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Demographics Poll: What is your race/ethnicity?

semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,780
This is the second in a series of polls to measure the demographics of the Beamdog community (I was just curious). The poll is anonymous by default, but you're welcome to discuss the issue publicly if you like.

Due to how polls work, it's not possible to choose multiple options at once, so if you fit multiple categories, just pick whichever seems the closest.

The other polls are here:

Political Affiliation

Demographics Poll: What is your race/ethnicity? 108 votes

Non-Hispanic White (European)
82% 89 votes
Black (African)
0% 0 votes
East Asian
3% 4 votes
Indian/South Asian
1% 2 votes
Hispanic (Latina/Latino)
3% 4 votes
0% 1 vote
Native American
0% 0 votes
Middle Eastern (Arab/Persian)
0% 1 vote
2% 3 votes
Other (please specify via post or PM if you wish to remain anonymous)
3% 4 votes
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