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Old paperdolls

Hi there guys and gals.

Do any of you know a way to restore the original BG2 paperdolls? I've searched far and wide and came up with nothing.

I know the 1PP mod (introduced by default in EE) is considered by the majority of the community to be an improvement over the original BG2 paperdolls, but I find all of them uglier than the "old" ones. I even booted up my original copy of BG2 to see if my memory wasn't playing tricks on me.

Is there a mod to revert they all back to the "old" ones?

Just a couple of examples.

Minsc with the Shadow Dragon Armor in EE:

Minsc with the Shadow Dragon Armor in the original:

I find the original paperdoll much more detailed (and awesome) than the "new" one.

Minsc with the Red Dragon Armor in EE:

Minsc with the Red Dragon Armor in the original:

Same thing here. And this trend applies to every armor in the game (for me).
Of course, that's just my opinion. Still, I would appreciate an option to use the "old" paperdolls again.

Thoughts? Suggestions?




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