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Some gameplay/mechanics questions



  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 144
    Different melee weapons have different reaches. If I'm dual-wielding 2 different range weapons is my range determined by the shorter reach one or the one in my main-hand?

    I have had situations where I defensive spin and then I can't reach the enemy with a dagger in my main-hand even though I was sure I was in range and it just retro-actively occurred to me that maybe it still would've worked if I simply had the dagger in my off-hand (even though that's the one I'd rather not have thac0 penalties on).

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,465
    The mainhand always determines range. Back when it was possible, this also meant offhand weapons could be used at range when thrown weapons were in the mainhand.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 144
    Alright, thanks.

    Hah, I had forgotten that. That was one of the reasons I stopped dualwielding on my fighter-mages because I didn't want to cheese minute meteors too hard but damn if that wasn't hilarious.

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