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Here's how to add custom sound sets



  • NarcissistNarcissist Member Posts: 65

    You are friggin awesome! That tutorial worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch!
  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    Sooooooo easy to follow, and i'm the type that could probably stumble upon a portal to heck just to grab a midnight snack. XP
  • dibdib Member Posts: 384
    @Luigirules Cheers, your tutorial was a lot better than mine. :)
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Any idea why it only works for a new game though? I was hoping I could replace a character's voice through the customize menu but it has that same problem where no sounds play in-game.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Figured out a solution to the problem. In the CHARSND table there are several columns to the far right that are allotted for custom sound sets. They are labeled custom0 to custom9, so if you take your soundset and change the filenames to "custom0a", "custom0b", etc. then the custom soundset will work without any problems.

    This allows you to bring in a custom soundset and have it work properly without having to start a new game.

    The only downside is that there are only 9 or 10 custom sound slots set up in this particular way, so if you have more soundsets than that you may have to figure out something else.
  • DarkSpiralDarkSpiral Member Posts: 24
    I'm trying to follow these steps to allow custom soundsets, but I have an unusual problem with the DLTC window being to small for me to see the setup option, and no scrollbars being present to change the view.

    Any suggestions as to what setting I need to alter (in Windows or otherwise) to fix this, so I can progress with the rest of the tutorial?
  • Dark_AnsemDark_Ansem Member Posts: 974
    how do we know which sound is played for what situation? what about subtitles?
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