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[Christmas Thread 2012] Your presents for Baldur's Gate NPCs!



  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
    Shandyr said:

    Liia - Otiluke's Resilient Sphere cast on her.

    I tried that! She succeeded in saving throw :D

    Wasn't there a game where there were no saving throws for that spell?
    Hm, I don't know. Don't use that spell that often. But probably IWD2, NWN or Temple of the elemental evil. Because they use either the third or the fourth edition rules.

  • LadyEibhilinRhettLadyEibhilinRhett Member Posts: 1,078
    @Shandyr Christmas is over, doesn't that mean it's time to update the OP?

  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    @LadyEibhilinRhett Shandyr is currently taking a break from these forums. He'll be back though.

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
    Oh, look, Xzar casts animate death on this thread. How nice of him.
    I felt sad that the tree never got finished, so I decided to give presents to the NPCs that didn't get some yet.
    Not like it's almost a year to late. I bet they won't notice. Nope.

    Illasera - Sean Bean to play her in the non-existent Baldur's Gate movie.
    Ardenor - A nice warm scarf. So that he won't feel so chilled anymore. Geddit?
    Taugosz - Some "Polymorph Self" scrolls so that he can appear human again.
    Nimbul - He can have his ring of Infravision back. Who would even need that.
    EnderSai - A pillow. He should have it comfortable while he is waiting in the hut for his execution/ rescue.
    Karhk - Uhm. Kobolds. There are not already enough at the Firewine Bridge.
    Degrodel - A helmet and a cloak.
    Dushai - A board with nails to meditate on.
    Mendas - A silver bullet to the face.
    Ike - A magic wand with "Detect Traps" spells on it.
    Delsvirftanyon - He can have his useless wardstones back :I
    Phandalyn - Chloroform. So that he may sleep till I am done with my buisness in town.
    Durlyle/ Delainy - A bouquet of flowers and heart-shaped chocolate ~
    Karoug - Balduran's Butterknife.
    Maralee - Her baby son.
    Husam - A coupon for the Undercellar.
    Gellana - A legit cleric's robe.
    Gamaz - A proper burrial.
    Marek - A new geas which forces him to sneeze every time I say "Well".
    Jalantha - A ship in a bottle.
    Arkion - More corpses that he could possibly eat...... EXPERIMENT ON.
    Nemphre - I don't know. Candycanes.
    Ordulinian - Uhhh. Also candycanes.
    Quenash - A year's stock of condoms. She will need them for her job.
    Vail - Same as Quenash.
    Brunos - A "Do not disturb" sign.
    Thaldorn - Same as Brunos.
    Yago - Pills against motion sickness.

    Clara - A mug of hot, black coffee.
    Hexxat - A sewing kit to fix that rag of a cloak.
    L - Cake. Lots and lots of cake.
    Cabrina - A trip to the playboy mansion.
    Alorgoth - A flashlight.
    Szass Tam - The heartbeats I skipped when I met him O_O'

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