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The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge vs Bhaal´s Cataclysm



  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
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    Finally got my mouse problem sorted out, and had time to continue monk Jin.

    PfU to Korlasz, waited 4 hours of her Fire Resistance scroll out, and after 6 OGL + Invisibility combos, she surrendered. Also leveled up. Bought first Monk specific gear from Kazzrem, Sidestep Slippers that provide -1 AC. Also got the Spectacles and Bless amulet before leaving Baldur's Gate. Before leaving I still casually killed Viconia with WoH for first Monk head gear, Silver Circlet (-1 saves), middle of everyone and no-one batting an eye.


    Chapter 8 did the mundane guests, Isabella killed with Stone Ally and WoH to complete the guest. 2x Mind Focus, Absorption, Heroism, Cloud, Defense, PfE '10, Clarity and easily helped the Dwarves. After having conversation with the Lich, I got the Secret Revealed from Deepvein, before charming the Clerics, except one. Others ganged on the one, and killed it, before they made a suicide attack against Carrion Crawlers. Got all five amulets for the Lich. This way you get best rewards, Helm of Dumathoin, Secret Revealed, and Undead help in Crusader Attacks, which should be better option for the troll wave. This was the first time I chose this option though so we'll see. Hid behind the tent for the parley.


    Morentherene daggered, Ziatar burned, Akanna charmed, Fort surrendered, Bridge mage interrupted with of Ring of Energy. Two Stone Allies was enough to kill the mage after I fed with Ring of Energy from behind. Then killed the rest of the mob in the camp. Did the mundane guests in Chapter 10 reaching max level of 10.


    Troll wave, buffed up 250 hp from 10 Heroism and 2 Power potions. Started tanking with the Undead, first killing Yarok and then turning on the trolls. Only used Mephits, 2 Stone Golems, and twice the Goblet. Undead were impressive.


    For the mage wave took Wizard Slayers, at the start dispelled illusions with the Clasp of Helm. Used four Myconids, and one Ankhegs, but didn't need any refreshes from the goblet.


    For the paladin wave prebuffed to 200hp, -30 AC vs crushing, 4 pre Ankhegs and last Myconids, Wizards, and ganged on Rhayla. Used OGL on every round to stop as much buffs as possible and the dispel never happened. Rhayla was killed, and then it was basic tanking, 5 Ankhegs all in all and one refresh from the Goblet.


    For the final wave buffed more hp, tried Silence from Amulet of Whispers but it didn't work. Started tanking, and used my last Ankhegs, which together with the Archers formed nice killing squad out of the battlefield. This wave dealt most damage to Jin, but 9 refreshes from the goblet kept her alive long enough to beat the wave. Although it was pretty close one, as all of my allies got killed I think.


    Recharged all the items with Horst before heading to Dragonspear dastle. Waited inside the castle for 1.5 hours, which netted 23 Heroism and 18 Power potions, making total of 53 and 20. As usual with -30 AC vs crushing and negative saves Ashatiel didn't have a chance. And as usual Trix was tricked opening the door.


    Next up Bel, who's tough opponent for 2.5 apr Monk, but at least he's not full surprises like Mel.
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    Nice to see your Monk rolling @histamiini. I still have to reinstall and somehow fix my installation so Loreth the Poor is still waiting for Abazigal. I tried some fully upgraded IWD2 in the meantime but the game also bugged me down in the very first chapter. Looks like i am doomed. :D
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
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    Well it didn't last that long. :D

    Monk Jin vs. Bel

    3x PfF, PfE, PfC, PfA (12h)
    8x Mind Focus (12h)
    3x PfP (6h)
    Defense (2h)
    Storm Giant (2h)
    PfE 10' (7t)
    2x Invulnerability (1h)
    Clarity (1h)
    1x Power (4t)

    After having only 1 enemy left in the lift drank 20 Heroism, 15 Power, 2x Invul, Clarity, 11 Champion's Strength, Violet, Fortitude and started tanking Bel after escaping the Dispel. After my Champion Strength's were gone, I had used 7 goblets, Bel was at near death with 267 hp. Drank invisibility potion to free myself from the mass of enemies, and started using hit&run with Twinkle and Single-Weapon style which allows -10 Thac0 from Invisibility, so hit 14 and above. But it wasn't to be, got horrible rolls for 20 attacks, and couldn't even beat the Bel's regen. Clarity ended without Jin noticing, got Feared from the Goblet, done, next.


    Maybe it's doable, but it will take some luck to pass Bel with a Monk, the hp drop bug from Power and Heroism potions is freaking annoying when doing the hit&run, because I needed to waste rounds keeping my hp up, and the field was quickly filled with enemies. Maybe divide Champions Strength's for two tank sessions...
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    @histamiini: That's awful! It was such a promising run, and it was so close.

    I'm glad that you're taking this in stride. I really struggled when I kept losing Archer/Mage runs to Belhifet in the pre-v2.5 days.

    It sounds like Belhifet involves some really precise timing. Between the Potion of Clarity, the Potions of Power and Heroism, and the Champion's Strength scrolls, you don't have much room to vary your strategy. You have to do certain things within a certain window of time, and the necessities of pausing the game mean that timekeeping is incredibly difficult. The monk doesn't quite achieve the APR to pin down Belhifet within the typical window, and once that window is closed, all that's left is highly awkward, inefficient, and unreliable hit-and-fade tactics.

    I agree about staggering the Champion's Strength scrolls between two periods. Much of the scroll duration gets wasted when used in the elevator or when hiding behind invisibility. I think the most efficient scroll use would occur while tanking, in between attacks. I'm very clumsy with Belhifet and am poorly equipped to handle the timing necessary to deal with him safely, but staggered scrolls allowed my Archer to make the most of the scrolls, ending the fight with 13 goblet charges and many Greater Restoration scrolls left.

    I'm kinda skeptical about Potions of Power. They're only slightly stronger than Potions of Heroism, and they impose a heavy cost in the long run because they trigger that HP reset bug so much sooner than Potions of Heroism--and once that bug kicks in, the only safe thing to do is to go invisible unless you have such excellent timing that you can drink Durlag's Goblet the moment your HP drops down (and that costs you a whole goblet charge every round for every Potion of Power you drank!). I would think Potions of Power would only be useful if your original Potions of Heroism had run out and you were trying to re-build your defenses from scratch while hiding under a Potion of Invisibility.
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
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    @semiticgod Yeah using second batch of CS-scrolls during tanking is the most efficient way. There's no benefit of taking pause to refresh them. Tested it some and this is what I got.

    Didn't buff hp before the last lift enemy was left. Then drank 40 Heroism potions, 2x Invul, Clarity, Power, 6x CS and Storm leaving 49 rounds before constant hp bug starts to appear. After CS started fading, started using the second batch, then Violet and Fortitude. Around 500hp allows using these with the goblet, and refreshing Invulnerability and Clarity. It's still constant pressure scenario, but killed Bel with first try, although it took around 55 rounds and 14 goblets. So it's definitely doable, but closest tactic I've used to squeeze past Bel.

  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    Good luck, @histamiini! You're doing great. Is the Spirit Trial in Watcher's Keep truly reliable in LoB mode?

    How common is immunity to critical hits over the course of BG2 and ToB? I've been skeptical about taking many Critical Strikes, and a Fighter/Mage/Cleric in particular seems like it would benefit from Greater Whirlwind Attack. I calculate just over 500 damage from a Critical Strike with FoA and DoE, or 256 against critters with immunity to critical hits. Iron Golem form would deal 560 per round even to critters immune to critical hits.

    Do you bother casting SI: Abjuration, or do you just rely on Entropy Shield and keep SI memorized as an aura-independent backup?
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
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    @semiticgod That Shapesifting tactic sounds interesting, definitely going to check that one out.

    Could be that no-one really uses Dispel spell, I can't now think anyone either. But there's still some differences, although there possibly isn't situations it matters. Entropy Shield also stops on hit missile Dispel, but not on hit melee Dispel, and when that happens, the spell ends. SI:Abjuration doesn't protect neither missile nor melee on hit Dispel, but doesn't get removed when that happens, and still protects from Imprisonment.

    Tested the Project Image and Simulacrum spells little. Simulacrum can't cast Simulacrum, but PI can cast Simulacrum, that can cast Simulacrums. Although not as powerful as Sorcerer would be, F/M/C still can have five clones on the field, which could move with Farsights.

    char - level - spell levels - hp - gear
    F/M/C 18/17/19 8/7 172hp yes

    SIM 11/10/12 5/6 151hp yes
    PI 18/17/19 8/7 172hp yes
    PI (SIM) 23/22/24 8/7 288hp no
    PI (SIM (SIM)) 21/20/22 8/7 261hp no
    PI (SIM (SIM (SIM))) 10/9/11 5/6 143hp no
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    @histamiini: Secondary clones won't get any equipment, but since clones always get all of the original caster's innate abilities, you could summon a handful of clones and have them switch to iron golem form. Their THAC0 would be poor, but Critical Strike would alleviate that.
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    I'd not thought to use a stopwatch. Clever!
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
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    The damage output with 5 apr Iron Golem and 8 apr FoA +5, Crom Fayer +5 is pretty much identical. Iron Golem has DR, but FoA has slow. With Improved Haste, Righteous Magic, Aid, Prayer, Bless, Critical Strike:

    FMC Iron Golem 118*5 = 590 dmg
    FMC FoA/Crom 76*6+69*2 = 594 dmg

    EDIT: damn the Iron Golem form seems to sync very well with the secondary clones, as they're higher level with more hp, but with no gear. With Improved Haste secondary clones all have 4 apr in Iron Golem. So the optimal summon party would be PI in normal form, 5 Skeleton Warriors, Deva and 4 secondary simulacrums all in Iron Golem form.

    EDIT: ok forget the Project Image, I can kill it after it has summoned the first Simulacrum and move on the battlefield freely with 4 4apr Critical Strike Iron Golems, 5 Skeleton Warriors and a Deva. They even last around 20 round each because the casting level is higher. I need this in my life. :D

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    Nemesis still went back to Watcher's Keep because I remembered that Nalmrissa has a scroll of Wish too. Buffed up, lured her away and killed her together with Deva. There's four Wish scrolls in the game with Aesgareth, Arcana Archives, Nalmissra and one from Spell Merchant (Neera ToB questline). Summons blasted through Brynnlaw and Irenicus asylum. Got Mind Blank spell, similar to Sanctity of Mind but slightly worse, although it's 24 hour duration. The usual 4 Skelis and Deva for Irenicus who started hitting him in Farsight. I was waiting at the door, but was met with a surprise. Irenicus managed to cast unholy amount of help including Planetar, Time Stop and Death spell wiped Skelis. I helped the Deva from afar with RoR and he got Irenicus near death, but then the Planetar healed him. Not only that but he wished all his spells back, used Time Stop again, and summoned even more help. Had to stop to wait all of his summons out. Then three Skelis pulled another three Death spells. Next Skeli pulled another five summons. Sent in hasted clone, Skeli and three Fire Elementals, which finally got Irenicus to 1 hp. Quickly exited the level. Bought Lonk the Sane off with 2000 gold because I wasn't feeling fighting him, and we released the prisoners. And Irenicus ran away soon after. That, was interesting change of pace, but nothing that Nemesis couldn't handle.


    Got 80k gold from selling my loot in the City of Caverns, summons then blasted through the Shaguain. Underdark cleared with summons, used one PfU for the Lich, and the Balor was easily blasted away. Also got the first Time Stop scroll from Vithal, there's nine guaranteed Time Stops for F/M/C who can't cast 9th level spells. 8 scrolls, one from Vithal (Underdark), Ribald (Chapter 6), Mage (North Forest), House (Suldanessellar), Dragon (Evil path in Test of Pride), Spell Merchant (Neera ToB guestline) and two from Arcana Archives. Also one from Limited Wish. Next went in to fetch Kuo-Toa blood so I don't have the time constraint on the Ust Natha guestline, and with single rest and summons killed all. In the Demon Knight room Nemesis learned permanent Iron Golem from Limited Wish one time Shapeshifting. I think this is even easier to time, as you can press "end dialogue" and stopwatch at the same time which starts the spell immediatelly. It takes about 303 seconds, so using 302.5 seconds should be pretty repeatable. Time to test new powers against dreaded Demon Knights. And, it was a massacre, three 4 apr Iron Golems using righteous magic and critical strikes killed a Demon Knight in half a round. In few rounds wasted all, handy piece of kit these Golem clones.


    The fight against Mind Flayer ambush was over in about 9 seconds. :D Did the easy guests for the Drow, used one PfU for Deirex and then betrayed them. Adalon pawned all in the exit, but didn't leave yet. I still needed to loot the Beholder and Mind Flayer dungeons. Only fought Elder Orb in the Beholder dungeon, 3 Iron Golems and Deva attacked it, but Iron Golems were gone after Illusions were dispelled. Slight dent on the power of Iron Golem clones. Nevertheless the Deva was able to tank others as I killed the Elder Orb in few rounds for the -2 save amulet.


    Mind Flayer base, the first minor encounters smacked through without using any resources. Used the Mind Flayers to open doors, so I could get all four Control Circlets. 20 Mind Focus potions to 82 Int, Absorption, Storm, Invul and pressed on killing the first two Mindies easily. The next big party was wasted without problems with couple of Improved Haste's. Master Brain was smoked with Wand of Cloudkill from afar. Killed the Dwarf for the Fire Control ring, picked up the Staff of Command and escaped the place, didn't need RoR even once. Back in Athkatla bought scrolls with 90k and built Crom Fayer.


    Used one PfU for the Twisted Rune. Shangalar is improved from last time I saw summoning some help. Killed the Fire Elemental and two Hakeashars who managed to rob half of my RoR charges. Waited Pit Fiend out. Then slinged Shangalar casually. As nobody of them see through invisibility, I baited their triggers out. After waiting their buffs, I tried to charm Layene with the Staff of Command as she has 0 MR, but she still had a trigger and she evaded it. Had to retreat, disappear and again wait their buffs out. Another try and again she evaded it somehow. After another try I concluded she obviously had still something on that stopped it. Enough of this and decided to charm Vaxall, and Staff of Command worked this time. Turned into Iron Golem and wasted Shyressa in few seconds, then Layene and Revanek too, and Vaxall. That was easy enough. Got Staff of Magi which spells trouble, for others. Then stopped by the bank, called Guarded Compound, and robbed the place with Staff of Magi, Wand of Cloudkill combo. Got 50k gold again. Some small things still, like 3rd Time Stop scroll from North Forest and slapping Bodhi around. With PfU and MoD cleared upstairs, and together with Deva blasted Bodhi. Time to track Irenicus.


    Suldanesselar ran through invisble, Nizi stoned, and Rillifane then cleansed the place. First encounter with Jon, waited his initial spell glory and summons out, then baited his Time Stop. Then he had second wind summons and True Sight, which I waited out with SI:Divination. When he didn't produce anymore spells when in sight, summoned 6 apr Deva and easily killed him.


    Next I'm facing a troubled decision, what to take from Hell Trials? I only see F/M/C using FoA, DoEH, Crom Fayer and SoM. So str tears could be kind of wasted if I use Crom Fayer. And I don't plan to stick around with Melissan, but quickly slap her down, so save tears are kind of wasted. Maybe taking -10 AC is the optimal road?
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    Loreth took the -10 AC from the Hell Trials @histamiini but even with AC -31 in Fire Elemental Form she gets hit quite often in ToB. Summons are just superior so far but maybe it will help against Sendai - if we ever get there. :D

    I have parked Loreth for now trying some IWD 2 solo runs with HoF + Tactics + Light of Selune + the rework of @semiticgod. As i never played this game as much as BG its a real blast even though there are battles around each corner making progress rather slow without summons. But thanks to the improved DR scaling my mage hating Deep Gnome Barbarian is doing surprisingly well nearing Shaengarne Bridge without a single death so far. Most likely he will run into some deathtrap sooner or later but - hey - who cares? B)
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    @Harpagornis Yeah you'll still get hit, but it takes some pressure off definitely, example the quadruble Wyvern attack is pretty hardcore without low AC. -10 AC is basically BMU without modifiers, and spell casting isn't disabled. Do you know if Entropy Shield -6 AC counts towards AC cap?

    EDIT: I think it does, because it's AC bonus, and applied differently than PfE and Improved Invisibility.
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    Hell Trials. Killed the dragon for another Time Stop scroll. My initial plan of stoning it failed as it destroyed my Skelis and feared Deva, so I had to rely on the old smacking, and with 4 Critical Strikes it was dead. I still decided to go with the 6 STR + 4 AC route as I've no pips on warhammers so DoEH actually has +1 Thac0, +1 base dmg, +20 DR and +1 AC over Crom Fayer. I can still use the BMU against quadruble wyvern attacks etc. if I need AC cap.


    Started the battle against Irenicus with 4 Skelis, and quickly ran away looking from afar as the two Balor's killed Glabresuz, and Irenicus himself. This isn't fixed yet in SCS 32.1 it seems. Well maybe next time then. Illasera was lured away and killed in four rounds with Critical Strikes. She couldn't touch me with Entropy Shield on. First pocket plane challenge was casually passed with SoM+WoCK combo. Saradush landing Righteous Magic, Critical Strikes, Improved Haste and Hardiness.


    Meeting with Gromnir. Thinned the mob first with SoM/SoC combo. Depleted Gromnirs GWW's and then smacked Eler Had, who's 90% immune to SoC. Lastly smacked Gromnir. Used one PfU for Master Wraith and the Undead. Yaga-Shura stronghold first level ran through with Sanctuary. Gave the name meaning for Brimstone, then charmed enough Fire Giants to kill Berenn. Imix didn't have anything for me so left him be and escaped the place. Clone attacked Nyalee during the cutscene, and after she was Smited and quickly finished.


    Yaga-Shura's army now apparently has a homing beacon, and Yaga himself is immune to SoC too, but not for Critical Strike Harm. Looking his stats he's immune to Charm so Control Circlet doesn't work either. So the fight is a lot tougher for fighters now. Oasis met sudden sandstorm that killed all. Got 300k gold, bought Amkethran out and did the mundane guets. Second Pocket Plane challenge with summon door trick, and skelis handled others as me and Deva killed Tamoko and my clone. My clone was tough bastard with Carsomyr and GWW's, but when I Smited him, it was over.


    Thinking of Sendai Enclave next which should be pretty easy with FMC.
  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 823
    It isn’t “fixed yet in SCS 32.1” and never will be.

    It was fixed in SCS 32.3 three weeks ago.
  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,657
    After my IWD 2 Barbarian got killed at Shaengarne Bridge we switched back to BG running some tests for Abazigals Lair. While we were able to wear down all Dragons with summons and many, many harms we ignored most of the normal mobs as the only one who could saw us through invsibility were the Kua-Toas who are helpless against summons and Fire Elemental form.

    We tricked Anadramatis by casting Far Sight and sending in Deva plus Elemental Prince as he wont turn hostile if you avoid to trigger his talking.

    As we are not allowed to use any scrolls getting the Scroll of Reversal looked to be tricky but once we realized that Iycanth can be easily killed by stacking Spike Growth from out of his vision we could avoid fighting big bad Fil'Yissetat.

    Abazigal and his Wyvern should be next but as we are low on time this will have to wait "a bit".

    Good luck @histamiini even though we are sure you dont need it - no? ;)
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
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    Sendai Enclave. Woodcutter petrified. For Thelynn released Cloudkills, and after 49 hits only Thelynn and the Priestess were alive. Not for long though as both were Smited and killed. Yochol and the two Glabresuz lured away and Critical Striked. One PfU for Odamaron. Ogremoch was charmed with Control Circlet and after he killed the other Elementals, Nemesis casually used the other Imprisonment scroll on him which opened the door to Diaytha. Diaytha was lured away from others and smacked easily, as was Captain Egeissag. 20 Mind Focus, 2 Absorptions, 1 Invul for the Midnies and it was straightforward smacking. Mages Smited and killed.


    Nemesis vs. Sendai. First killed the Cleric statue which eliminates one Deva which could see through invisibility. Then started smoking the Drow. After using smoke 70 strong, there was only 5 enemies left. Buffed up and killed all but one. Then summoned 5 Skelis to kill the last one. Real Sendai arrived, and fed more Skelis to waste her spells, and Cloudkills to kill her summons. When her Mantle were out, buffed up and Smited her, and that was it. 3rd challenge was basic smacking, got Dark Taint.


    Draconis Silenced out of sight and hacked to 1 hp, waited Silence out and he transformed to a Dragon. Hit 3x Pierce Magic trigger, Harm, Critical Strike, done. The Greater Werewyvern smacked with couple Critical Strikes. Tried same for Anadramatis, but she got Contingency after used Pierce Magic trigger, so I had to smack him the old way. Took 6 Critical Strikes or so. With 6 apr Deva easily blasted through Kuo-toa and then fetched the rope.


    Quadruble Dragon ambush, the first Dragon took no less than 35 hits from Wand of Wonder, and it was making me slightly worried. But the next one got stoned just after 3 hits.


    But then the game froze on the cutscene where third Dragon should spawn. I seem to have same problem than @Harpagornis Did you manage to fix that? Hopefully this isn't end of Nemesis.
  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,657
    No, the Dragon Ambush is still bugged here too @histamiini so we were forced to use the console to port us manually into Abazigals Lair again to do some testing. We will do a complete reinstall soon and hope that this fixes the problem!
  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 823
    See the SCS threads (here or at G3) for the dragon ambush bug - 32.4 fixes it and there’s also a hotfix for 32.3.
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
    Thanks @DavidW Tested it quickly and seemed to work with 32.1 too.
  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 823
    Yes, it should do - the error was introduced in 32.0. Sorry, should have been clearer.
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
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    Jin used Invisibility to Porios, PfU to Korlasz, waited her 4 hour Fire Resistance out, and after using Invisibility/OGL combo 6 times, she surrendered when talked to.


    Chapter 8. Casually hacked Teleria and Stone Golem for the Stone Ally. Then listened Dwarves getting killed, picked up their amulets, used one PfU and enlisted the help of Undead.


    Chapter 9. Morentherene daggered, Ziatar burned, Akanna charmed, fort surrendered, bridge mage interrupted with Ring of Energy and killed with the help of Stone Golem.


    Chapter 10. Did the mundane guests for level 10. Ferrusk was charmed for the Ankheg amulet. Opened and closed the door to the Drow party to get the Cloak of Gargoyle, which is the only way to protect Monk from Critical Hits. They killed themselves. Escaped the basement with Invisibility.

    Used the Undead for the Troll wave. First concentrated on the Trolls as I was the only one that could kill them. Then wiped the rest using Mephits, one Stone Ally and five Goblets.


    Wizard Slayers for the mage wave. Mephits, Myconids and Stone Ally. 100% Detect Illusions nicely dispelled their Mirror Images and didn't need to use any Goblets.


    Had to rebuff hp for the Paladin wave and also got -30 AC vs. crushing. Used four Ankhegs, which are nice damage dealers, first concentrating on killing Rhayla who could Dispel. Wasn't a close one and only needed 3 Goblets.


    Final wave was the most trouble I've had in this run. Because I made a mistake of not rebuffing hp again.
    After 50 rounds or so my hp were gone, allies got killed and after using all my Goblets I needed quickly some tactic, because Grimgor was still almost at full health. I still had plenty of summons, so I spammed them as I kited Grimgor with Ring of Energy, and after using the very last Myconid, he got finally killed.


    Recharged all my stuff with Horst before waiting couple hours at Dragonspear battle, after which I had 62 Heroism and 32 Power potions. Ashatiel easily killed and Trix tricked


    Monk Belhifet rematch probably tomorrow.
  • histamiinihistamiini Member Posts: 1,425
    Jin the Dark Moon Monk vs. Bel

    Buffed up for the lift except hp, and smacked through with fists as they've better Thac0 than swords. Ankhegs are good companions for the first two waves, but they'll get feared in the last. Left the last Bone Fiend with couple hp's before buffing for Bel.

    Invulnerability, Clarity, 40 Heroism for 500 hp, Invulnerability, Clarity, Power, 6x Champion's Strength and Storm. This gives 50 rounds before hp bug starts to appear. Escaped Bel's Dispel and then just started hacking with 2.5 apr Tongue of Acid and Icingdeath. When my CS's started fading Bel was at injured state.


    Used last of Champion's Strengths, in two stages refreshing health between. Violet, Fortitude, Power, Invulnerability, Clarity and now it was just a waiting game who falls first. At this point I started using Detect Illusions as it dispels Bel's Improved Invisibility giving +4 AC penalty. Both can be active if you just first attack and then press Detect Illusions. This isn't that good in the beginning with great Thac0, because he will disappear casting it time and again, which will take hitting time away.


    In the end it was Bel who fell first, before my last CS was out, and I still had 7 Goblets left. Switched back for fists for Hephernaan and killed him too with the help of summons.


    So Dark Moon Monk passes SoD, although not much to spare. Already anxious to try BG2 with a Monk.

    Btw here's stats of the enemies of the last battle, with optimal loadout Monk can get 20's protection against lesser enemies in both slashing and missile damage. Although I was using Medal of Valor so Cornugons and Erinyes also hit with 19's.

    1st wave
    2x Lemure 128 hp, -4 AC, 12 Thac0, 2 apr, 3 crushing dmg
    1x Imp 134 hp, -12 AC, 13 Thac0, 2 apr, 2.5 piercing dmg

    2nd wave
    2x Hell Cat 254 hp, -9 AC, 7 Thac0, 4 apr, 6 slashing dmg
    1x Black Abishai, 179 hp, -10 AC, 9 Thac0, 4 apr, 5.5 slashing dmg

    3rd wave
    1x Red Abishai 233 hp, -14 AC, 6 Thac0, 4 apr, 7.5 slashing dmg
    1x Green Abishai 206 hp, -12 AC, 8 Thac0, 4 apr, 6.5 slashing dmg
    1x Bone Fiend 200 hp, -8 AC, 7 Thac0, 5 apr, 11 slashing dmg

    Belhifet 1130 hp, -24 AC (Improved Invisibility), -12 Thac0, 4 apr, 24.5 slashing dmg, 25 DR
    Hephernaan 350 hp, -18 AC, 4 Thac0, 4 apr, 7.5 slashing dmg
    Cornugon 320 hp, -16 AC, 2 Thac0, 3 apr, 11 slashing dmg
    Erinyes 224 hp, -13 AC, 2 Thac0, 2 apr, 7.5 missile dmg
    Hamatula 248 hp, -14 AC, 6 Thac0, 4 apr, 11 slashing dmg
    Also starts with Green Abishai, Red Abishai and Bone Fiend
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