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Any way to get rid of a ghost Meck safely?

My party is presently doing the Bard stronghold quest (I turned them all on for the PC) and while they were tackling some more of the Watcher's Keep, I suppose it was time to head back to the Five Flagons. Meck shows up outside the keep but he doesn't say anything. He just stands there. However, I know what that means, so the party returns and takes care of the matter.

Except now Meck is STILL standing outside Watcher's Keep scratching his arse. I can't sleep or save in the area because he is. Killing him is out for a variety of reasons (it's evil, would result in massive rep loss, and none in the party would be down for it), but I can't think of any other way to get him to wander back to Athkatla.

Any ideas?



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