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Top debated questions on the EE forums

DullSkullTheSecondDullSkullTheSecond Member Posts: 243
Top *X* fiercely debated questions on EE forums:

1. Kensai/mage = best class combo?
2. Barbarian vs Berserker
3. What behavior/ideals do the alignments represent?
4. Multi-class vs dual-class
5. Sorcerer vs wild mage
6. Ranger/cleric = cheating?
7. Saving Clara
8. Best weapon setup
+9. Where's the patch
+10. Memes
+11. Is BGEE/BG2EE/IWDEE worth it?
+12. Sorcerer spell selection
+13. What class should I pick?
+14. Who is Wilson!?

I could only come up with 8(+5!) but that may be because I have only been active here for about half a year. Anything I should add?

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