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SoD - I might have broke my game...

deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,794
I just finished defeating Korlasz in the first dungeon and Imoen says she'll wait for me upstairs after I finish looking around.

Unfortunately, when I go up the stairs (or the rope) the game freezes as if it wants to play a cutscene. The characters are still animated in one spot and the ambient sounds are playing, however, my interface completely disappears and I cannot move.

It's early in the campaign and I can restart, but I find that just a tad tedious if there is an easier fix.

I accidently killed Korlasz after she surrendered and I think that might be my culprit as my journal makes reference to both.

I am playing mod free and anyway to get the game unfroze will be most welcome. I've uploaded my last save here for reference (forums won't let me attach for some odd reason)

Thanks in advance.



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