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New and desperate for modding help!

FeilhävenFeilhäven Member Posts: 13
Hi all ladies and gentlemen of all ages

Long has it been since I've played an RPG, let alone on a computer, but I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I learned of these enhanced editions and that they were available for mac.

This forum is so vibrant and full of players. Shows that if you create a great and compelling story, people will never truly abandon your product. I, for one, have longed to return to the Forgotten Realms that I explored as a kid...

I've played for a little while now and read a thing or two about mods, but I have no idea as to how to do anything. Literally. I know I should post something there, but could someone talk me through how I get, for example, Dark Side of the Sword Coast working on my Mac running Mac OS? I'm such a noob and yet I've lived over three decades now, hah! Pretty please. I'm truly a nice guy and would love your help. Sorry to anyone if I really SHOULD post in the modding forum, I just wanted to say hi!

Thanks and have a great day all!


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