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[MOD] "Beta" 38 Subraces for BG:EE - 0.87 - Updated - 3/11/2013



  • ShapiroKeatsDarkMageShapiroKeatsDarkMage Member Posts: 2,425
    edited April 2013
    I downloaded it in my 0776 folder but the installer keeps telling me to install it in the right folder.

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  • NarwamaNarwama Member Posts: 2
    Hello Corsymyr,
    I have a problem with the installation, I think I do everything ok but when I press 'I' to install tells me that it can't find override/race.ids
    Do you have any ideas how to resolve this? note that I have the steam version (as Eldrian)

  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756

    Check if you have a folder called override inside the main game folder (i.e. the one containing the file chitin.key). If not, create one and try again the installation.

  • KaltzorKaltzor Member Posts: 1,050
    edited April 2013
    Is there a way to get Sub-races working on an Imported character? All the effects it adds onto the character seem to go away once the character is Imported and the NPC who would give subraces gets confused when you try to talk to him with a non-standard race.

    Also, Sub-races in the Black Pits would be nice to have if it's possible to edit them in there.

    Edit: Looking around, they keep the resistances and innate abilties, other effects I don't know.

  • MonoCanallaMonoCanalla Member Posts: 291
    edited April 2013
    I am sorry, I have no idea how to install this mod. I use Mac, and i follow the process to install mods, but the executable file, opened with Wine, does not seem to install anything.

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  • NarwamaNarwama Member Posts: 2
    I did it, still same problem..

  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 983
    When I installed this mod, it works completely fine except that there is no race displayed in the character panel. The space that usually fills out "race" is completely blank.

  • TherosTheros Member Posts: 2
    Reporting bug :
    As a Firesoul Genasi, its only possible to use "Burning Hands" as a level 1 char. From level 2, the option to use the ability isn't available anymore.

  • AssarCZEAssarCZE Member Posts: 25
    I think this mod is quite good. I installed it just yesterday but now, I am unable to comprehend, how I could play BG:EE without it.

    Anyway I wanted to ask you (the modder) few things:
    - Is possible to edit your subraces to closer resamble subraces from IWD2/NWN2 (I know that IWD2/NWN2 is 3.x edition DnD, but still if Aasimar is celestial from it's part he should have those bonuses to WIS and CHA as in IWD2/NWN2)? Because this will be really great. Same goes of course for other races too.
    - Is possible to edit your mod for NPCs too? For instance !!!SPOILER - If Imoen has the same father as MainChar, she should be Aasimar i guess - ENDOFSPOILER!!!

    As was mantioned here before, your subraces are not displayed in race display box - it will be cool, if there is way to correct it.

  • LucarioaLucarioa Member Posts: 5
    When it says -%XX to XP, does that mean they have a lower cap? Or gain at a lower rate?

  • FelipeH92FelipeH92 Member Posts: 19
    I have the same problem as @Aquadrizzt , does anyone have a solution? I can't stop thinking is something with the dialog.tlk, because I had a problem like this with the kit package mod, but I re-installed and it worked fine... but I can't get the Subraces to work properly :(

  • doshidaniadoshidania Member Posts: 46
    does anyone know if this is usable on OSX? I'd love to use this mod, this is awesome.

  • kimmuryielkimmuryiel Member Posts: 55
    edited July 2014
    needs to be made to work with all BGs...and maybe have half dragon as a subrace for elves, humans, and half elves as well? :D

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  • kimmuryielkimmuryiel Member Posts: 55
    mars0124 said:

    Here is another addition. The alignment check (for something like the Celestial)

    SAY ~Of course I can detect your Human heritage, but there is more left to reveal. Concentrate on the area of your first memory.~
    IF ~Alignment(Player1,mask_good)~ THEN REPLY ~Celestial~ GOTO SR_AASAMIR

    Edit: This is fun! I don't have the know-how to make my own mods. I can't even make a basic kit. Though I do script with Windows and Linux all the time and get the scripting languages in general. I didn't think it would be this easy.
    would you be able to script a Bodhi-nap for BG2? (regular) I'm looking at making my own NPC mods (but don't have a writer >_>) I could probably code the talking

  • deathgeonousdeathgeonous Member Posts: 56
    Hey, if you're still working on this, I just tried this mod out, made a Human Cavalier, LG, 18 CHA... ect ect... Anyways, the Cav's 20% resistances in both fire and acid replaced the bonuses that I should have got instead of being added onto, making them 35%, like I thought they'd be. Next up, I did not receive a +1 modifier to my Reputation, it stayed at a 12. What else? Wings and Halo? Asked for them, no show. Just thought I'd tell you about this, if you are still working on this that is. Anyways, going to remove this mod before restarting, cause it just ain't working for me right now.

  • PandemicLegionPandemicLegion Member Posts: 37
    This Mod makes me Play the whole Serie again ^^
    I have two Question i start with a Drow i take the glasses its the better choice i think especially for bg1 or do you guys recommend take the ring?
    When i can unequip it?
    I have a stranbge cloud around me it is normal?
    And can i import my Drow char to bg2ee?
    Thx for your answers and sry for my bad english ncie mod !

  • PandemicLegionPandemicLegion Member Posts: 37
    The Lightblind Penalty only goes away when i sleep in a INN :( its unplayable.

  • PandemicLegionPandemicLegion Member Posts: 37
    Someone still playing with this mod in bg1ee?

  • SrenSren Member Posts: 23
    So I am trying to install. I have unzipped it to my 00766 folder and am trying to run the .exe file and it just freezes at
    (set-bg1npc.exe) Queried (pid = 120)

    I tried uninstalling the mod and moving all my other mods out of the folder but it still won't run :/
    The other mods I'm running with is BG1 NPC Project, Song and Silence from G3, and BG2 Tweaks

  • AlukaAluka Member Posts: 2
    When I run it, I get Fatal Error: sys_error(".\\lang\\en_us\dialog.tlk: Permission denied") even when I run as admin. What am I doing wrong?

  • Ser_ElrykSer_Elryk Member Posts: 72
    Sorry if I skimmed over the answer. But does anybody know if this mod causes any problems when importing your character into BG2EE? Will everything carry over?

  • ScannScann Member Posts: 1
    Should items that comes with the new sub races instantly be in your inventory or do come later or bought or do I console them in? just check if installed to mod right because I made Assamier I think spelled that right that dialog showed up my appearance change to golden elf but no wings or a halo just checking what to do I don't go to far in that play through I can only get the items there legitly

  • kimmuryielkimmuryiel Member Posts: 55
    I don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but...I think there's a mixup on at least the Avariel recoloring. Mine looks like a Drow.

  • cmorgancmorgan Member Posts: 707
    edited August 2015
    Quick note - screened friendship, interaction, and romance dialogue paths and Romance Match script blocks in most currently existing mods expect to be able to do this:


    and these checks use race.ids

    Is there a way of implementing your mod so that the sub-race retains the parent race.ids?

    If not, it just means that if a player installs your mod things happen like Half Elves with a sub-race are no longer eligible for any romances that require Half Elf. Most other races would automatically be excluded anyways in the older mods, and in any updated mods, too.

    edit: specifically this:

    //Append RACE.IDS
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~50 Aasimar~ UNLESS ~^50~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~51 Deep Imaskari~ UNLESS ~^51~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~52 Firesoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^52~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~53 Earthsoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^53~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~54 Stormsoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^54~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~55 Watersoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^55~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~56 Windsoul Genasi~ UNLESS ~^56~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~57 Pureblood Yuan-ti~ UNLESS ~^57~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~58 Half-Drow~ UNLESS ~^58~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~59 Fey'ri~ UNLESS ~^59~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~60 Drow~ UNLESS ~^60~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~61 Moon Elf~ UNLESS ~^61~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~62 Wild Elf~ UNLESS ~^62~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~63 Avariel~ UNLESS ~^63~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~64 Sun Elf~ UNLESS ~^64~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~65 Forest Gnome~ UNLESS ~^65~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~66 Rock Gnome~ UNLESS ~^66~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~67 Svirfneblin~ UNLESS ~^67~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~68 Lightfoot Hafling~ UNLESS ~^68~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~69 Tallfellow Halfling~ UNLESS ~^69~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~70 Ghostwise Halfling~ UNLESS ~^70~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~71 Gold Dwarf~ UNLESS ~^71~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~72 Shield Dwarf~ UNLESS ~^72~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~73 Derro~ UNLESS ~^73~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~74 Githzerai~ UNLESS ~^74~
    APPEND ~race.ids~ ~75 Half-Dragon~ UNLESS ~^74~
    is doing exactly what it is supposed to - but since almost everything out there uses

    1 HUMAN

    it means that content designed to play for humans will not appear for 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 ( all subraces of human I believe).

    An alternative is to place a warning on the mod that lets them know this information; modders are not easily able to account for this, as your mod would have to be installed first and we would have to detect it.

    If you require a "before any NPC mods" in install order, technically, modders could adapt to it (older mods will still not work for folks using it, but new and updated mods could) we could do things like

    OUTER_SPRINT player1human ~OR(8) Race(Player1,1) Race(Player1,50) Race(Player1,51) Race(Player1,52) Race(Player1,53) Race(Player1,54) Race(Player1,55) Race(Player1,56) ~
    OUTER_SPRINT player1human ~Race(Player1,1)~
    and then change stuff in our mods to this, with EVALUATE_BUFFER -

    in .d

    + ~Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ +
    /* becomes */
    + ~%player1human %~ +
    in .baf, thiugh, stuff gets realkly messed up. You can't have nested OR()s, so a modder would have to recode everything into smaller blocks - bleh -

    RESPONSE #100

    /* becomes */

    IF /* human */
    RESPONSE #100

    IF /* half elf */
    RESPONSE #100

    IF /* halfling */
    RESPONSE #100

    IF /* elf */
    RESPONSE #100

    So... there is a technical solution available. It is install-order dependent, and means most mods will need to adapt to it (if they want to). Not great, but as long as players know this, they can choose - add the subrace for a fun playthrough, but expect mods with technical requirements for a romance to start or a friendship to go a certain direction (and an occasional oddity where a conversation suddenly says "No Valid Replies Or Links") to happen.

    Right now, it just means the first question on a bug report about lines missing or a romance not starting will need to be "Do you have SUBRACE installed? If so, edit your .cre to the parent race so that the mod knows you are what you are".

    ( FinnjoBGII_Subrace did this without changing race.ids, so it did not have any impact like this on existing mods. TeamBG hosts it, I think. )

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  • cmorgancmorgan Member Posts: 707
    edited August 2015
    OK, a check of my files archive shows that for BG:EE content, pretty much all the NPCs available have this difficulty. Most of them use the condition {race.ids} to screen responses and match for romance - but it will not kill your game or leave you with anything other than an occasional "No Replies Or Links" message and you can continue on your merry way. Romancers are currently out of luck if they use this mod, unless they EEKeeper themselves back to a regular race.


    AjantisBG1-v4\AjantisBG1\Romance_BG1\Scripts\AjantisRomCheckMatch.BAF (24 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase1\dlg\x#coran.d (1 hit)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase1\dlg\x#imoen.d (2 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase1\dlg\x#kivan.d (4 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase1\dlg\x#xan.d (20 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase1\dlg\x#yeslick.d (4 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\p#imanel.d (2 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\x#cosqu.d (2 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\x#cru11.d (2 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\x#davi.d (2 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\x#kisequ.d (1 hit)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\x#moint.d (1 hit)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\x#tiaxquest.d (3 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase2\dlg\x#xqxan.d (13 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\ajrom\baf\x#ajrom.baf (4 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\brrom\baf\p#brrom.baf (4 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\challenge\dlg\x#challenge.d (4 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\corom\baf\p#corom.baf (3 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\corom\dlg\p#corlt.d (64 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\corom\dlg\p#crnpc.d (5 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\dyrom\baf\p#dyrom.baf (4 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\dyrom\dlg\x#dybha.d (12 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\dyrom\dlg\x#dyro.d (50 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\pid\x#pcinit.d (52 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\shrom\baf\x#shrom.baf (1 hit)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\shrom\dlg\x#shrom.d (1 hit)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\xarom\baf\x#xarom.baf (2 hits)
    bg1npc-v22\bg1npc\phase3\xarom\dlg\x#xanlt.d (31 hits)
    bg1re_v1-3\bg1re\bjornin\bjornin_re_add.d (1 hit)
    bg1re_v1-3\bg1re\girdlegender\dialogue\girdlegenderreactions.d (1 hit)
    bg1re_v1-3\bg1re\mikala\mikala_ar4809.baf (3 hits)
    bg1re_v1-3\bg1re\mikala\mikala_ar4809_add.baf (1 hit)
    bg1re_v1-3\bg1re\quentin\AR2301.baf (3 hits)
    coran_friendship-v3\coranbgfriend\dlg\p#coranft.d (2 hits)
    FinchNPCv3_plain\finch\d\sufinch.D (4 hits)
    gavin-v9\gavin\baf\b!gavinint.baf (1 hit)
    gavin-v9\gavin\dlg\b!gavinj.d (32 hits)
    gavin-v9\gavin\flirt\gavinflirts.d (28 hits)
    gavin-v9\gavin\romance\romancebaf\b!gavinromance.baf (2 hits)
    gavin-v9\gavin\romance\romancebaf\b!gavinromnpc.baf (32 hits)
    gavin-v9\gavin\romance\romancebaf\gavinxanromcomments.baf (12 hits)
    gavin-v9\gavin\romance\romancedlg\b!gavinlovetalks.d (44 hits)
    Vynd-v1\Vynd\Dialogue\GV#VYNDJ.d (2 hits)
    XanBG1Friend\Dialogue\O#XanBG.d (2 hits)
    XanBG1Friend\Dialogue\O#XanBG1.d (2 hits)
    XanBG1Friend\Dialogue\O#XanBGT.d (2 hits)

    If you extend this to BG2:EE, I have a partial list of what shows up. That one... well, lots of stuff to investigate if you have troubles with something not playing. (I fixed my Aran Whitehand by adding "if 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are all not true then play a neutral response and move on", and since Aran screens romance only on gender, nothing has any difficulties playing out).

    For future troubleshooting (as this mod covers a popular player request, and eventually folks maintaining mods will get reports):

    Search " G:\ie_modding_checkfiles\" (296 hits in 1 file)
    ..\partial_list_of_race_filters.txt (296 hits)
    G:\ie_modding_checkfiles\ACBre441\ACBre\BAF\ACADAM.BAF (4 hits)
    G:\ie_modding_checkfiles\ACBre441\ACBre\D\ACBRE.D (10 hits)
    G:\ie_modding_checkfiles\ACBre441\ACBre\D\ACBREJ.D (16 hits)
    G:\ie_modding_checkfiles\ACBre441\ACBre\D\ACBREJ_2.D (2 hits)
    G:\ie_modding_checkfiles\ACBre441\ACBre\D\ACBRE_2.D (14 hits)
    G:\ie_modding_checkfiles\ACBre441\ACBre\D\ACFRIEN1.D (49 hits)
    ACBre441\ACBre\D\ACINDI.D (4 hits)
    ACBre441\ACBre\D\ACPID.D (4 hits)
    adrian_v3.1\adrian\dialogue\rh#ad25.d (2 hits)
    adrian_v3.1\adrian\dialogue\rh#adrj.d (35 hits)
    adrian_v3.1\adrian\scripts\rh#adr.baf (2 hits)
    Ajantis_BG2-13\ajantisbg2\scripts\c#baldur_rom.baf (4 hits)
    Ajantis_BG2-13\ajantisbg2\tob\dialogue\c#ajan25.d (8 hits)
    Ajantis_BG2-13\ajantisbg2\tob\dialogue\tob_pid.d (16 hits)
    amber-v4\amber\dialogs\m#amber.d (4 hits)
    amber-v4\amber\dialogs\m#npcapp.d (1 hit)
    angelo-v4\Angelo\Dialogue\ADAng25J.d (2 hits)
    angelo-v4\Angelo\Dialogue\ADAngelJ.d (7 hits)
    angelo-v4\Angelo\Scripts\ADAngel.baf (3 hits)
    Aran-Whitehand-master\Aran-Whitehand-master\aranw\dialog\c-arandialog.d (83 hits)
    Aran-Whitehand-master\Aran-Whitehand-master\aranw\dialog\c-arantobdialog.d (52 hits)
    arath_v2.2\arath\dialogue\lk#ar25.d (3 hits)
    arath_v2.2\arath\scripts\lk#arath.baf (4 hits)
    atweaks-v440b3\atweaks\baf\undead\fl#bansh.baf (2 hits)
    atweaks-v440b3\atweaks\baf\undead\fl#bg1kn.baf (11 hits)
    atweaks-v440b3\atweaks\baf\undead\fl#death.baf (11 hits)
    Avi_Maya_Project_v6\AviM\SoA\1xAvi.baf (4 hits)
    BG1NPCSoAToBv9\BG1NPCSoA\7xshar.baf (1 hit)
    BG1NPCSoAToBv9\BG1NPCSoA\B7Xshar.d (1 hit)
    BG2-NPC-Lena-v0.4.1\Lena\Dialogue\eu#LenaJ.d (2 hits)
    BG2-NPC-Lena-v0.4.1\Lena\Dialogue\EU#LENAL.D (2 hits)
    BGT111-Install\BGT\Modify\BAF\A6BIO.baf (70 hits)
    BPv180b\BPv180\ASCEND\D\SOLAR.D (10 hits)
    calculatorv1.0.4\cal\dialogues\cal.d (16 hits)
    Chloev1.5\Chloe\Chloe.baf (9 hits)
    Coran_v5\Coran\Dialogue\O#Coran.d (3 hits)
    Coran_v5\Coran\Dialogue\O#CoranJ.d (3 hits)
    CQM_Strohm_v1.4\CQM_Strohm\d\rtwimmy1.d (6 hits)
    crossmodbg2-v13\crossmodbg2\soa\banters\gavin-haldamir\gavin-haldamir_b!hals.baf (4 hits)
    CR_041008\CorthalaRomantique\Dialogues\H#SOAInterject.d (4 hits)
    CR_041008\CorthalaRomantique\Dialogues\H#SOARomance.d (2 hits)
    CR_041008\CorthalaRomantique\Dialogues\P#VLTTOB.D (13 hits)
    CR_041008\CorthalaRomantique\Scripts\extend\H#VALYGAR.BAF (4 hits)
    CR_041008\CorthalaRomantique\Scripts\TOB\P#VAROLT.BAF (4 hits)
    CR_041008\CorthalaRomantique\Scripts\TOB\P#VATHRO.BAF (10 hits)
    CtBv1.9\CtB\Chores\dialogs\CBGORCLD.D (16 hits)
    darian_v2.4\darian\dialogue\t1dar.d (4 hits)
    darian_v2.4\darian\dialogue\t1dar25.d (3 hits)
    darian_v2.4\darian\dialogue\t1dar25j.d (12 hits)
    darian_v2.4\darian\dialogue\t1darj.d (23 hits)
    darian_v2.4\darian\scripts\ar6200.baf (4 hits)
    darian_v2.4\darian\scripts\t1dar.baf (3 hits)
    deArnise\Dialogue\PGNalLT.d (4 hits)
    deArnise\Dialogue\PGNalQ.d (8 hits)
    deArnise\Scripts\PGNalia.baf (4 hits)
    Delainy-v033\Delainy\compile\BCDDELAI.d (2 hits)
    edwinromance-v206\edwin\baf\edwin.baf (5 hits)
    edwinromance-v206\edwin\baf\edwin_romance.baf (5 hits)
    edwinromance-v206\edwin\dlg\summon.d (5 hits)
    Eilistraees Song v4.0\Eilistraee\SCRIPTS\ARES01.baf (2 hits)
    ElvanA01\S#ElvanA\ElvanJ.d (16 hits)
    ERToB107\edwin-tob\d\summon.d (5 hits)
    Fade v4.0\Fade\Dialogues\BE3Fad25.d (10 hits)
    Faren-v3\Faren\dialogues\FHFRNJ.d (32 hits)
    Faren-v3\Faren\script\fhfrn.baf (2 hits)
    Foundling v.BETA1\Foundling\Dialogues\L#Fou25J.d (2 hits)
    Foundling v.BETA1\Foundling\Dialogues\L#FouJ.d (2 hits)
    Gahesh v.BETA1\Gahesh\dialogues\G1Gah25J.d (1 hit)
    gavin_tob-20111125\gavin_bg2\dialogue\b!floaters.d (12 hits)
    gavin_tob-20111125\gavin_bg2\dialogue\b!re_reactions.d (5 hits)
    gavin_tob-20111125\gavin_bg2\dialogue\b!talks.d (89 hits)
    gavin_tob-20111125\gavin_bg2\dialogue\tob\b!master_wraith.d (8 hits)
    gavin_tob-20111125\gavin_bg2\dialogue\tob\b!tob_romance.d (19 hits)
    gavin_tob-20111125\gavin_bg2\dialogue\tob\b!tob_talks.d (2 hits)
    haerdalisromance_v2.1\haerdalisromance\dialogue\lovetalks.d (21 hits)
    haerdalisromance_v2.1\haerdalisromance\dialogue\pid.d (343 hits)
    haerdalisromance_v2.1\haerdalisromance\dialogue\toblts.d (22 hits)
    haerdalisromance_v2.1\haerdalisromance\dialogue\tobpid.d (276 hits)
    haldamir-v3\haldamir\dialogue\b!halj.d (8 hits)
    haldamir-v3\haldamir\script\b!hald.baf (3 hits)
    HRD_V7\Sheena\Dialogues\k#bsheen.D (19 hits)
    Imoen-v1202Full\Imoen-v1202Full\ImoenRom\Eternal\Imoendia.d (4 hits)
    Imoen-v1202Full\Imoen-v1202Full\ImoenRom\Imoendia.d (4 hits)
    impasylum\scripts\r#thord.baf (1 hit)
    ImprovedAnvil_v5\ImprovedAnvil\BAF\AR0411.baf (3 hits)
    Isra_bg2_v2.1\Isra_bg2\dialogue\rh#is25j.d (72 hits)
    Isra_bg2_v2.1\Isra_bg2\dialogue\rh#isrj.d (110 hits)
    Isra_bg2_v2.1\Isra_bg2\dialogue\rh#quest.d (3 hits)
    Isra_bg2_v2.1\Isra_bg2\scripts\AR6200.baf (4 hits)
    Jelina-BETA-v1\Jelina\Dialogue\SoA\G#JELINA.d (8 hits)
    keldorn_rom-100410\keldorn_rom\dialogue\b!flirt.d (51 hits)
    keldorn_rom-100410\keldorn_rom\dialogue\b!zash.d (6 hits)
    kelsey\--J#Klsy.baf (4 hits)
    kelsey\BJ#KLSY.D (3 hits)
    kelsey\J#Klsy.BAF (4 hits)
    kelsey\J#KLSYJ.D (24 hits)
    kelsey\kelseyflirtmodule.d (1 hit)
    KelseyV4\kelsey\baf\soa\j#klsy.baf (4 hits)
    KelseyV4\kelsey\d\bj#kls25.d (3 hits)
    KelseyV4\kelsey\d\bj#klsy.d (3 hits)
    KelseyV4\kelsey\d\j#klsyj.d (24 hits)
    KelseyV4\kelsey\d\kelseyflirtmodule.d (1 hit)
    KelseyV4\kelsey\d\kelseyg.d (3 hits)
    KidoV7.0\Kido\d\MWKidJ25.d (1 hit)
    Kim162d\KimNPC\Kim.baf (3 hits)
    Kitanya\dialogues\kitanyaj.d (2 hits)
    Kitanya\dialogues\kitya.d (3 hits)
    Kitanya\scripts\r!kitmn.baf (3 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\baf\p#kithro.baf (2 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\baf\p#kiv01.baf (2 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\bp#deh.d (4 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\bp#kiv25.d (1 hit)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#deft25.d (1 hit)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#ki25j.d (2 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kift25.d (2 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kiitm.d (4 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kilt.d (21 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kilt25.d (4 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kinew.d (77 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kipid.d (39 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kivan.d (5 hits)
    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#kivj.d (4 hits)
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    kivan-v15\kivan\d\p#pid25.d (42 hits)
    krondor-files\torgan\torgan.d (3 hits)
    LCDS SoA V.01D\Severian\Scripts\#Sever.baf (3 hits)
    LongerRoad_v1.5.1\LR\dlg\bjonel25.d (4 hits)
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    LuvNaliaWeidu106\LuvNalia\D\nalia.D (6 hits)
    LuxleySoA\dialogues\FHLANDJ.d (27 hits)
    LuxleySoA\dialogues\FHLSEBJ.d (81 hits)
    Mal des Vampirismus v1.1\pcvamp\DLG\pcvamp_TdB.d (10 hits)
    nathaniel_v4.4\Nathaniel\dialogues\SoA\bfhnat.d (24 hits)
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    nathaniel_v4.4\Nathaniel\dialogues\ToB\FHN25.d (3 hits)
    nathaniel_v4.4\Nathaniel\script\SoA\fhnat.baf (3 hits)
    Neht_V5.5\Neh'taniel\Dialogue\SK#NE25.d (5 hits)
    Neht_V5.5\Neh'taniel\Dialogue\SK#NE25J.d (2 hits)
    Neht_V5.5\Neh'taniel\Dialogue\SK#NEHTJ.d (23 hits)
    Neht_V5.5\Neh'taniel\Scripts\SK#Neht.baf (3 hits)
    Neht_V5.5\Neh'taniel\Scripts\SK#Nehtb.baf (5 hits)
    nephele_v2.3\nephele\dialogue\lk#nepj.d (3 hits)
    NikitaReduxBeta2\NikitaRedux\dlg\_BCMNIKIT.D (4 hits)
    NinaV102\NinaV102\d\BCMNINAF.D (2 hits)
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    npcflirt\aerietobflirt.d (2 hits)
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    npcflirt\viconiatobflirt.d (3 hits)
    Petsy Chattertone v3.0\Petsy\Scripts\L3Petsy.baf (3 hits)
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    Refinements-v3.02\Refinements\Hlab\Thief\RUNCHECK.BAF (2 hits)
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    Saerileth_v18\Saerileth\Dialogues\SAERI25J.d (2 hits)
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    SandrahNPC_V106b\SandrahNPC\BAF\CVSandra.baf (2 hits)
    SandrahNPC_V106b\SandrahNPC\BAF\dynaappend.baf (4 hits)
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    SandrahNPC_V106b\SandrahNPC\BAF\SHARTEEL.baf (1 hit)
    SandrahNPC_V106b\SandrahNPC\D\CVSandrJ.d (2 hits)
    SandrahNPC_V106b\SandrahNPC\Mods\acqx0005repair.baf (1 hit)
    SandrahNPC_V106b\SandrahNPC\Mods\SaeriletMeetSan.d (3 hits)
    sarahtob-v4\sarahtob\dialogues\k#fates.d (3 hits)
    sarahtob-v4\sarahtob\dialogues\k#sarahb.d (9 hits)
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    TsukiBG2 v.BETA1\TsukiBG2\Scripts\L7Tsuki.baf (4 hits)
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    TSv611\TS\bgtnodlg\BSIME.D (2 hits)
    TSv611\TS\bgtnodlg\SIMEJ.D (4 hits)
    TSv611\TS\sExt\sBaldur.baf (4 hits)
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    TS_BPv6.10\TS\dlg\SIMEJ.D (4 hits)
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    turnabout\baf-extend\ar6200.baf (28 hits)
    turnabout\dialog\summon.d (42 hits)
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    UldarNPC_v0.77\Uldar\d\Uldar.d (3 hits)
    Unfinished Varia\Unfinished Varia\Old, OLD stuff\NPC Interaction Expansion Pack\BG1NPC Banters\X#IMOEN.D (2 hits)
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    VildraNPC_v1.1_\Vildra\Ny mappe\Kopi av T#Vil.baf (1 hit)
    VildraNPC_v1.1_\Vildra\Ny mappe\Vil\T#Vil.baf (1 hit)
    Xan_v15\Xan\Dialogue\BO#Xan.d (14 hits)
    Xan_v15\Xan\Dialogue\O#Xan.d (5 hits)
    Xan_v15\Xan\Dialogue\O#Xan25J.d (7 hits)
    Xan_v15\Xan\Dialogue\O#XanJ.d (58 hits)
    xulaye_v1.2\xulaye\dialogue\lk#xulj.d (21 hits)
    Yasraena_v10_\Yasraena\Dialogues\BYASRAEN.d (4 hits)
    Yasraena_v10_\Yasraena\Scripts\YSAR6200.baf (2 hits)
    yeslick_v1.1\yeslicknpc\dialogue\lk#yesj.d (2 hits)
    YoshimoRomance v6.1BETA\YoshimoRomance\SCRIPTS\Yoshimo.baf (4 hits)
    YvetteRomance v3.0\Yvette\Scripts\Player.baf (4 hits)

    Text file of the actual Player1 checks found in these mods, to drill things down quickly:


    Current use of Race(Player1,HUMAN) et al. uses OR(#) in multiple places in .d and in .baf
    and we can't nest OR(#) statements
    So if we have to convert to deal with sub-races, whether by other modders or by BeamDog, we will probably need to do more than just sprint player1race.

    Example in current mods:
    + ~OR(2) Race(Player1,DWARF) Race(Player1,GNOME) ~ +
    + ~!Race(Player1,DWARF) !Race(Player1,GNOME) ~ +

    That one can't handle sprinting multiple checks - it will need to be split up into smaller sets or full conditions set as the var.

    + ~Race(Player1,DWARF)~ + dwarf_or_gnome_state
    + ~Race(Player1,GNOME)~ + dwarf_or_gnome_state
    + ~!Race(Player1,DWARF) !Race(Player1,GNOME) ~ + not_a_dwarf_or_gnome

    and then
    + ~%player1dwarf%)~ + dwarf_or_gnome_state
    + ~%player1gnome%)~ + dwarf_or_gnome_state
    + ~%player1notdwarforgnome% ~ + not_a_dwarf_or_gnome


    IF nomod THEN
    O_S player1dwarf ~Race(Player1,DWARF)~
    O_S player1gnome ~Race(Player1,GNOME)~
    O_S player1notdwarforgnome ~!Race(Player1,DWARF) !Race(Player1,GNOME) ~

    IF modinstalled THEN
    O_S player1dwarf ~OR(3) Race(Player1,4) Race(Player1,71) Race(Player1,72)~
    O_S player1gnome ~Race(Player1,GNOME)~
    O_S player1notdwarforgnome ~! Race(Player1,4) !Race(Player1,71) !Race(Player1,72) !Race(Player1,GNOME) ~

    ...well, you get the idea - stopping coding.

    Even after that, variants that do not actually evaluate as full "sub" races, like ~74 Githzerai~ or ~57 Pureblood Yuan-ti~ will not be covered - so the only way out of it is to always make sure that there is a response or script block that evaluates true for "I can't figure out what the heck race you are" and knowing that someone will be along to say "My PC is Human and the Romance Is Not Starting - BUG!!!"

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  • bfons86bfons86 Member Posts: 26
    I've found a strange bug in this mod where my githyanki would always gain magic resistance every quick save load.

  • iavasechuiiavasechui Member Posts: 273
    edited November 2015
    couldn't you use viconia's light blindness from bg1 instead of making a new version of it? Also charname has lived their entire life on the surface... it's not like they went from living in the underdark to the surface so wouldn't they have adapted by now like Viconia did between games?

  • psycrospsycros Member Posts: 34
    Is this still being developed at all? Its a great concept but as some have posted some of the choices are over-powered or really not fit for characters (i.e monster races).

  • ChaosRiderChaosRider Member Posts: 26
    Ok... this mod kills half orcs after picking one of subraces...

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