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My account has been deleted...! :-(

Wizard_DnDWizard_DnD Member Posts: 10
edited February 2020 in Site Resources

My old account here at Beamdog has been blocked (for some reason) and I cannot get my password back since I used a VERY old e-mail of mine which I simply cannot remember the password from. I created the account when the enhanced edition was released around 2012-2013~

That being said, when I logg into the Beamdog official website for purchasing/downloading the Baldur's Gate series, they were ALL gone from my old account. It's like the account itself is deleted.

Now, having a new comp. I simply must create a new account (this one) and buy the games again.

This seems very random to me... Please if you know what might be the issue, feel free to comment!

Thanks in advance!


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