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  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,918
    Journal of Jehu the Righteous and Party

    I assumed that destroying Coldhearth's Phalactery was all that was required after killing him once.

    It wasn't. :(

    Clearly I should have killed him again.

    Time stop was all he needed to end the run.

    That is all that is needed if you do it quickly - if the phylactery is destroyed before he has a chance to come back from a first death, he won't be able to reappear at all.

  • ussnorwayussnorway Member Posts: 341
    then that is a bug because tossing the phalactery into the hellfire should kill him no mater what... assuming it was the correct phalactery?

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,091
    edited February 4
    I am wondering about the secret revealed. Are there any enemies later on in the game that you can use it against?

    @ussnorway In that case I will continue as I have a save shortly before the incident. Thanks for telling me. However in future I will ensure that this incident isn't repeated as that battle isn't rocket science.

    Deselecting Spider's Bane enabled me to dispose of the phalactery before Coldheath reappeared. :)

    I therefore have 2 charges left. Are they of any use from now on?

    The fire elementals hurt Safana badly, so she fled whilst the rest of the party dealt with them and then healed her. :)

    Sylvana will have to wait, which considering my lack of experience with SoD probably won't be that long as I've only finished SoD once.

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  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,091
    edited February 4
    aldain wrote: »
    @Wise_Grimwald @ussnorway No, it's not a bug, it's intended behaviour and has always worked that way.
    It goes with the lore too: When a Lich's physical form is destroyed, its soul returns to the phylactery. The only way to permanently defeat the Lich is to destroy the phylactery. Once the phylactery is destroyed, destroying the Lich's physical form will kill it (since its soul has nowhere left to run...). If its soul is inside the phylactery when the phylactery is destroyed, the Lich is done for.

    The Secret Revealed is essentially intended to be used against Coldhearth, but is also very handy against Zhadroth, a Lich in Kanaglym who can be pulled into the material plane using the Spectacles of Spectacle.
    Zhadroth has some fancy loot: If you elect not to attack him, he gives you a Ring of Regeneration. Or if you defeat him, you get the ring as well as a robe that lets you cast Spell Sequencer once per day (very powerful in SoD). The Secret Revealed has three charges, so you're OK even if you need to use two of them against Coldhearth (leaving one charge for Zhadroth).

    Thanks for telling me. I'll delete the games and carry on with Sylvana. Avoiding this death will be fairly straightforward now that I understand what's going on and I should be able to do it with just one secret revealed charge now that I understand the need for haste.

    Sylvana now has 31,000 experience so it is coming up time to start enlisting.

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  • ussnorwayussnorway Member Posts: 341
    I normally kill Zhadroth with traps

  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,802
    @jaypee: Bold to try on a solo Wizard Slayer! Very few have dared to make the attempt.

  • jaypeejaypee Member Posts: 19
    @jaypee: Bold to try on a solo Wizard Slayer! Very few have dared to make the attempt.

    I was sceptical at first of the chances of a Wizard Slayer. Not having the possibility to buff with potions, not being able to use most immunity items (ring of free action, greenstone amulet, etc.), not being able to go invisible etc, it seems an impossible task.

    But by doing some test runs, I found that with the right tactics you can tackle most encounters with a decent probability. Not 100% like most classes, but I do believe you have a fair chance of getting a character past SOA atleast. I currently have a minimal reload run past the first pocket plane challenge, so this strongs my belief that it is possible.

    Wizard Slayers have an incredible potential late game with their 100% MR, the big problem is getting there.
    Lady luck definitely needs to be on your side some of the time :).

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