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I wanted to say thank you

cates85cates85 Member Posts: 2
edited February 2015 in New Members Welcome Area
I'm not much of a forum user, but this community as well others such as Gibberlings 3, Spellhold Studios, TeamBG, and so many others that I feel terrible for having their names escape me at the moment are amazing so I have to give my thanks. Thank you so much for breathing new life into this game that we all love. And I doubt they'll read this but just in case, also thanks to Beamdog and Overhaul for resurrecting this franchise.
About myself, I remember seeing Baldur's Gate at the store as a kid, but being more of a console gamer at the time, I was put off by the graphics and intimidated the depth mentioned in the reviews at the time. (I actually felt the same way about the original X-Com, which I also love now).
Years later, I had become obsessed with Bioware's newer titles like Mass Effect, KOTOR, and Dragon Age. After beating them all to death, I still wanted that Bioware magic and decided to finally give Baldur's Gate a try when the EE came out. I researched the plot and characters a bit, and jumped in.
I then proceeded to get my ass kicked at every turn. "Edwin is a mage so he needs a staff!" And he died. I was a "spell hoarder", not wanting to waste my uses thinking I'd need them later, and also assumed the sling wasnt going to be effective. Then Viconia with her cheap mace went down. Eventually Dorn, Safana and myself would fall to the same fate in nearly every encounter. My first run through the game was only completed through use of the console cheats.
Several months ago, I upgraded my phone and decided to give the android version a shot. This time, I did my homework on forums such as this. This time I had a much better grasp of the various class roles and how to maximize them. I learned the value of ranged weapons, even the wet noodle looking sling. I managed to fly through the series. Part way through ToB, I purchased Dragon Age Inquisition as my next game to play after BG, but I havent even started it yet. I became too attached to the BG series and immediately started a new playthrough on my Windows Tablet to take advantage of some of the mods available.
I've been kicking myself for not giving this amazing series a chance much sooner, but I'm glad i did eventually. You guys here and at other BG resources have helped me enjoy this game immensely, thanks to the helpful information and mods available. Thank you all, and I can't wait to see what awesome things the community cooks up for Adventure Y!

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