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Exploring something new (an attempt to do an evil playthrough)



  • EconomicsEconomics Member Posts: 13
    looking forward for more, that's a fun playthrough to follow

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,293
    Laskal asked us a question about the Iron Throne. There was only one viable option for an evil character, and under SCS it means you lose 2 points of reputation.
    Actually, he's a straight-up innocent; the reputation loss for fighting and killing him depends on where you are on the scale. Losing only two points? Well, your bunch were pretty hated already.
    I encountered this in my current (first SCS) run; since I was playing a mixed good/evil party and needed some occasional innocent kills to keep Viconia happy, I let the rep loss stand and happily equipped the +2 staff on my (Dragon Disciple) protagonist.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,062
    One update per month. How hard it is to find time for BG sometimes...

    Update 12.

    We dealt with Davaeorn. Although I tried to do it the usual way, I suffered a few setbacks and scares. First, one char (Czernobog this time) went meleeing Dave under Protection from Magic. Another char (Dorn) with all possible buffing potions waited at the entrance for the dozens of guards to arrive. All the rest waited in the room nearby - in case Dave would teleport somewhere between Dorn and Mara. Does that sound about right?

    Dave did teleport there and thankfully didn't notice Mara.

    He then teleported back. The talons started to arrive.

    But then Dave decided he would flee from Czernobog right to Mara... Grim interrupted one of his spells, but Nav' was one-shotted by a meteor (14 piercing and 3 fire damage were just enough for her 17 HPs). At least I didn't take risks and gulped an invisibility potion by Mara.

    Grim then survived Cone of Cold from Dave (I thank gnome gods for the shorty saves!)

    Dorn was about to get overwhelmed by guards. Mara used her wand of Monster Summoning and we tried Horror effects from all our sources. Mara then casted the only Web spell she had, and Dorn equipped a two-hander to be immune to Web (before, he had a shield equipped for additional defence).

    The amount of our healing potions was just about to become 0 when Dorn struck down the last of guards and Czernobog finally finished Dave.

    So, it all ended just fine, I guess, but playing with a party really makes the SCS Davaeorn encounter harder than when you're soloing. Limiting spells we can use played its part as well, with only one Web available (necromancy spells getting the advantage) and nearly no magic healing.

    Party level: Nav' 5, Grim 7, everyone else 6
    Party reputation: 4
    Party deaths: 10 (Czernobog - Dribben, weather lightning; Grim 2 - Kobold Commando, Borda; Eruína - Borda, a siren; Dorn - a siren; Nav' - Centeol, Maneira, Davaeorn)
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  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,971
    I already thought you had given up. Great to see you're continuing!

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,062
    Update 13.

    The Iron Throne party.

    I don't know a reliable "fair" way to do the fight with SCS at levels 6-7. This is why I always approach the 5th floor of the Iron Throne building cautiously. Nav' had 5 casts of Invisibility, and Grim hid in shadows so that we could sneak past the group to the back hall.

    From there, Eruína summoned a Skeleton Warrior. As it turned out, there were enemies already, even before Zhalimar detected us and started his speech. The enemies were 2 thieves both called Shennara. To detect the second thief, Dorn used Albruin.

    Just as against Davaeorn, it was time for Protection from Magic and potions (of regeneration and speed this time). Czernobog approached the big group, everyone else stayed in the back hall.

    Grease, Greater Malison, Silence, Confusion, Slow, Skull Traps, fireballs from the necklace - this is how our casters supported Czernobog while he drew aggro.

    When we first visited south Baldur's Gate, Entillis Fulsom attacked us (due to low reputation). That wizard can cast Confusion, so should be finished quickly. Invisibility Purge, a Dispel Arrow, Spell Thrust solved the problem.

    Party level: Mara, Eruína, Grim 7, everyone else 6
    Party reputation: 5
    Party deaths: 10 (Czernobog - Dribben, weather lightning; Grim 2 - Kobold Commando, Borda; Eruína - Borda, a siren; Dorn - a siren; Nav' - Centeol, Maneira, Davaeorn)
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