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What is Your Favorite Arcane Spell?

FinaLfrontFinaLfront Member Posts: 260
It can be for any number of reasons. Is it for practical purposes? Powergaming? Is it an integral part of your strategy? Does it alleviate challenges in the game? Or is it just a really cool spell?
I tried to fit what I think the most popular picks would be. Feel free to pick 'other' if yours is not mentioned on the list.

Personally, absolutely love Dimension Door. Not a whole lot of practicality with this spell, but it has always been my favorite. So you can imagine how I felt after the butchery that the spells has gone through. Later renditions removing the spell from the game and changing the animations. I really liked the original BG animation compared to the anti-climactic animation BG2 has. Luckily SCS aTweaks can alter the animation to a much more tantalizing one.

A close second would be Clairvoyance, another really cool spell that just doesn't get used that often. It's hard to justify a slot in your book for it. I think this spell would have been really nice on a recruitable "clairvoyant" NPC as an innate ability 1x/day (that would also work indoors)

Anyways, your turn!

What is Your Favorite Arcane Spell? 59 votes

Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
ChnapyTressetGod 3 votes
Invisibility Spells
jackjack 1 vote
Dispel Magic/Anti Protection Spells
FlashburnrecklessheartPittisBlackravenenqenqLoub 6 votes
Mantle/Stoneskin/Spell Deflection
SethDavisNoon 2 votes
Haste/Improved Haste
willum69EtaminTysnwintersJuris 5 votes
SCARY_WIZARDGoturalYgramuljorgehalcarazRavenslight 5 votes
Summoning Spells
MiridorSuperFeatureEadwyn_G8keeperJiveOne 4 votes
Dimension Door
TuthStrayedMonkeyFinaLfront 3 votes
Polymorph Self
Kamigoroshi 1 vote
Other Specific Spell
BelgarathMTHelminsterelementLemernisAristilliusbbearZaknafeinBaenreWolkArizaelArchaosPibaroOneAngryMushroomJuliusBorisovBalrog99SouthpawFinneousPJmumumomothe_spyderManicMcChipmunkCrevsDaak 29 votes


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