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[mod] Yvette Romance

LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,782
edited March 2020 in BGII:EE Mods
Yvette Romance is a Colours of Infinity mod that allows male charname (if he matches the requirements) to join a brand new NPC and romance her. She will stay in the party as long as the romance continues. She will also talk to other BioWare NPCs and react to your in-game doings.
Everything starts with a strange parchment you may buy on the Promenade. It's a portrait of young lady. That's how Yvette appears in the game. Help her to remember who she really is, let her experience adventures, let her stay by your side - that may guide you to something more than friendship, something Sune herself would bless. Yet remember that Yvette's past can tear your with its sharp talons.
Mod includes both SoA and ToB portion.

Colours of Infinity download section

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  • franco8737franco8737 Member Posts: 52
    edited January 2015
    Thanks for your afford. When will Gahesh and Varshoon be available on BG2EE? I am still looking forward to them. :P

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,782
    The mod got updated. Here is the list of changes :)
    EET compatibility by K4thos (continuous chapters, ToB transition)
    Cross-platform support: use HANDLE_AUDIO for ogg to wav conversion
    Multi-language support: use HANDLE_CHARSETS for non-English installations
    Added EE-format TIS v2 and PVRZ area graphics (fix horizontal lines glitch)
    Removed un-assignable extra proficiency point to avoid level-up glitch

  • crymoricuscrymoricus Member Posts: 8
    Yvette is such a great NPC mod. I love her voice, her image, etc. I'm in a game right now where it seems no matter how much time passes or what I do, Yvette will not come out of the picture and join my party. My main character is a Chaotic Good human Shadowdancer. What's the solution to this, please! I want my Yvette!

  • crymoricuscrymoricus Member Posts: 8
    Nevermind. I see I took a nap at The Sea's Bounty and she was hiding by the door when I woke up. I really think it would have been better to have had her initiate conversation when she appears. As it is, you have to see her there. I had no indication that she was there.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,247

    Weird. That’s what she’s supposed to do and how I’ve always seen her interact. It’s possible her action command to speak with you got interrupted somehow.

  • crymoricuscrymoricus Member Posts: 8
    Nope, I started a new game and it happened again. This time I was ready for it, though, and I Tab-found her. She does not initiate when you're done resting in Promenade Tavern, or the Tavern in Bridge District. I have no idea about any other tavern, or if that's even related.

  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 21
    I think I'm encountering the same problem:

    "YvetteRomanceActive" is set to 1
    "YvetteRomanceTalk" is set to 5, which as I understand is the last "drawing" talk
    "YvetteChange" is set to 1

    If I try to converse with the drawing, nothing happens, and several in-game days have passed, with multiple restings and traveling betweeen areas.. What is supposed to happen at this point?

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,782
    And are you a match for her? Yvette is a romance mod and she becomes "real" only if you match romance requirements, which are:


  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 21
    edited April 2020
    I'm a neutral good male half-elf :)

    Sorry, some context: I'm playing EET, mod is the last version, I have the romance cheats from TA on. (nothing kills romance and multiple romances, iirc)

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,782
    I'm not sure what may be the problem then. That's the script that makes her appear:
    RESPONSE #100

    It looks like all conditions are met. Perhaps you can use NearInfinity to check if the chapter thing installed correctly, but I don't know why should there be any problem...

  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 21
    Using NI I searched inside YXYVE.BCS for lines of that script: it's not there.. Am I looking in the wrong file?

    Or maybe something went wrong during installation. :(

    If I paste that script inside the BCS, would it work?

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,782
    It should be in baldur.bcs... and if you're using EET, I bet it's gonna be HUGE. Huh....

  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 21
    edited April 2020
    It's not even in there.. in Baldur.bcs i don't have a single "yvette" instance. :(

    According to the debug file, it should be fine:

    But alas.

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  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 668
    edited April 2020
    That is unfortunate. I know the player script extends it.

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