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Ice Island Level II Map Flip?

WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
I have flipped the Ice Island's 'Restored' Second Level in order to make it more of a unique map and less of a frozen over Candlekeep catacomb cave level.

Ice Island Level II Map Flip? 18 votes

I think that it is an Improvement and I support this change.
WithinAmnesiatypo_tillyJuliusBorisovSelabocAstroBryGuyMadrictRobinHood70 7 votes
I think that it is not an Improvement and I do not support this change.
Tuth 1 vote
I am indifferent.
elminsterdeltagoGoodStevebob_vengNoonFinneousPJJarrakulGallowglassNimranSxphxrxth 10 votes


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