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Dialogue-pickpocket trick, bug or an "RP feature"

JoshBGJoshBG Member Posts: 91
As many may know, after finishing the dialogue with an NPC, this NPC will "focus" on the character which initiated the dialogue for a few seconds(you can walk in circles around the NPC and she/he/it will turn with you). During this time, a PP attempt from another character(I always do it with another character for RP purposes, which I explain latter) won't turn the NPC hostile even if it fails(and you can try many times: pause-try, pause-try, etc).

This is how I'm ALWAYS :D getting some awesome clock on my no-reload runs, as soon as Imoen gets 50 in PP.

Obvious exploiting, right? True. However, it's brilliant from RP perspective: one is distracting, another is "working". Am I right? Am I right?

So, what's your take on this? Aye or nay? :)



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