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Game Portraits

DeuterogenesisDeuterogenesis Member Posts: 8
edited October 7 in BGII:EE Mods
Edit: From what I understood (pardon me oh ever-vigilant Helm, for I am a noob), I can update the same thread I was using previously. Thank you for your help on that matter, this forum is full of friendly users.
So, here we are: new portraits added to the old ones. I will keep updating the thread, as long as I manage to do more. Safe travels!

Hello, I am a Game Art student and I am starting a project painting personalised fan art portraits for Baldur's Gate II (possibly Baldur's Gate III, in case we players might be able to add our own, as we used to in BG1 and 2). I wanted to capture the essence of Baldur's Gate II portraits, to be precise. I noticed most players seem to prefer the style of the original BG1 portraits, but I am a huge fan of the slightly more cartoonish ones you can find in BG2 (Jaheira, Viconia, Aerie, Keldorn, Anomen, etc.). I had once found the name of the amazing artist creating BG2 original portraits, but I forgot his name, much to my shame. If anybody here remembers this information, it would be great!
Edit: it was the one and only Mike Sass! xioq0ubnruy7.png

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