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Mod announcements and modder recruitment

mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,555
edited April 2017 in General Modding
This thread is meant to provide a guide to all mods for BG:EE and BG II:EE nnounced in this forum as being in development or being adapted from vanilla BG/BG II as well as those that are recruiting modders. As we all know, the forums are very active and it's very easy for a mod announcement to get lost in page 5 a few minutes after being announced.

If your mod is not in this list, don't take it as an insult :)

For mod development announcements and modder recruitment threads not in the list bellow, notify me or post in the thread and I´ll update it ASAP.

If you're looking for links to mods that were already released click here.

Mods in development
Dark Horizons
[MOD] Eldritch Magic (BGEE/BG2EE/IWDEE)
In development, Kerick NPC mod for BGEE
NPC Preview: Dark Side of the Sword Coast
All Things Mazzy
Planetouched Races
SCALES OF BALANCE! (kit rev and tweak mod)

Recruiting Modders
Recruiting Modders: DSotSC Upgrade Project. Help Wanted (Dialog Coders PLEASE)!

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