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Unpopular opinions



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,925
    Balrog99 wrote: »
    Neera, Dorn and Rasaad slot seamlessly into the game.

    Especially Neera. She really fits seamlessly into the whole European Middle-Ages D&D trope...

    Oh yeah, nothing says European Middle Ages like plumbing, sewers, steampunk mage labs, women holding political office, Japan, genies, Hindu demons, pirates, etc...

  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,377
    Arvia wrote: »
    Another possibly unpopular opinion: The thief ability "use any item" shouldn't exist.
    Jan Jansen wielding Carsomir?!

    Actually Jan can't wield Carsomyr because he isn't strong enough. Use Any Item really should be renamed Use Any Item (so long as you can pick it up).

    Wouldn't spells/potions enable him to pick it up? Strength of one for example?

    If you give him one of the strength belts, he can wield Carsomyr. At least he could before the EE, I don't know if he can now.

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