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MacOS WeiDu Launcher: easy mod installation on Macs!

SystemSystem Administrator Posts: 193
edited November 2019 in General Modding
This is an app for easy, double-click launching of WeiDu on MacOS. It should make mod installation even easier on Macs than it is on Windows.

First, follow steps 1 and 3 here (you can skip step 2!):

Then, for step 4, just drop this app into your game folder along with your mods, and double-click it. Choose which mod to install from the list. It will open up the Terminal and start the WeiDU installer for that mod. Just follow the prompts.

After the first mod is done and you have "typed enter to exit" in Terminal, just run this app again and you can install a second mod. Just use this app every time, for each mod you want to install - simple!

PLEASE NOTE: This app does NOT display your mods in any kind of order; do NOT just install them from top to bottom in the dialog box. Mod install order matters greatly with BG. It's not like Oblivion/whatever game where you can just check a box to 'enable' a mod. It's more like *layering* mods on top of each other. Think of a pizza: if you layer the ingredients out of order (cheese on the bottom?) it just doesn't work.

So, I highly recommend planning ahead. Get all the mods you want to use, read up about them and about BG mod install orders. Maybe find the latest "BiG World Guide" .pdf that has installation notes for getting literally hundreds of mods to work together. Then write out the list, in order, so you can keep track as you go. That is kind of anal, but it is worth it in the end, because most people end up going through this process more than once (because they reinstall mods that are updated, or because they get the bug and end up finding more and more mods they want to try).

This app can take the place of the dedicated "setup-X.command" scripts found in (e.g.) some of G3's Mac-packaged mods. One of my goals is to make *your* life easier, by simplifying mod packaging. All the player needs is a single copy of this app, a single generic copy of Weidu, and your .tp2 and mod folder. You don't need to do anything specific to the Mac OS, unless your mod uses some special tool like OggDec (and my understanding is that even those audio-handling tools are now cross-platform). With most mods out there, you can really just make a single package for your mod download, rather than one for each OS.

Feel free to include this app in your mod package instead of a .command installer script. It's open-source, I don't mind it being re-distributed, altered, improved, whatever. As long as you don't claim you invented it, it's all good.

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