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Where has Baldur's Gate been all my life?


I've been using these forums as a point of reference, so it's good to finally introduce myself. I'm 41 years old, and I'm playing BG for the first time. It's not that I'm just getting into PC gaming (MUDs, Mystery Fun House, King's Quest I, and on and on), it's just that Heroes of Might and Magic had my attention during BG's initial release. And then EQ happened and I spent eight years there. When I had recently gotten back into online gaming, my new guild sent me on a journey that eventually found me in Neverwinter, which was the first time I was in the Forgotten Realms. (They also sent me on a path that lead me to the love of my life ... we were married in October!) While we played Neverwinter, everyone reminisced about BG and their favorite characters. I knew I was missing a big chunk of the lore, especially when Minsc and Boo were introduced to NW. So when Steam had the series for sale for their big summer sale, I made plunge. (My husband was so happy!) I've just started the sixth chapter, and I'm rolling with my paladin (Sheyna Rainbringer ... born on January 2, 2000 in Qeynos of EQ, knight of Karana, and still carries a lightning weapon every chance she gets), Imoen, Jaheira and Khalid, Misnc and Dynaheir. I was going to ask a question in one of the other sections, but I thought it polite to come here first. :)

Thank you!
Sheyna Rainbringer



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