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Transferring game from PC to iPad Not Working

grahamersgrahamers Member Posts: 30
edited January 2016 in Troubleshooting
I am following the steps for this feature from the FAQ at:

I am doing the following:

1) On my Windows 10 PC with the latest updates, in the "C:\Users\Graham\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\save" directory, I have a folder called "000000031-test" in which I have saved a copy of a game I want to transfer to my iPad.

2) In that folder are the following files:
i) BALDUR.bmp
ii) BALDUR.gam
iv) PORTRT0.bmp
v) PORTRT1.bmp
vi) PORTRT2.bmp
vii) PORTRT3.bmp
viii) PORTRT4.bmp
ix) PORTRT5.bmp

3) Using 7-zip, I zip up the "000000031-test" folder into a zip file called Note: When I open that zip file, I see the "000000031-test" folder inside the zip file and I can see that the "000000031-test" folder contains the files listed above.

4) I rename to ExportSave.bg1save

5) I email that file to myself.

6) On my iPad, running iOS 9.2, I double-tap the home button to examine running aps. Baldurs Gate is not listed, which means it is not running.

7) On my iPad, I view my mail with the attached ExportSave.bg1save file. I tap on the file to download it to the iPad. The attachment is now represented by a BG icon.

8) I tap on the icon for the attachment, and iOS presents me with a set of coices, including "Copy to Baldur's Gate," which I choose.

9) BG opens with a black screen for about 1 second and then closes right away.

10) When I check for running apps, BG is not displayed.

11) I run BG and navigate to the Load Saved Games screen, my saved game is not listed.

I have tried this with zero other saved games saved on my iPad and with 1-2 games already saved on my iPad, it does not work, either way. I have tried it with BG running when I open the email attachment and get the same results.

I am thinking step 9, above, is the issue. BG slides open with a black screen and then closes right away. Should it stay open? What can I check? I tried attaching my saved game to this thread, but the web page says that such attachments are not allowed.

Please help!

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