thus why I continue to replay these games 20 plus years and counting. When my avatar is a pixelated sprite with a portrait, I disconnect from the screen and engage with the environment behind my eyes, and my characters experiences feel that much more like my own.

    Anyway, other memories that stand out for me as thoroughly enjoyable include my first time defeating the members of the Twisted Rune in their portal gated safe-house, or defeating Kangaxx after a determined effort to comprehend the combat possibilities and applied tactical strategies instead of using a convenient exploit. I also had a playthrough of the first Baldur's Gate (the original, not the enhanced edition) during which I kept my copy of Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast and the games manual at hand, and read about each location, NPC, item &c mentioned in the book as I encountered them in the game. I always wished that you could have expanded dialogue with Bentley and Gellana Mirrorshade after having read about them in the old book. Likewise I enjoy playing Baldur's Gate 2 with my copy of the AD&D Book of Artifacts and turning to the page wherein is described the several items present in the game, like the Machine of Lum the Mad and the Ring of Gaxx.

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