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Aerie plays Baldur's Gate II {Playthrough}



  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,810
    Aerie wrote: »

    There are many of us NPC's on here. Some are just inactive.

    @Korgan @elminster and @Bodhi for example, are all on here alongside me.

    They even spawn children on the prime material plane @Son_of_Imoen

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    Aerie wrote: »

    You should really use Hexxat more. You're missing out :p>:)
    i really don't see it happening and i am glad that my in game @Aerie has a very different attitude from the one that you show here, other way i would stop to use the npc that i find the most versatile and interesting to play among them all.

    goody two shoes forever ;):)

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 7,125
    I think this is more like vampire Aerie after Bodhi kidnaps her...

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The Wild Tomb Keep.

    Aerie traveled to the Wild Forest, where there was a lot of chaos about. Traps, wild animals, wild surges, ogres and more traps. After many close encounters with enemies and wild surges alike, one encounter could of been the parties undoing. After nearly walking head-first into a polymorph trap, Neera thankfully warned us we were about to do so. I ignored her advice and made Neera walk into the trap, she was then turned into a squirrel. Nevertheless we managed to access the Wild Mage camp, so I'm happy with the outcome.

    Neera the squirrel.

    It was then time to begin Hexxat's first quest. After fighting some spooky ghost monks inside of some forgotten tomb, I came across the one I seeked. I defiled his resting place.

    Aerie does of course.

    After completing Hexxat's quest Watchers Keep soon beckoned.

    I completed the ritual and killed all the guardians. And with that the first level of watchers keep was complete.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    I feel this is relative to the above conversation about myself.


    So yeah, I basically am a vampire.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    ''Somebody's poisoned the waterhole'' - Sheriff Woody.

    Aerie quoting Sheriff Woody, what a time to be alive.

    The title of this section may have led you to believe that I have poisoned the druid's grove. But you have been deceived. I may be evil, travel with evil people and do evil deeds but that doesn't stop me from being vain. And I much prefer a statue of myself for the people fools of Trademeet to worship, then no statue.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    I dreamed a dream in times gone by, that the Cult of the Eyeless would die. I dreamed that evil* would never die!

    *Me, myself and I.

    Next up: The Planar Sphere. We were locked in the sphere. A Golem’s head was crushed. We killed some fish men. I started a coal collection. This place had some serious magic!

    After a few more encounters we decided to rest in the conveniently placed tents.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Here lie the remains of those that cross me.

    We decided to take a break from fighting and adventuring and spent some quality time in this splendid Mushroom room-thing. We played rugby with pieces of the mushroom.

    Then it was back to business. We killed the Cowled fools and battled Lavok who was a piece of cake before we set out and entered the demonic valley.

    After a harder battle than I expected I rushed a demon, killed him took his heart and fled whilst little quatsi/mephit things chased after us. There were too many of them. We did escape so I consider that an absolute win.

    I’m now the owner of the sphere, pretty sweet.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    I said my goodbyes to Mencar Pebblecrusher and his gang as I wiped them out of the realms. Our party followed this up by slaughtering paladins and other forces of good before we were ambushed by ''The Hammers''. We took them down with ease.

    I will keep this brief, after travelling to a dirty old tomb which contained spiders and a few weird ghost monks (one of which, summoned the demons or fiends in the below image) I ransacked the tomb single-handedly.

    Just ignore my companions they were no help.

    The adventure never stops and I was soon called into action, yet again with Neera's Red Wizard problem. My favourite part of this quest was playing with the flashy coloured lights.
    See? I'm green.


    Oh, I also sided with Bodhi.


  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Giant tree! This quest (Dorn's Bloody path) was one of the most fun quests of this whole play-through.

    After killing and exploring the Gorge and the inside of the Great Tree it was summoning time. I summoned Ur-Gothez.
    A great looking image btw

    The fight with Ur-Gothez was fast paced, but it also finished pretty quickly. Ur-Gothez was dead and Dorn had a new master.

    The Windspear Hills awaited. After exploring and fighting our way through the dungeon, a minor Wild Surge occurred (as a result of Dorn using the Brick+2) I felt was worthy of featuring on here.

    Oh, and there was the small matter of coming face to face with Firkraag...

    To be continued.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Firkraag continued.

    This battle was a really hard one, you can see that by how all my party members died (except me of course). I am the ultimate coward. So there wasn't much time to grab screenshots.

    Here is the direct aftermath of the battle.

    Anyways after that I payed Windspear a visit and we killed him. Absolutely diabolical. I guess you can say the Windspear Hills are technically mine now, as I own the deed?

    Aerie Hills, I like the sound of that.


    Final Mage stronghold quest! I experienced an assassination/invasion attempt, but they were no match for me. I then went after and imprisoned that hater of mages. How could you honestly hate little old me..?!


    Oh and two more things. 1) We returned to the Sphere, alerted Teos of what had happened and as he was teleporting away we killed him (screenshot below), and 2) the next person who comments can decide which quest I do out of Umar Hills and the Planar Prison quest because I personally hate them both B)

    So comment below.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    After a bit of a break, we completed the Gong quest (that was exhausting), a few of Bodhi's quests (not the final one, though) and one or two other small quests.

    Sadly I forgot to take screenshots, *but* I managed to capture this interesting bit of dialogue alone.

  • BlackbɨrdBlackbɨrd Member Posts: 287
    Go Umar Hills.

    I also like how this play-through is progressing thus far.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    ''Umar Hills'' it is then. Fun fact both the following quests (Planar Prison and Shadow Temple/Umar Hills) are my least favourite quests in the entire game.

    We ventured into the darkness. Aside from killing the shadows and various other undead we came face to face with a sleeping dragon. The shadow dragon never saw those traps coming.

    I almost felt sorry for ruining another force of evil's day, I mean night but the Shade Lord had to die. A pity, he would of made a worthy ally.

    Onwards to the Planar Prison! After releasing the thralls and killing the warden I was forced (by the game) to free Raelis Shai and her many fools, if I had it my way they would all be dead.

    It was only a small matter though, I settled for slaying Haer'Dalis once we were back in the Five Flagons inn. Screenshots of both quests below.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Time to hand Aran Linvail the L

    Take that L, Aran!

    Off to SpellHold, choo choo . Brynnlaw was interesting. After fighting our way into SpellHold, I was stuck inside a glass tube. I ended up sacrificing 1 point of wisdom, though on second thoughts maybe I should have given up strength. No matter. Then some weirdo tried to make me sit a test. Test. Test. Aerie does no tests!

    After more tests and a short fight with Irenicus, Irenicus left us to fight our clones and some murderers.
    SpellHold test and fight with our clones

    I always wanted to set sail with Saemon Havarian, which is exactly what I did. After a few *minor* complications and a few choice words from myself we departed Brynnlaw. More screenshots below.

    Typical. After everything around me came crashing down, I landed in a fish city. Yuck, I just hate seafood.

    More juicy betrayals to come. As can be seen in the below image, I love a good betrayal.

  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,810
    edited April 2020

    I tried out this method to have Aerie in BG:EE from this mod join as if she were Charname, but as soon as I use CTRL-K on Charname (I called him Biff the Understudy (*)) the game says 'your main character has been killed' and I get the dying hand animation and the load screen.

    How do you swap the main character in BG:EE version 2.5?

    *Nevermind, I found it out: Ctrl-Q to force Aerie into the party while the game is still paused works. Of course, I don't have the shop for the mod now.

    (*) calling Charname Biff the Understudy was a mistake, now I kicked him out and had Aerie-in-BG:EE join, she gets still named Biff the Understudy.

    Ergo, if you use this method of CTRL-K'ing Charname out and CTRL-Q'ing any character in as Charname, you have to name Charname in the character creation screen with the name of the creature you want to eventually become Charname!

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226

    Ergo, if you use this method of CTRL-K'ing Charname out and CTRL-Q'ing any character in as Charname, you have to name Charname in the character creation screen with the name of the creature you want to eventually become Charname!
    That's actually wrong.

    Firstly I've never done the process in BG only in BG2, so that could be a factor also as you have a modded NPC (Aerie) that could be a factor in it not working. It also depends when you do it, if you do it mid-game there's a chance it won't work, if you do it at the start of the game it will and should work.

    I suspect you could be doing it incorrectly, for example I've previously (as an experiment) named Charname something random and then spawned Jon Irenicus into the party before, and the game recognises Charname as Jon Irenicus (just like in the linked thread it is explained how to be done :smile: ).

    Just to be safe, when Charname is kicked from a party I would highly recommend to kill Charname. I'm no expert but if the game can detect the ''original charname'' it might reference them, whereas if the original is dead it will (in theory) only detect the active and current charname.

    It does sound strange though, because I've never had it gone wrong and I always have the original charname named something completely different to the planned charname, to know *for sure* that everything has worked alright.

    Hope this hopes.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    edited April 2020
    In the Underdark!

    After killing the fish Prince we journeyed to the Underdark. Fighting elementals, a demonic creature, Drow, doing some quests and picking up Soul Reaver. We met with the Silver Dragon and our appearances changed to the shape of Drow. We sure looked weird. Entering the Drow city up next.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Return of the Mack.

    Once formalities were done, it was ritual time. I betrayed both the matron mother and Phaere but sadly as technically I'm not recognised as evil, my alignment still being lawful good I was not able to make a deal with the demon. Oh well.

    We threw the eggs on the ground, escaped the Drow City and confronted the silver dragon. She was no match and I soon drained (or collected?) her blood. Things are getting interesting as, as I have a small party we are leveling up pretty fast and Dorn and the rest of the party (except Hexxat) received their first special abilities. That does seem pretty early, we haven't even left the Underdark!

    Images below:
    Killing Drow and Elf alike and Dorn's first special ability.

    On the trip back, we encountered Drizzit and his party. We slaughtered them. We came, we saw and we slaughtered. That line of thinking also applies to the Gith who shortly after ambushed us.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    On goings in the life of me:

    I made a quick stop to the Umar Hills, for the sole reason of completing the Human Flesh amour. I was told to wait 4 days, leaving me to ponder and think what could we all get upto for 4 days?

    1) Finally using that sewer key. Using the key on the door and walking a few paces forward lead to us experiencing something strange. And here I was thinking that it would just be another room belonging to that lame old Wizard who had Haer'Dalis as a slave. But no this was different.

    It was full of Mind Flayers! We obviously killed them all, grabbed the magical hammer and forged Crom Faeyr.
    Mind Flayer lair and a screenshot of my inventory.

    With more then enough time to burn off, the only thing left to do was travel to Watcher's Keep. 2) We cleared out the Elemental level (which was a breeze) and entered the third level...

    Now in the game, one interaction I *normally* have in Watchers Keep goes something like this:

    But really, I've been lying to countless players the entire time. What I really mean, and how this conversation is supposed to go is: gpji5t0bepuj.png

    Oh and in other related matters, we grabbed Purifier +4 and left. While, I'm still Lawful Good :wink: I might as well make the most of it.

    Other Watchers Keep screenshots.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    I ''collected'' the Human Flesh amour with only a slight minor delay, and decided it was a time to pay old Bodhi a visit. Entering the crypt, we cleared our way to the dining room table before it was time to face Bodhi.

    I feel like this was quite a balanced party to take on the Vampires. Also a relative, ''I know you want this for life''.

    Whilst we were in town, why not pay the Twisted Rune a visit? The Rune, surely know they messed up now.

    With one remaining member of the Rune left, I will leave it up to your imagination what happened next... dtim8m41k90k.png

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The Elven City

    Wandering the streets and going to fetch some items, involved battling Golem's, a dragon, other magical creatures, demons and even some of the Elf's (who we attacked on purpose).

    Backstabs and entering the Palace. Screenshots.

    At long last, it was time to face Irenicus. Managing to drag his duplicated selves away from the actual Irenicus, made the fight a whole lot easier. I myself dealt him the crushing blow, except it appeared things were not over just yet.

    Then we were taken to hell! Arghhh

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Hell trials!

    Also known as show and tell. The first trial was the test of selfishness (or sacrifice), the demon grabbed Neera and I was faced with a big choice. It was time to make the ultimate sacrifice...
    Sacrificing Neera.

    Fear test: Obviously I gladly accepted the demon's cloak, I was getting cold without a cloak. Also an opportunity to show and see my current inventory.

    Next test: A quick stop to grab a magical sword and kill a genie.

    Sarevok's challenge was accepted by me, and he was fought till the end.

    Final test: I declined the chance to fight *yet* another dragon. Sometimes cowardice is a good option.

    Time to collect my ''rewards''... I'M GOING THROUGH CHANGES

    My total rewards, minus Sarevok's 2+ strength reward are shown below.

  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 218
    At least the alignment now finally matches this version of Aerie... :D

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,051
    Interesting choices there in hell, with mixed "good" and "evil" options. What made you choose the useless +2 strength and +2 Con rewards over a wisdom bonus (more spells) and permanent immunity to lesser weapons?

    Oh, and elven chain? Pshaw - archmage robes are better. You'd have to switch from yellow to red with the alignment change, but that's not so big a deal.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    smyth25 wrote: »
    At least the alignment now finally matches this version of Aerie... :D

    It sure does haha, I was really looking forward to an alignment change for a while. My transformation (to the dark side >:) ) is complete.
    jmerry wrote: »
    Interesting choices there in hell, with mixed "good" and "evil" options. What made you choose the useless +2 strength and +2 Con rewards over a wisdom bonus (more spells) and permanent immunity to lesser weapons?

    Oh, and elven chain? Pshaw - archmage robes are better. You'd have to switch from yellow to red with the alignment change, but that's not so big a deal.

    The +2 strength choice was made for how I'm playing this version of Aerie/myself (am I speaking in the 3rd person here?). The +2 Con choice was actually a good choice, because I feel that I'm a little bit ''squishy'' in the game and going from 68 hit-points to 83 hit-points is a big upgrade. I also feel immunity to +1 weapons or less will be obsolete in TOB.

    The +2 Con choice and the elven chain also makes sense because I only have one pure fighter in the party (Dorn), so if the party needs to fight the other fighting options (Me and Hexxat) need to able to take some damage.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Season Finale!

    As the gates opened I stood face to face with Irenicus, for the final time. As we spoke to each other, I insulted Jon twice. Being an NPC though, I got to insult Irenicus for a third time (which is pretty sweet). Though when I think about things a few demon followers of my own would be the greatest.

    Let the battle begin. Demon followers of Irenicus's appeared, and we ran to one of the staircases which helped to give us an advantage over the demons. Fighting the demons at long range while we ran, and then at close quarters we shortly overpowered them.

    Using the cloak of the sewers to our advantage, Dorn sucked up some of Irenicus's more dangerous spells and we rushed Irenicus while he was focused on Dorn (very sneaky). After what felt like an age, Irenicus finally fell.


    A big thank-you to all of the readers, viewers and people who have commented and liked the posts in this play-through.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    I'm back and so is the adventure.

    After a few days of torturing ''Queen'' Ellesime (that is what I've been upto since my last post), we traveled to the woods where we were ambushed by another bhaalspawn. I made quick work of her and then something strange happened.

    We were taken to a plane which I was told, was mine. Cool. Yeah, and I recruited Mr. TOB himself. Party complete!

    Saradush awaited us. I had a bit of fun with a small child, threatening to eat him, attacked a countess, an innocent man and finally began the trek to Gromnir's hideout through the vampire hideout option.
    Feature image: Me killing an innocent man muahawaha

    Other images.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    If you missed it above, or on the previous page of this thread I have some screenshots of Illasera and other happenings. Anyways back to where we left off.

    I am closing on Gromnir, as we exited the vampire's hideout we were attacked by his guards. After Neera accidentally let out one of the prisoners (making our reputation go up) I had to lower it. Fortunately the perfect victim was in the next cell, for maximum fright factor I borrowed Dorn's cloak of the sewers and morphed into a troll. Before and after pictures of the beggar being chunked.

    At last I came face to face with Gromnir himself, a spell sequencer of Neera's (containing three fireballs) took out the mage on the left and a spell sequencer of my own (three melfs acid arrows) took out the mage on the right. Dorn and Hexxat fought the minions coming up the stairs, and Sarevok, myself and Neera took on Gromnir.

    Gromnir was dead, after that we transported back killed more foes, Neera wild surged (losing some of our gold) and we traveled to the old temple of Bhaal. An akward short run in with some creep who told me he raised me... happened. What a weirdo. And we got a mission to collect some hearts.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Being the selfish Bhaalspawn Elf that I am, I decided to abandon the peoples of Saradush and leave them to their deaths. Instead of rushing and extending myself to go and get some Fire giant’s heart, I’d rather have fun and go hunt and ambush some Red Wizards with my good friend Neera.

    Which is what I did.

    After our ambush, we were transported away... into the middle of battle.

    This was actually an annoying battle, as there was no real time to prepare in between the Red Wizard fight and this fight (it was lucky we healed before we transported). After Dorn and Sarevok died, our main tactic was myself and Hexxat running away, Neera using the staff of the magi and using long range spells such as chain lighting, magic missile, acid arrows among other spells to hit the Yuan-ti from behind. Eventually the fight was won and I resurrected Dorn and Sarevok.

    I don't want to spoil Neera's quest for those who haven't done it yet, so I'll include a minor screenshot from that quest and the end result once we transported back right below.

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